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This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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17:20 Changeset [9263] by dford
Bug fix for building physics-only.
15:06 Changeset [9262] by frrh
Add code from Julien's Met Office GMED ticket 364 to output details …
14:59 Changeset [9261] by andmirek
#1978 only 1 and 2 for nn_timing
14:47 Changeset [9260] by jpalmier
JPALM -- GMED 364 -- apply Richard review suggestion
14:37 Ticket #1992 (Wetting and Drying) closed by acc
fixed: Incorporated in 2017 merge (dev_merge_2017). Ticket closed.
14:33 Ticket #1955 (NOC-2_JamesH-SCO_ISF development branch) closed by acc
fixed: Postponed from 2017 WP. Will be reopened when resources permit. Closed for …
14:30 Ticket #1915 (ROBUST-8_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost development branch) closed by acc
fixed: Development branch incorporated into the 2017 merge (dev_2017_merge). …
14:27 Ticket #1323 (New development branch for surface wave components) closed by acc
fixed: Old development branch, long since incorporated and/or superseded. Ticket …
13:14 Changeset [9259] by jcastill
Changes to stop reading and using the pressure forcing file when coupling …
12:24 Changeset [9258] by marc
Adding Julien's GMED ticket 365 for DMS constants for Anderson scheme …
11:14 Changeset [9257] by frrh
Commit JP's Met Office GMED ticket 371 for trapping or notifying of …


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16:17 Changeset [9256] by gm
dev_merge_2017 : HPC09_ZDF: drag finalization (2): delete dynbfr module + …
15:35 Ticket #1990 (Merge of Met Office 2017 branches) closed by mathiot
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15:26 Ticket #1458 (AGRIF-1 / Met Office-7 - Vertical grid refinement using AGRIF (2015)) closed by jchanut
15:25 Ticket #1965 (AGRIF3 Jerome-vvl) closed by jchanut
15:24 Ticket #1976 (improve restart read/write in LIM3) closed by clem
15:24 Ticket #1993 (Merge of MERCATOR 2017 branches) closed by jchanut
15:23 Ticket #1988 (AGRIF code corruption test fails in SETTE) closed by jchanut
15:16 WorkingGroups/TestCases edited by nicolasmartin
14:43 Changeset [9255] by smasson
dev_merge_2017: bugfix on VORTEX test_case
13:02 Changeset [9254] by smasson
dev_merge_2017: missing use in asminc
12:55 Changeset [9253] by andmirek
#1978 nn_timing 3 in iceberg code
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12:42 Changeset [9252] by andmirek
#1978 timers for nn_timing 3
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12:35 Changeset [9251] by jpalmier
Jpalm -- GMED 365 -- review - modifications suggested by Marc
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10:44 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by emanuelaclementi
10:41 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by emanuelaclementi
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08:25 Changeset [9250] by gm
dev_merge_2017 : HPC09_ZDF: drag finalization: move dyn_bfr routine in …
08:21 user/gm edited by gm


18:36 user/gm edited by cetlod
17:51 Changeset [9249] by jpalmier
debug 2
17:41 Changeset [9248] by cetlod
dev2017 : Minor correction in p4Zflx
17:39 Changeset [9247] by jpalmier
17:30 Changeset [9246] by jpalmier
JPALM -- correct namelist_*_ref errors introduced in the last commit
17:15 Wave_Air-Sea_WG_20180116_DevCom.pptx attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by emanuelaclementi
16:57 Changeset [9245] by jpalmier
JPALM -- GMED-371 -- corrections after Richard's review -
16:33 Changeset [9244] by clne
Revove comment that was accidentally left in
15:59 Changeset [9243] by clne
Add changes for surge surface fluxes (ie wind/pressure only)
15:42 Changeset [9242] by dancopsey
Fixed receiving of up to 2000 rivers.
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13:59 Changeset [9241] by cetlod
v3.6 stable : bugfix on PISCES, see ticket #2003
13:08 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by lovato
13:05 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by sciliberti
12:28 Open development_A_Adcroft_presentation.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by clevy
12:00 NEMO_Development_Strategy_2017_draft 27July2017.docx attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by clevy
07:29 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by gm


19:19 Changeset [9240] by cetlod
v3.6 stable : bugfix on PISCES, see ticket #2003
18:22 Changeset [9239] by gm
dev_merge_2017: #2002 : sshwzv.F90 same small bug as for dynnxt
17:56 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by ydrillet
17:49 Changeset [9238] by cetlod
v3.6 stable : bugfix on PISCES, see ticket #2003
17:45 Ticket #2003 (minor bugs in PISCES) created by cetlod
== Context To compute the global budgets of external nutrients - from …
16:58 Changeset [9237] by frrh
Merge changes from M Stringer's Met Office GMED ticket number 366 to …
16:49 Changeset [9236] by anaguiar
Changes as tested in local copy of the branch
16:26 Changeset [9235] by davestorkey
UKMO/dev_r8864_restart_date : clear SVN keywords.
15:54 Changeset [9234] by davestorkey
UKMO branch to implement date stamping of restart files.
15:39 Changeset [9233] by anaguiar
ticket GMED#372,NEMO#741: Half snow precipitation forcing
15:35 Changeset [9232] by anaguiar
Missing 'r' in the branch name, deleting to create another one
15:30 Changeset [9231] by anaguiar
ticket GMED #372: Half snow precipitation forcing
14:38 Changeset [9230] by jpalmier
JPALM -- remove the accidently added COARE bulk patch
13:00 Changeset [9229] by dford
Add options for phytoplankton carbon observations.
11:56 2018WP/SharedActions edited by mathiot
11:53 2018WP/SharedActions edited by mathiot
11:06 Changeset [9228] by clem
remove obsolete cpp key
10:45 user/gm edited by gm
10:38 user/gm edited by gm
10:30 Changeset [9227] by gm
dev_merge_2017: diahsb.F90: reduce mpp-global communication and add a …
10:29 Ticket #2002 (minor bugs in dynnxt and icbtrj (v3.6 and trunk)) closed by gm
fixed: Fix in v3.6_STABLE —— see rev 9225 Fix in dev_merge_2017 (will be …
10:25 Changeset [9226] by gm
dev_merge_2017: #2002 : dynnxt.F90 and icbtrj.F90: minor bug correction
10:17 Changeset [9225] by gm
#2002 : v3.6_STABLE : dynnxt.F90 and icbtrj.F90: minor bug correction
10:15 Ticket #2002 (minor bugs in dynnxt and icbtrj (v3.6 and trunk)) created by gm
In v3.6 stable, trunk and dev_merge_2017, two MINOR bugs : == In …
09:00 Changeset [9224] by flavoni
remove temporary new_sette scripts, all is in sette


19:57 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
19:43 Changeset [9223] by mathiot
add function to detect not-succesfull runs (E R R O R in ocean.output) in …
18:49 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
18:48 Changeset [9222] by jpalmier
JPALM -- correct namelist_medusa_ref and namelist_top_ref
18:42 Changeset [9221] by mathiot
add extra print in sette_rpt to detect missing config validation directory
17:40 Changeset [9220] by mathiot
fix detection of revision number in sette (wrong for ISOMIP because config …
17:27 Changeset [9219] by dford
Bug fix to profile read.
17:02 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by nicolasmartin
16:46 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
16:22 Changeset [9218] by frrh
First working version defining and receiveing 0D couping fields on PE 0 …
16:00 Changeset [9217] by clem
set internal wave mixing to true for orca2
15:58 Changeset [9216] by dford
Bug fixes to previous commit.
15:17 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
15:01 Tag change on DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by nicolasmartin
Tags dev added
12:37 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by mathiot
12:29 Ticket #1942 (Memory leak in timing code, incomplete fix) closed by francesca
fixed: Add patch to solve three minor memory leaks in timing.F90
12:25 Changeset [9215] by francesca
fix ticket #1942 in dev_merge_2017
12:23 Changeset [9214] by francesca
fix ticket #1942 in nemo_v3_6_STABLE
12:02 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
11:49 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
11:45 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by jpaul
11:43 NEMO_DevCom_subgroup_Minutes_dec2017.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by clevy
10:50 user/gm edited by gm
10:38 Changeset [9213] by gm
dev_merge_2017: nemogcm.F90 : updated in SAS & OFF + data assimilation …
10:11 Changeset [9212] by gm
dev_merge_2017: OFF_SRC/dtadyn.F90 remove the use ua and tsa as work …
09:57 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by mocavero
09:00 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by beppe


19:24 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-01-11 by clevy
Tags VC added
19:05 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by clevy
18:50 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch created by clevy
16:57 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by emanuelaclementi
16:55 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by emanuelaclementi
16:43 Changeset [9211] by dford
Change to loop over obs_prof_opt one variable at a time.
16:41 Changeset [9210] by gm
dev_merge_2017: merge a 4th mpp_max (stop, see WP2017/HPC03) cleaning in …
13:27 2017WP/HPC-01_Miguel_Mondher_GatherComm edited by gm
13:20 2017WP/WAVE-2_Clementi_add_coupling edited by jcastill
11:56 2018WP/ENHANCE-04_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
11:48 2018WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection edited by gm
11:42 2018WP/ENHANCE-08_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags edited by gm
11:40 2018WP/ENHANCE-08_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags edited by gm
11:37 2018WP/ENHANCE-06-Gurvan-Bulk_improvements edited by gm
11:32 2018WP/ENHANCE-06-Gurvan-Bulk_improvements edited by gm
11:31 2018WP/ENHANCE-06-Gurvan-Bulk_improvements edited by gm
09:17 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by cbricaud


19:46 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by nadwocean
18:51 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by mikebell
18:49 NEMO_Kernel_WG_Jan_2018.2.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by mikebell
proposal for NEMO kernel WG
18:48 NEMO_Kernel_WG_Jan_2018.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by mikebell
18:45 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by mikebell
17:48 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
17:45 201709_Minutes_NEMO_WAVE_WG_Meeting_Liverpool.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling by emanuelaclementi
Minutes_NEMO-WAVE WG Meeting Liverpool September 2017
17:44 WorkingGroups/WaveCoupling edited by emanuelaclementi
17:38 2017_AnnualReport.docx attached to DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 by clevy
17:34 Changeset [9209] by davestorkey
Alternative bug fixes for closea bugs if ln_read_cfg=.false. See …
17:32 2017WP/INGV-1_Mattia_Test_Mediterranean edited by emanuelaclementi
17:31 2017WP/WAVE-1_Drudi_Improvements edited by emanuelaclementi
17:29 2017WP/WAVE-2_Clementi_add_coupling edited by emanuelaclementi
17:20 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by rblod
17:06 Changeset [9208] by jpalmier
JPALM -- GMED 364 -- clean/correct branch from GO6 Head
16:39 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by vancop
16:36 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by jchanut
16:24 Changeset [9207] by marc
Richard's GMED ticket 369: ensure code fails if subbasins file is not …
16:04 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by diovino
15:56 Changeset [9206] by frrh
Branch to develop a much cleaner mechanism to handle greenland and …
15:55 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by acc
15:50 Changeset [9205] by dford
Change obs_pre_prof to loop over an arbitrary number of variables.
15:37 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
15:34 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
14:38 2017WP/ENHANCE-02_Martin-MeltPonds edited by vancop
14:37 2017WP/ROBUST-04-Martin_Clem-LIM3_DOC edited by vancop
14:19 Changeset [9204] by jpalmier
create branch
13:11 Changeset [9203] by clem
restore compatible orca2 tests in SETTE
11:19 2018WP/SharedActions edited by acc
11:06 2018WP/VALID-10_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS edited by acc
11:01 2018WP/ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-IceWaves edited by acc


19:12 Changeset [9202] by dford
Modify obs_rea_prof to loop over an arbitrary number of variables.
18:42 Changeset [9201] by clem
finishing debugging the last few commits. Please, can you test your …
18:19 2017WP/ROBUST-13_Martin_v36_CMIP6_ice_diagnostics edited by clem
18:18 2017WP/ROBUST-04-Martin_Clem-LIM3_DOC edited by clem
18:17 2017WP/ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL edited by clem
18:16 2017WP/ENHANCE-15_Clement_LIM3adv edited by clem
18:13 2017WP/AGRIF-1_Clement-LIM3 edited by clem
18:09 Changeset [9200] by clem
correct a bug (for SAS) introduced at r9161
17:24 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
17:15 Changeset [9199] by jpalmier
JPALM -- debug field_def_bgc
14:40 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
14:39 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 edited by clevy
14:29 Changeset [9198] by gm
dev_merge_2017: domzgr.F90: bug correction of closed sea when …
13:07 Changeset [9197] by kingr
Small change to ensure SSH increments are not applied through forecast …
13:05 Changeset [9196] by kingr
Small change to ensure SSH increments are not applied through forecast …
12:33 user/flavoni edited by flavoni
12:30 user/flavoni edited by flavoni
12:22 Changeset [9195] by clem
correct a bug introduced at r9169
11:26 user/flavoni created by flavoni
11:25 Changeset [9194] by kingr
Added NOOS transect diagnostics.
11:24 user/gm edited by flavoni
11:07 Changeset [9193] by kingr
Branch to add NOOS transect diagnostics to AMM15 package branch.


16:03 2018WP/SharedActions edited by nicolasmartin
15:59 2018WP/SharedActions edited by nicolasmartin
15:06 2017WP/ROBUST-09_Tim_Graham_CMIP6doc edited by timgraham
14:45 2017WP/HPC-02_TimGraham_allocate edited by timgraham
14:43 2017WP/AGRIF-2_TimGraham-vertical edited by timgraham
14:35 Ticket #1980 (Wave coupling branch - New Stokes drift profile and wind stress) closed by jcastill
fixed: Changes to the branch were reviewed, accepted, and merged to the …
13:36 Changeset [9192] by dford
Reduce duplication of log transforms.
12:38 Changeset [9191] by dford
Reduce duplication in setting of obs types.
12:31 2018WP/SharedActions edited by diovino
11:25 2018WP/SharedActions edited by acc
10:31 2017WP/ROBUST-11_Simona-DocUserdef edited by flavoni
10:25 2017WP/ROBUST-06_Simona-UserDefMod edited by flavoni
10:25 2017WP/ROBUST-06_Simona-UserDefMod edited by flavoni
10:22 2017WP/ROBUST-02_Simona-TestCases edited by flavoni
10:01 2018WP/SharedActions edited by diovino


13:36 2018WP/SharedActions edited by emanuelaclementi


15:18 Changeset [9190] by gm
dev_merge_2017: OPA_SRC: style only, results unchanged
14:22 Ticket #1832 (TKE source for vertical mixing must be reduced under the sea-ice (TKE ...) closed by gm
fixed: This ad hoc fix has been add to the 2017 merged version (branch: …
10:54 2017WP/HPC-08_Gurvan_Unspecified_jpk edited by gm
10:45 2017WP/HPC-03_SilviaMocavero_globcomm edited by gm
10:33 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm
10:28 2017WP/ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements edited by gm
10:27 2017WP/ENHANCE-07_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection edited by gm
10:17 2017WP/ROBUST-14_Dave_Storkey-Closed_Seas_rewrite edited by gm
10:16 2017WP/ROBUST-14_Dave_Storkey-Closed_Seas_rewrite edited by gm


19:16 2017WP/ROBUST-10_Tomas_Unify_MPPINI edited by gm
19:12 Ticket #1880 (HPC-08 — 3D lbc_lnk argument with any size for the 3rd dimension) closed by gm
fixed: Incorporated in dev_merge_2017
19:10 Ticket #1883 (HPC-09_Gurvan — ZDF restructuration with reduced number of lbc_lnk call) closed by gm
fixed: Incorporated in the dev_merge_2017
19:07 2017WP/HPC-09_Gurvan-ZDF edited by gm
19:05 2017WP/HPC-01_Miguel_Mondher_GatherComm edited by gm
19:01 2017WP/HPC-01_Miguel_Mondher_GatherComm edited by gm
18:48 2017WP/ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-RK3 edited by gm
18:45 2017WP/ENHANCE-07_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection edited by gm
18:42 2017WP/ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements edited by gm
18:41 2017WP/CNRS-14_Merino-ICB edited by gm
18:33 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm
18:22 2017WP/ENHANCE-17_Gurvan_MCO edited by gm
18:13 Changeset [9189] by kingr
Minor changes to avoid conflicts with OBS branch.
18:12 2017WP/NOC-2_JamesH-SCO_ISF edited by acc
18:12 Changeset [9188] by kingr
Small change to zdftke/zdfgls to avoid merge conflicts with AMM15 branch.
18:09 2017WP/NOC-1_Nurser-OSMOSIS edited by acc
18:00 2017WP/ROBUST-08_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost edited by acc
17:58 2017WP/ENHANCE-08_AndrewC-Wetting_and_drying edited by acc
17:47 2018WP/SharedActions edited by acc
17:33 Changeset [9187] by jpalmier
JPALM -- GMED #365 -- enable Anderson DMS tuning
16:25 2018WP/SharedActions edited by clevy
14:29 Changeset [9186] by dford
Initial implementation of 3D biogeochemistry observation operator.
14:24 ScientificAdvisoryCommittee edited by clevy
14:23 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-01-16 created by clevy
14:09 Changeset [9185] by jpalmier
jpalm -- svn key delete
13:57 Changeset [9184] by jpalmier
jpalm -- COARE bulk patch on a branch based on trunk-5518 that can be …
13:48 Changeset [9183] by jpalmier
create branch
10:44 user/gm edited by gm
10:39 user/gm edited by gm


20:32 Ticket #1312 (Sea ice increments) closed by nicolasmartin
wontfix: Closing the ticket because of the criteria outlined by Tomas comment. If …
17:31 Ticket #2001 (OpenMP in MO eORCA012) closed by andmirek
worksforme: Results: […] Based on this branch (results are the same independent …
17:24 Changeset [9182] by jpalmier
JPALM - UKESM #475 -- merge with dev_r5518_GO6_Carb_Fail_from_GO6_8356 rev …
15:38 Changeset [9181] by kingr
Adding changes required for surface temperature increments to be projected …
15:19 Changeset [9180] by kingr
Adding changes required to write out time-averaged assimilation …
15:18 jbento_la foto.JPG attached to UserManagerPluginPictures by jbento
jbento's Avatar
15:13 Changeset [9179] by davestorkey
dev_merge_2017: fixing bug introduced in last commit.
14:48 Changeset [9178] by kingr
Adding changes required to apply SSH increments with VVL and/or …
14:28 Changeset [9177] by jpalmier
create clean branch from Head of GO6_package
13:30 Changeset [9176] by andmirek
#2001: OMP directives
13:26 Changeset [9175] by andmirek
#2001: OMP for eORCA12
13:24 Ticket #2001 (OpenMP in MO eORCA012) created by andmirek
== Context This ticket is to investigate performance of the branch with …


16:47 Changeset [9174] by frrh
Force a failure if subbasins file is not openened properly!
14:19 Changeset [9173] by jpalmier
JPALM -- merge with GO6_package 9114-9163 -- help test up-to-date suite
12:40 Changeset [9172] by jenniewaters
temporary fix to get ln_grid_global equals false working.
11:41 Changeset [9171] by jenniewaters
Include a fix for the case where ln_grid_global equals false.
10:09 Changeset [9170] by frrh
Ensure subbasin file io actually fails in an invalid or non existent …


17:32 Changeset [9169] by gm
dev_merge_2017: all SRC: finalize the removal of useless warning when …


13:27 Changeset [9168] by gm
dev_merge_2017: OPA_SRC & CONFIG: remove useless warning when reading …


18:20 Changeset [9167] by clem
fix issues but agrif + lim3 is still not restartable because of …
16:45 Changeset [9166] by jchanut
NESTING TOOLS: Fixes to account for user defined number of ghostcells - …
14:56 Changeset [9165] by marc
Applying fix from changeset 7654 of the NEMO 3.6 Stable branch at IPSL
14:41 Changeset [9164] by marc
GMED ticket 366: fix restartability for MEDUSA
13:26 Changeset [9163] by frrh
Add code from Julien Palmieri's Met Office GMED ticket 338. This …
12:12 Changeset [9162] by dancopsey
Remove rogue spaces that were causing problems with merging with other …
11:31 Changeset [9161] by davestorkey
Reformulation of closea module. See ticket #2000
11:05 Ticket #1991 (Merge of CNRS 2017 branches) closed by flavoni
10:23 2017WP/ROBUST-14_Dave_Storkey-Closed_Seas_rewrite edited by davestorkey
10:17 Ticket #2000 (ROBUST-14(2017WP) Removal of configuration-dependent hardcoding from ...) created by davestorkey
== Context The closea module (recently moved to USR/usrdef_closea.F90) …


19:58 Changeset [9160] by clem
make ice with agrif restartable. Reproducibility still needs to be checked …
18:50 Changeset [9159] by clem
change size of the zoom (enlarge)
18:16 Changeset [9158] by dancopsey
Add code to calculate river outflow areas.
16:51 Changeset [9157] by jpalmier
JPALM - merge GO6 branch
16:25 Changeset [9156] by dancopsey
Load river numbers from netcdf file in new cpl_rnf_init routine.
14:32 Changeset [9155] by davestorkey
UKMO/dev_r8600_closea_rewrite branch: Remove wrk_alloc statements in line …
14:25 Changeset [9154] by clem
SAS_BIPER test case: change the position of the grid to match Jerome's …
12:26 Changeset [9153] by clem
modify xml files and change Agrif grid to adapt ghostcells=3
12:20 Changeset [9152] by clem
modify and correct xml files for orca2_lim3_pisces
12:18 Changeset [9151] by clem
modify and correct xml files for orca2_sas
12:03 Changeset [9150] by deazer
Sign fix and deal with bdy corner points.
12:02 2018WP/VALID-03_SFlavoni_global_configuration edited by flavoni


16:38 Changeset [9149] by jchanut
NESTING TOOLS Add new e3t definition, #1981 Correct transition weights, …
16:22 Ticket #1999 (NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: bathymetry interpolation) created by jchanut
== Context Arithmetic or median average bathymetry interpolation fails …
16:17 Ticket #1998 (NESTING TOOLS AGRIF) created by jchanut
== Context In agrif_create_bathy, weights to ensure the linear transition …
11:16 Changeset [9148] by flavoni
change optimization level for mac compiler


21:44 Changeset [9147] by nicolasmartin
Revert to initial by deleting previous MIME type setting on cfg FCM files, …
21:32 Changeset [9146] by nicolasmartin
Try x/text-ini as final test for cfg FCM file
21:03 Changeset [9145] by nicolasmartin
Perl highlighting syntax looks to have a slightly better rendering on …
20:59 Changeset [9144] by nicolasmartin
Previous test not very conclusive, switch to text/x-perl
20:56 Changeset [9143] by nicolasmartin
Testing of 'text/x-makefile' MIME type on cfg file under ./fcm-make
20:50 Changeset [9142] by nicolasmartin
MIME type for ''
20:46 Changeset [9141] by nicolasmartin
MIME type for Perl files under ./EXTERNAL/fcm/t
20:38 Changeset [9140] by nicolasmartin
MIME type for few files in ./EXTERNAL/AGRIF
20:16 Changeset [9139] by nicolasmartin
Same operation on SVN MIME property for CPP files in ./CONFIG, like FCM …
20:08 Changeset [9138] by nicolasmartin
Remove SVN MIME type for few XML files previously set to application/xml. …
19:37 Changeset [9137] by nicolasmartin
Set SVN MIME property for FCM files in ./ARCH, Perl is the most …
18:40 New reply on Beginner created by nicolasmartin
[XIOS] Can't compile at all
18:12 New reply on Forks created by nicolasmartin
[usp-cfg] Compilation of ORCA2_LIM_PISCES using key_agrif
17:46 New reply on Beginner created by nicolasmartin
[AGRIF] recipe for target 'lib_cray.f90' failed
16:51 Changeset [9136] by jchanut
Restore boundary velocity masking with AGRIF lost in previous commit
16:46 Milestone 2015 release-3.6 completed
The next stable release of NEMO reference will be the 3_6_STABLE including …
16:44 Changeset [9135] by flavoni
fix input/ouput flag of coordinates in usrdef routines
16:44 Ticket #1523 (Optimizations on NEMO 3.6 communications) closed by mcastril
16:37 Changeset [9134] by jchanut
Correct bug restoring AGRIF reproducibility, add higher order updates for …
16:23 Changeset [9133] by jpalmier
15:51 New reply on Skilled created by gm
[VVL] Mass conservation and free surface
15:42 Changeset [9132] by andmirek
#1868 changes enabling coupling
15:38 Changeset [9131] by andmirek
#1868 for ORAC12 GO6
14:37 2017WP/ROBUST-14_Dave_Storkey-Closed_Seas_rewrite created by davestorkey
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
14:15 Changeset [9130] by jpalmier
JPALM -- microboil-carb fail Check and report
13:00 Changeset [9129] by jpalmier
JPALM -- merge with GO6_package rev 8638-9114
12:47 Changeset [9128] by jpalmier
JPALM -- Working conservation Checking
12:37 Changeset [9127] by jpalmier
create branch -- GMED #365
12:10 Changeset [9126] by jpalmier
Create branch
11:39 New topic on Skilled created by olaf
[VVL] Mass conservation and free surface
09:47 Changeset [9125] by timgraham
Removed wrk_arrays from whole code. No change in SETTE results from this.
09:26 Changeset [9124] by gm
dev_merge_2017: ln_timing instead of nn_timing + restricted timing to …
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