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16:50 Changeset [9576] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for SETTE + fix for key_lim3 in MY_SRC: push remaining modifications in order to start from a clean checkout

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14:49 Changeset [9575] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for reference configurations and test cases (./CONFIG): add new symbolic links, probably not fully operational

14:32 Changeset [9574] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for fcm-make folder: untested and not sure if it worth the modfiications

14:25 Changeset [9573] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for compilation scripts (./TOOLS/COMPILE): tools scripts have been modified but not been tested

13:16 Changeset [9572] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for reference configurations and test cases (./CONFIG): 2 steps for removing symbolic links

  • Folders
  • CPP keys: key_lim3 → key_si3
  • Namelists and XML
    • namelist_ice_lim3_ref → namelist_ice_si3_ref
    • file_def_nemo-opa.xml → file_def_nemo-oce.xml, file_def_nemo-lim.xml → file_def_nemo-ice.xml
    • field_def_nemo-opa.xml → field_def_nemo-oce.xml, field_def_nemo-lim.xml → field_def_nemo-ice.xml
    • namp.zlim → namp.zice
  • Cleaning of configurations list in cfg.txt
13:00 Changeset [9571] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for dependencies (./EXTERNAL): agrif_opa.in → agrif_oce.in in ./AGRIF

12:53 Changeset [9570] by nicolasmartin

Global renaming for core routines (./NEMO)

  • Folders
    • LIM_SRC_3 → ICE_SRC
  • CPP key: key_lim3 → key_si3
  • Modules, (sub)routines and variables names
    • MPI: mpi_comm_opa → mpi_comm_oce, MPI_COMM_OPA → MPI_COMM_OCE, mpi_init_opa → mpi_init_oce
    • AGRIF: agrif_opa_* → agrif_oce_*, agrif_lim3_* → agrif_si3_* and few more
    • TOP-PISCES: p.zlim → p.zice, namp.zlim → namp.zice
  • Comments
    • ESIM|LIM3 → SI3
11:49 Changeset [9569] by mathiot

forgot to correct mask qns and emp in sbcflx (see #2083)


16:38 Ticket #2081 (time splitting and isf: bugs) closed by mathiot
16:35 Ticket #2083 (surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity) reopened by mathiot
Ticket has been closed during the commit. Ticket needs to be kept open as …
16:27 Changeset [9568] by davestorkey

Update branch to be relative to rev 9565 of dev_merge_2017.

16:26 Ticket #2083 (surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity) closed by mathiot
fixed: In 9567: […]
16:26 Changeset [9567] by mathiot

apply tmask(:,:,1) to erp, qrp, precip, snow, rnf, qns to fix #2083

16:22 Ticket #2083 (surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity) created by mathiot
== Context Some surface flux variables are not masked and could affect …
15:50 Changeset [9566] by dancopsey

Use complex numbers in area calculations.


14:21 New reply on Tools created by chrenkl
[tools][NST] Nesting Tools and Grid Staggering
11:25 Changeset [9565] by smasson

dev_merge_2017: fix name of run.stat.nc with AGRIF

11:24 Changeset [9564] by smasson

dev_merge_2017: minor style modifications


19:42 Ticket #2082 (agrif_create_coordinates writes incorrect u,v points to child grid file) created by mdunphy
The agrif_create_coordinates program writes the wrong values for the u and …
15:48 Changeset [9563] by stephenhaddad

MOCI #310: Update GO6 package branch to build with rigorous optimisation level compiler option.

15:08 Changeset [9562] by stephenhaddad

MOCI #314: Updated config to work with MOCI build/test suite.

13:05 Changeset [9561] by acc

Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Bug fix to prevent erroneous out of bounds access in mppini.F90 (land suppression case only). To be further tested to confirm fix is correct and sufficient


17:23 Changeset [9560] by cetlod

Add the namelist block nammpp in all namelist_cfg

12:47 Changeset [9559] by cetlod

Minor corrections to compute PISCES chemical constant at every time-step rather than every day


12:59 Changeset [9558] by cetlod

Add missing namelist parameter in the source code

12:53 Changeset [9557] by cetlod

Minor corrections

11:51 Changeset [9556] by cetlod

Minor improvments to ensures PISCES restartability

10:12 Changeset [9555] by cetlod

Remove the SPITZ12 configuration .exe file


20:54 Ticket #2081 (time splitting and isf: bugs) created by mathiot
== Context In the trunk, 3 bugs were found recently with time splitting …
20:22 Changeset [9554] by mathiot

Correction bug with isf and flux form (mask issue) + change mask used for ubaro output

18:25 Changeset [9553] by clem

add SPITZ12 into SETTE tests

18:02 Changeset [9552] by clem

add a new configuration SPITZ12 which is a regional simulation around the Spitzbergen (Svalbard archipelago) which includes tides and sea-ice with open boundaries.

16:52 Changeset [9551] by jchanut

Remove tracer horizontal diffusion in test case + correct interfaces interpolation after understanding it is related to ORCA2 edited scale factors

16:47 Tag change on Admin/SVN_logs by nicolasmartin
Tags logs added
15:59 Changeset [9550] by clem

put back key_nosignedzero in cpp keys of orca2. I think it is needed but if not, please feel free of removing it again and in other configurations

15:09 Ticket #2079 (pb compiling iom.F90 without key_iomput) closed by clevy
fixed: Compilation problem is indeed solved. Thanks I'm closing the ticket.
12:32 Changeset [9549] by stephenhaddad

MOCI 310 - Branch to fix compilation and running when using rigorous optimisation level compiler option.

12:23 Changeset [9548] by stephenhaddad

MOCI #3314: creating branch for test suite.

12:21 Changeset [9547] by stephenhaddad

test commit

07:57 Changeset [9546] by gm

dev_merge_2017: add a TKE parameter to control the activation of nn_etau below sea-ice


18:47 Changeset [9545] by jchanut

Add diagnostics in diawri - revert to old interface interpolation - change default regriding parameters - add linear ramp at startup

18:28 Changeset [9544] by cetlod

No need to initialize solar penetration for Offline since qsr is read in file

17:48 Changeset [9543] by clem

correct the output frequency for agrif nordic

17:43 Changeset [9542] by clem

avoid problems with some configurations when outputing results

17:26 Changeset [9541] by andmirek

move sbc_init above dom_init

16:11 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by nicolasmartin
14:38 New topic on Tools created by chrenkl
[tools][NST] Nesting Tools and Grid Staggering
14:28 Changeset [9540] by clem

debug the dimension read for sea ice when using BDY

11:21 Changeset [9539] by cetlod

dev_merge_2017 : validation of Offline configurations

09:02 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm


18:41 Ticket #2076 (restart of NEMO web access and services) closed by nicolasmartin
worksforme: So far, all the IT systems have restarted and seem to work well.
18:38 Ticket #2077 (xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output) closed by nicolasmartin
invalid: Here we do not support XIOS, you must address this to the XIOS team …
16:45 Changeset [9538] by jcastill

Same bug fix as in r9473 of the branch - see comment to previous revision

16:41 Changeset [9537] by jcastill

Bug fix for key_asminc
WARNING - this fix is applied to revision 9196 of the branch, so the fix at revision 9473 is not included - it will be included in the next revision: this is done so we can use the same version as the operational suite, which at the moment does not contain the fix included in r9473

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09:57 New topic on Skilled created by poddo
[tides] Tides and more


21:59 New topic on Jobs created by xfettweis
[phd][post-doc] PhD or post-doctoral position in Polar Ocean Modelling with NEMO over Arctic | Closing 31 May 2018
13:37 Changeset [9536] by andmirek

#1953 and #1962 stop immediately if XIOS restart read/write functionality is used without key_iomput

13:22 Changeset [9535] by andmirek

#1953 and #1962 disable XIOS related calls when key_iomput is not set

11:33 Ticket #2080 (bug in z tilde?) created by davestorkey
== Context I think the IF test in line 327 of domvvl.F90 might be wrong. …
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20:38 2018WP/CMCC-02_Stefania Ciliberti_BDYTool edited by sciliberti
20:36 2018WP/CMCC-02_Stefania Ciliberti_BDYTool created by sciliberti
New page from template Work Plan Action?
20:33 2018WP/CMCC-01_Stefania Ciliberti_BDYModel edited by sciliberti
20:28 2018WP/CMCC-01_Stefania Ciliberti_BDYModel created by sciliberti
New page from template Work Plan Action?
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18:46 Changeset [9534] by mathiot

correction on the check of .svn repository as since svn v1.7, .svn repository only available in the root of the working copy. Add print of last changed revision. Check revision at the root of the working copy.

18:30 Ticket #2079 (pb compiling iom.F90 without key_iomput) created by clevy
== Context Trying to run a configuration with 2 AGRIFS zooms, I get some …
17:54 Changeset [9533] by acc

Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Cosmetic changes to ORCA2_LIM3PISCES namelist_cfg to remove empty namelist blocks and bring a few comments into line with reference namelist. This seems to be the best solution for keeping cfg namelists with minimal content whilst making a side by side comparison with the reference namelist meaningful and useful

17:00 Changeset [9532] by gm

dev_merge_2017: end of the renaming MLE

16:59 Changeset [9531] by gm

dev_merge_2017: rename traadv_mle.F90 & namtra_adv_mle as tramle.F90 & namtra_mle, resp.

16:54 Changeset [9530] by jchanut

ztilde update: add COMODO Internal wave test case

16:38 Changeset [9529] by jchanut

ztilde stability update

16:17 user/flavoni/TD_mod-num created by flavoni
15:39 Changeset [9528] by gm

dev_merge_2017: add to new vorticity scheme (EET= EEN using e3t instead of e3f, and ENT= energy conserving at T-point). NB: not used in ref config.

13:10 Changeset [9527] by gm

dev_merge_2017: NO selection for lateral momentum boundary condition

12:22 Changeset [9526] by gm

dev_merge_2017: rename ln_…NONE as ln_…OFF (CONFIG, OPA_SRC, TOP_SRC) ; agrif zoom now only in AGRIF_NORDIC configuration


23:05 Changeset [9525] by clem

change sette so that GYRE configuration runs and report is readable


19:41 Changeset [9524] by clem

correct sas_biper namelists

19:39 Changeset [9523] by mathiot

fix to OBS to deal with a change in the halo at the wrap points (Dan Lea)

18:52 Changeset [9522] by clem

debug test cases

18:46 Changeset [9521] by clem

correct lock_exchange namelists

18:43 Changeset [9520] by clem

correct overflow namelists

18:41 Changeset [9519] by clem

correct vortex namelists

17:59 Changeset [9518] by clem

update sette tests so that all configurations are tested and the report includes the test cases if any

17:11 Changeset [9517] by clem

small corrections to make SETTE work

16:46 Changeset [9516] by gm

#2075 - dev_merge_2017: CONFIG:correct the namelist_top_cfg + activate ln_traldf_msc in ORCA2 and NORDIC

14:56 Changeset [9515] by dancopsey

Do not use halos in area calculations.

14:49 Changeset [9514] by clem

fix namelists one more time for agrif

14:30 Changeset [9513] by mathiot

Add option to detect and remove subglacial lake (do not affect closed sea option)

14:08 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm
13:06 Changeset [9512] by frrh

Correct lbc_lnk call and fix initialisation bugs in diaptr.

12:04 Changeset [9511] by clem

fix namelists of agrif_nordic

11:55 Changeset [9510] by clem

fix restartability with SAS module =⇒ SAS_BIPER is now restartable

11:21 Changeset [9509] by clem

SASBIPER test case formally introduced in sette tests (for now restartability fails with key_agrif and is ok without)

11:08 Changeset [9508] by clem

add forgotten key_agrif

10:11 Changeset [9507] by clem

add comments in SETTE for running AGRIF_NORDIC


19:51 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by gm
16:54 Changeset [9506] by clem

for some mpp decomposition (typically 8x4) agrif failed at running because some barotropic fields needed to be initialized (ub2_b etc) for the 1st interpolation and update. These fields are now set to 0 in dynspg_ts

12:24 Changeset [9505] by clem

make sure to use the right iodef.xml and not the one defined in agrif

12:18 Ticket #2078 (cn_dir corrupts AGRIF input filenames) created by fschwarzkopf
== Context Input files (forcing etc.) cannot be found if cn_dir differs …
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09:55 user/gm/Namelist_framework edited by clevy
09:36 user/gm/Namelist_framework created by gm


17:41 Changeset [9504] by acc

Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Cosmetic changes to namelists to restore alignment between reference and configuration namelists. Done for ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES pending a decision on whether or not to do the rest.

16:29 Ticket #2077 (xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output) created by PlankTOM
== Context On a linux cluster, and compiling with gcc, using one_file in …
16:27 Changeset [9503] by davestorkey

Add in missing updates to sbc_ice.F90.

10:53 Ticket #2076 (restart of NEMO web access and services) created by clevy
== Context Due to electric shutdown, all NEMO web access and services …
10:24 Changeset [9502] by frrh

Ensure numerous diagnostics are bit comparable ond different PE

10:18 Changeset [9501] by frrh

Ensure ALL diagnostics are bit comparable on different PE configurations.

Essentially this involves ensuring that ALL wrap columns in global models
are up to date at the point of writing diagnostics. Without this,
hundreds (!) of diagnostics feature wrap columns which contain uninitialised
data, the contents of which may vary with PE decomposition. Those are the
detectable ones. In the cases that diagnostics are actually initialised, it's
impossible to detect duff wrap column data w/o manually examining every
diagnostic. That then leads to questions about data integrity
(e.g. if someone daoes a global max or min operation on a field w/o
properly poplulated data they will get incorrect, and not necessarily
noticeable, information!)

Also remove redundant, duplicate computation and iom_put of 3D
diagnostic weiv_masstr.


16:40 Changeset [9500] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : recommit science changes.

16:39 Changeset [9499] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : clear SVN keywords.

16:38 Changeset [9498] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_CICE_interface : revert changes so that I can clear SVN keywords first.

16:37 Changeset [9497] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : recommit science changes.

16:36 Changeset [9496] by davestorkey

UKMO/branches/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : clear SVN keywords.

16:34 Changeset [9495] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/dev_merge_2017_restart_datestamp_GO6_mixing : revert previous change so I can remove SVN keywords first.

16:10 Changeset [9494] by davestorkey

Local changes to CICE interface code.

16:09 Changeset [9493] by davestorkey
  1. Datestamp restart files.
  2. Add extra mixing options.
  3. Add vertically interpolated MLD diagnostics.
15:52 Changeset [9492] by davestorkey

Temporary UKMO branch of dev_merge_2017 to implement datestamping of restart files and extra mixing options.

11:46 Changeset [9491] by davestorkey

Temporary branch of dev_merge_2017 to implement updates to CICE interface.

10:44 Changeset [9490] by gm

#2075 - dev_merge_2017: scale-aware setting of lateral viscous and diffusive coefficient


17:24 Changeset [9489] by andmirek

Fix restart reading with XIOS when land points are suppressed

10:44 Ticket #2075 (LDF: scale-aware setting of viscous and diffusive coefficient) created by gm
== Context In the current version of the trunk as well as in …


18:19 Changeset [9488] by jpalmier

start with hard coded under-ice relax value

17:34 Changeset [9487] by jpalmier

create branch


16:46 Changeset [9486] by kingr

Minor bugfix to allow code to build w/o key_asminc.


13:18 Changeset [9485] by clem

make sure that the double zoom configuration agrif_nordic is restartable. One must have moved the call to sea ice update at the end of step (after integrate_childgrids)


22:06 Changeset [9484] by clem

simplify namelists

20:19 Changeset [9483] by clem

add agrif nordic configuration to sette tests. I just noticed that one zoom config is restartable but not the double zoom config…ongoing

19:03 Changeset [9482] by clem

The configuration Agrif_Nordic is now restartable for any nn_fsbc(Parent) and nn_fsbc(Child). However we do not authorized nn_fsbc(Child) to be larger than 1 because otherwise it breaks the CFL too easily. The simulation would still run but the results would not be satisfactory. I still have to verify this point with the last version of the code

16:53 Changeset [9481] by nicolasmartin

Insert full text copy of CECILL V2 license (2006-09-05) as stated in NEMO Consortium Agreement in LICENSE file at root

16:40 Changeset [9480] by cbricaud

modify SETTE for new MERCATOR cluster ( KARA )

16:30 Changeset [9479] by nicolasmartin

Finally found a better solution by combining with CSS rule

15:41 Changeset [9478] by nicolasmartin

Should have found the right directive for ASCII code block

15:12 Changeset [9477] by nicolasmartin

After modifying Trac configuration, README should be rendered as rst without specifying MIME property

13:51 Changeset [9476] by nicolasmartin

Integrate ASCII image as literal block for rendering

13:47 Changeset [9475] by nicolasmartin

Add ASCII art image to README


18:14 Changeset [9474] by deazer

25h mean bugfix needed for midnight crossover

18:12 Changeset [9473] by deazer

Bug fix for 25h mean, needs reinitialzation of the mean variable at midnight

17:29 Changeset [9472] by deazer

Speed up NOOS transects

16:25 2018WP/Shared Actions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
16:24 2018WP/Shared Actions/Status_dev_merge_2017_branch edited by mathiot
14:38 New reply on Tools created by mgunduz
[SIREN] Segmentation fault - dimensions


18:04 Changeset [9471] by acc

Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Add protection around compiler directive in geo2ocean.F90 so that it is only applied for Intel compilers. See ticket #2074

16:16 Changeset [9470] by nicolasmartin

Fix docutils typo

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16:11 Changeset [9469] by nicolasmartin

Set MIME type property of README.rst to be processed automatically under Trac

16:02 Changeset [9468] by nicolasmartin

Upload Re Structured? Text file (.rst) to test the build of a wiki page by inclusion

13:29 Ticket #2074 (Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd) closed by acc
13:22 Changeset [9467] by acc

Branch 2017/dev_merge_2017. Fix for out of bounds error with the extended form of lbcnfd. See ticket #2074

13:20 Ticket #2074 (Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd) created by acc
== Context Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd which …
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