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18:47 Changeset [9545] by jchanut
Add diagnostics in diawri - revert to old interface interpolation - change …
18:28 Changeset [9544] by cetlod
No need to initialize solar penetration for Offline since qsr is read in …
17:48 Changeset [9543] by clem
correct the output frequency for agrif nordic
17:43 Changeset [9542] by clem
avoid problems with some configurations when outputing results
17:26 Changeset [9541] by andmirek
move sbc_init above dom_init
16:11 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by nicolasmartin
14:38 New topic on Tools created by chrenkl
[tools][NST] Nesting Tools and Grid Staggering
14:28 Changeset [9540] by clem
debug the dimension read for sea ice when using BDY
11:21 Changeset [9539] by cetlod
dev_merge_2017 : validation of Offline configurations
09:02 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm


18:41 Ticket #2076 (restart of NEMO web access and services) closed by nicolasmartin
worksforme: So far, all the IT systems have restarted and seem to work well.
18:38 Ticket #2077 (xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output) closed by nicolasmartin
invalid: Here we do not support XIOS, you must address this to the XIOS team …
16:45 Changeset [9538] by jcastill
Same bug fix as in r9473 of the branch - see comment to previous revision
16:41 Changeset [9537] by jcastill
Bug fix for key_asminc WARNING - this fix is applied to revision 9196 of …
16:30 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-02-22 by nicolasmartin
Tags 2018 added
16:30 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-03-15 by nicolasmartin
Tags 2018 added
16:30 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-04-12 by nicolasmartin
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09:57 New topic on Skilled created by poddo
[tides] Tides and more


21:59 New topic on Jobs created by xfettweis
[phd][post-doc] PhD or post-doctoral position in Polar Ocean Modelling with NEMO over Arctic | Closing 31 May 2018
13:37 Changeset [9536] by andmirek
#1953 and #1962 stop immediately if XIOS restart read/write functionality …
13:22 Changeset [9535] by andmirek
#1953 and #1962 disable XIOS related calls when key_iomput is not set
11:33 Ticket #2080 (bug in z tilde?) created by davestorkey
== Context I think the IF test in line 327 of domvvl.F90 might be wrong. …
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20:38 2018WP/CMCC-02_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYTool edited by sciliberti
20:36 2018WP/CMCC-02_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYTool created by sciliberti
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
20:33 2018WP/CMCC-01_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYModel edited by sciliberti
20:28 2018WP/CMCC-01_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYModel created by sciliberti
New page from template WorkPlanAction?
19:04 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-05-03 by acc
Tags VC added
18:46 Changeset [9534] by mathiot
correction on the check of .svn repository as since svn v1.7, .svn …
18:30 Ticket #2079 (pb compiling iom.F90 without key_iomput) created by clevy
== Context Trying to run a configuration with 2 AGRIFS zooms, I get some …
17:54 Changeset [9533] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Cosmetic changes to ORCA2_LIM3PISCES …
17:00 Changeset [9532] by gm
dev_merge_2017: end of the renaming MLE
16:59 Changeset [9531] by gm
dev_merge_2017: rename traadv_mle.F90 & namtra_adv_mle as tramle.F90 & …
16:54 Changeset [9530] by jchanut
ztilde update: add COMODO Internal wave test case
16:38 Changeset [9529] by jchanut
ztilde stability update
16:17 user/flavoni/TD_mod-num created by flavoni
15:39 Changeset [9528] by gm
dev_merge_2017: add to new vorticity scheme (EET= EEN using e3t instead of …
13:10 Changeset [9527] by gm
dev_merge_2017: NO selection for lateral momentum boundary condition
12:22 Changeset [9526] by gm
dev_merge_2017: rename ln_...NONE as ln_...OFF (CONFIG, OPA_SRC, TOP_SRC) …


23:05 Changeset [9525] by clem
change sette so that GYRE configuration runs and report is readable


19:41 Changeset [9524] by clem
correct sas_biper namelists
19:39 Changeset [9523] by mathiot
fix to OBS to deal with a change in the halo at the wrap points (Dan Lea)
18:52 Changeset [9522] by clem
debug test cases
18:46 Changeset [9521] by clem
correct lock_exchange namelists
18:43 Changeset [9520] by clem
correct overflow namelists
18:41 Changeset [9519] by clem
correct vortex namelists
17:59 Changeset [9518] by clem
update sette tests so that all configurations are tested and the report …
17:11 Changeset [9517] by clem
small corrections to make SETTE work
16:46 Changeset [9516] by gm
#2075 - dev_merge_2017: CONFIG:correct the namelist_top_cfg + activate …
14:56 Changeset [9515] by dancopsey
Do not use halos in area calculations.
14:49 Changeset [9514] by clem
fix namelists one more time for agrif
14:30 Changeset [9513] by mathiot
Add option to detect and remove subglacial lake (do not affect closed sea …
14:08 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm
13:06 Changeset [9512] by frrh
Correct lbc_lnk call and fix initialisation bugs in diaptr.
12:04 Changeset [9511] by clem
fix namelists of agrif_nordic
11:55 Changeset [9510] by clem
fix restartability with SAS module ==> SAS_BIPER is now restartable
11:21 Changeset [9509] by clem
SASBIPER test case formally introduced in sette tests (for now …
11:08 Changeset [9508] by clem
add forgotten key_agrif
10:11 Changeset [9507] by clem
add comments in SETTE for running AGRIF_NORDIC


19:51 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm
16:54 Changeset [9506] by clem
for some mpp decomposition (typically 8x4) agrif failed at running because …
12:24 Changeset [9505] by clem
make sure to use the right iodef.xml and not the one defined in agrif
12:18 Ticket #2078 (cn_dir corrupts AGRIF input filenames) created by fschwarzkopf
== Context Input files (forcing etc.) cannot be found if cn_dir differs …
10:29 user/gm edited by gm
09:55 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by clevy
09:36 user/gm/Namelist_framework created by gm


17:41 Changeset [9504] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Cosmetic changes to namelists to restore …
16:29 Ticket #2077 (xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output) created by PlankTOM
== Context On a linux cluster, and compiling with gcc, using one_file in …
16:27 Changeset [9503] by davestorkey
Add in missing updates to sbc_ice.F90.
10:53 Ticket #2076 (restart of NEMO web access and services) created by clevy
== Context Due to electric shutdown, all NEMO web access and services …
10:24 Changeset [9502] by frrh
Ensure numerous diagnostics are bit comparable ond different PE …
10:18 Changeset [9501] by frrh
Ensure ALL diagnostics are bit comparable on different PE configurations. …


16:40 Changeset [9500] by davestorkey
branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : recommit science changes.
16:39 Changeset [9499] by davestorkey
branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : clear SVN keywords.
16:38 Changeset [9498] by davestorkey
branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : revert changes so that I can …
16:37 Changeset [9497] by davestorkey
branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : recommit …
16:36 Changeset [9496] by davestorkey
UKMO/branches/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : clear SVN …
16:34 Changeset [9495] by davestorkey
branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : revert …
16:10 Changeset [9494] by davestorkey
Local changes to CICE interface code.
16:09 Changeset [9493] by davestorkey
1. Datestamp restart files. 2. Add extra mixing options. 3. Add vertically …
15:52 Changeset [9492] by davestorkey
Temporary UKMO branch of dev_merge_2017 to implement datestamping of …
11:46 Changeset [9491] by davestorkey
Temporary branch of dev_merge_2017 to implement updates to CICE interface.
10:44 Changeset [9490] by gm
#2075 - dev_merge_2017: scale-aware setting of lateral viscous and …


17:24 Changeset [9489] by andmirek
Fix restart reading with XIOS when land points are suppressed
10:44 Ticket #2075 (LDF: scale-aware setting of viscous and diffusive coefficient) created by gm
== Context In the current version of the trunk as well as in …


18:19 Changeset [9488] by jpalmier
start with hard coded under-ice relax value
17:34 Changeset [9487] by jpalmier
create branch


16:46 Changeset [9486] by kingr
Minor bugfix to allow code to build w/o key_asminc.


13:18 Changeset [9485] by clem
make sure that the double zoom configuration agrif_nordic is restartable. …


22:06 Changeset [9484] by clem
simplify namelists
20:19 Changeset [9483] by clem
add agrif nordic configuration to sette tests. I just noticed that one …
19:03 Changeset [9482] by clem
The configuration Agrif_Nordic is now restartable for any nn_fsbc(Parent) …
16:53 Changeset [9481] by nicolasmartin
Insert full text copy of CECILL V2 license (2006-09-05) as stated in NEMO …
16:40 Changeset [9480] by cbricaud
modify SETTE for new MERCATOR cluster ( KARA )
16:30 Changeset [9479] by nicolasmartin
Finally found a better solution by combining with CSS rule
15:41 Changeset [9478] by nicolasmartin
Should have found the right directive for ASCII code block
15:12 Changeset [9477] by nicolasmartin
After modifying Trac configuration, README should be rendered as rst …
13:51 Changeset [9476] by nicolasmartin
Integrate ASCII image as literal block for rendering
13:47 Changeset [9475] by nicolasmartin
Add ASCII art image to README


18:14 Changeset [9474] by deazer
25h mean bugfix needed for midnight crossover
18:12 Changeset [9473] by deazer
Bug fix for 25h mean, needs reinitialzation of the mean variable at …
17:29 Changeset [9472] by deazer
Speed up NOOS transects
16:25 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
16:24 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
14:38 New reply on Tools created by mgunduz
[SIREN] Segmentation fault - dimensions


18:04 Changeset [9471] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Add protection around compiler directive in …
16:16 Changeset [9470] by nicolasmartin
Fix docutils typo
16:14 user/flavoni edited by flavoni
16:13 user/flavoni edited by flavoni
16:11 Changeset [9469] by nicolasmartin
Set MIME type property of README.rst to be processed automatically under …
16:02 Changeset [9468] by nicolasmartin
Upload ReStructured? Text file (.rst) to test the build of a wiki page by …
13:29 Ticket #2074 (Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd) closed by acc
13:22 Changeset [9467] by acc
Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Fix for out of bounds error with the extended …
13:20 Ticket #2074 (Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd) created by acc
== Context Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd which …


16:51 2018WP/SharedActions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by cbricaud
11:38 New reply on Skilled created by mbareford
[AGRIF] Intel build (with key_agrif) based on ORCA2_LIM seg faults


15:45 Changeset [9466] by jcastill
Move again some lines to allow merging with operational branches


19:57 Changeset [9465] by mathiot
ssh_bkginc deallocated twice
18:30 Changeset [9464] by clem
New configuration. This is a double agrif zoom in the Nordic Seas from …
17:50 Changeset [9463] by jcastill
Modify a couple of lines to allow merging with the coupling branch - no …
17:48 Changeset [9462] by jcastill
Rearrange some lines so that it merges with operational branches
16:14 Changeset [9461] by aumont
bug fixes in iron cycle
14:54 Changeset [9460] by clem
correct the periodicity in the agrif zoom for sas biper test case


21:39 New reply on Skilled created by nicolasmartin
[HPC] NEMO on Xeon Phi
20:55 Users_ edited by nicolasmartin


17:27 Changeset [9459] by clem
remove unecessary -O1 optimization in geo2ocean for agrif. I tested with …
16:05 Changeset [9458] by clem
debug sas biper test case after the last commits
15:05 Changeset [9457] by clem
repair broken restart for sea-ice (from I do not know when)
09:24 Changeset [9456] by cetlod
dev_merge : Bugfix to avoid out-of-bounds in CFC model, see ticket #2073
09:21 Changeset [9455] by cetlod
Bugfix to avoid out-of-bounds in CFC model, see ticket #2073
09:17 Ticket #2073 (Out of bounds of passive tracers when using PISCES or another SMS model ...) created by cetlod
== Context NEMO-TOP is designed to be able to simulate SMS models and …


17:33 Changeset [9454] by clem
make sure that agrif is working with sea ice in any conditions
16:05 Ticket #2006 (ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES crashes after 179 timesteps in dev_merge_2017) closed by clevy
15:54 Ticket #2003 (minor bugs in PISCES) closed by clevy
15:52 Ticket #1987 (AGRIF code corruption tests not taken in account in SETTE report) closed by clevy
14:57 Changeset [9453] by clem
ensure that agrif works in debug mode. Agrif actually needs ua and va to …
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