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/WorkingGroups/NEMO_HPC/Working_document never existed (diff)
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16:18 Changeset [10108] by cbricaud
bugfix for nemo 3.6 coarsening branch
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16:03 Changeset [10107] by cbricaud
add call to mikt coarsening in nemo3.6 coarsening branch
15:53 PageTemplates/Workplan edited by nemo
15:53 Changeset [10106] by cbricaud
add mikt coarsening in nemo3.6 coarsening branch
15:47 PageTemplates/Workplan edited by nemo
15:21 Changeset [10105] by smasson
trunk: minor bugfix in tramle
15:20 Changeset [10104] by cbricaud
clean trcadv_crs.F90 and add ubs scheme for coarsenig
15:17 Changeset [10103] by smasson
dev_r9759_HPC09_ESIWACE: minor bugfix in tramle and traadv_fct
15:05 Changeset [10102] by smasson
dev_r9759_HPC09_ESIWACE: update usrdef_istate.F90 to define unique value …
14:51 Changeset [10101] by cbricaud
change to allow coarsenig running with different mpp splitting
14:46 Ticket #1536 (change fldread to allow reading of 4 dimensions files) closed by nicolasmartin
fixed: I consider the bugfix as correct without further update since the ticket …
14:42 Changeset [10100] by cbricaud
change to allow coarsenig running with different meridional sizes ( in …
14:36 Changeset [10099] by cbricaud
move CCA archfile in MERCATOR/ directory, for nemo 3.6 coarsening branch
14:25 Ticket #1489 (Specific branch for CMIP6 outputs) closed by nicolasmartin
invalid: log/branches/2015/dev_r5171_CNRS_LIM3_CMIP6out: no commit …
14:24 Ticket #1488 (Specific branch for ice-atmosphere interface with LIM3) closed by nicolasmartin
invalid: log/branches/2015/dev_r5171_CNRS_LIM3_ice_atm: no commit since …
14:23 Ticket #1487 (Specific branch for melt ponds in LIM3) closed by nicolasmartin
invalid: log/branches/2015/dev_r5171_CNRS_LIM3_meltponds: no commit …
14:03 Changeset [10098] by rblod
Initialisation of GArif structures
14:02 Changeset [10097] by cetlod
v4.0 minor bug correction
13:38 Changeset [10096] by cetlod
v4.0 : bugfix on tracer trends diagnostics, see ticket #1933
12:27 Ticket #1572 (diaar5 assumes inputs are on the model grid) closed by cetlod
fixed: Done in v4.0
12:25 Ticket #2004 (minor bugs in tranxt for passive tracer trend diagnostics (v3.6 and ...) closed by cetlod
fixed: also done in v4.0
12:25 Changeset [10095] by cetlod
v4.0 : bugfix on passive trends diagnostics, see ticket #2004
12:16 Ticket #2073 (Out of bounds of passive tracers when using PISCES or another SMS model ...) closed by cetlod
fixed: Done in v4.0
12:14 Ticket #1435 (Specific branch for Poleward heat transport diagnostics using XIOS) closed by cetlod
fixed: done in v4.0
12:12 Ticket #2114 (Redundant logical keys in lateral diffusion for passive tracers) closed by cetlod
fixed: I agree Gurvan
11:59 Ticket #1217 (NEMO AGRIF WORKING GROUP) closed by nicolasmartin
worksforme: Consider this ticket as resolved, wiki page for AGRIG WG is now here …


23:06 Ticket #1629 (Documentation of v3.6 STABLE) closed by nicolasmartin
worksforme: Based on the follow-up wiki page, one can consider the work have been on …
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15:24 Changeset [10094] by davestorkey
UKMO dev_r10037_dynvor_EEUV branch : add new dynvor scheme.
12:35 Changeset [10093] by clem
just cosmetics for a better understanding of the namelist parameters


18:53 Changeset [10092] by jchanut
Update Tidal forcing documentation
16:21 Changeset [10091] by rblod
Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF
16:16 Changeset [10090] by davestorkey
UKMO branch to implement new vorticity scheme in dynvor.
15:36 Changeset [10089] by rblod
update conv
15:35 Changeset [10088] by rblod
update conv
15:33 Changeset [10087] by rblod
update AGRIF library
15:31 Changeset [10086] by rblod
Compilation of NESTING_AGRIF, a good old makefile
11:33 Changeset [10085] by rblod
Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF
11:31 Changeset [10084] by rblod
Compilation for NESTING_AGRIF


17:07 Changeset [10083] by nicolasmartin
Missing item from the previous commit #2129
17:04 Changeset [10082] by nicolasmartin
Revert previous commits shared with other branches and set up dev …
15:27 Changeset [10081] by rblod
14:57 Changeset [10080] by rblod
The irst step of many
11:10 Changeset [10079] by rblod
Creta branch dev_r10077_Agrif
11:04 Ticket #2129 (AGRIF-05_rblod_CMEMS) created by rblod
== Context Improvement of Agrif for global configurations (periodic, …


16:41 Users/ModelInterfacing/AGRIF edited by clem
16:24 Users/ModelInterfacing/AGRIF edited by clem
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16:10 agrif_grid_position.jpg attached to Users/ModelInterfacing/AGRIF by clem
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15:34 Users/ModelInterfacing/BiogeochemistryCoarsening edited by cbricaud
15:09 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-09-06 by cbricaud
Tags VC added
12:07 Changeset [10078] by clem
correct a print
11:49 Users/ModelInterfacing/AGRIF edited by jchanut
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01:51 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
01:45 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin


21:13 Glossary edited by nicolasmartin
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17:31 Changeset [10077] by dford
Fix for compiling with key_medusa but not key_foam_medusa.
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14:10 Changeset [10076] by cbricaud
copy 3.6 coarsening development branch in 2018 branches
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12:49 New reply on Skilled created by nicolasmartin
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16:44 Changeset [10075] by nicolasmartin
Update of namelist blocks for inclusion in the NEMO manual Add simple …


18:15 Changeset [10074] by nicolasmartin
Fix previous commit with wrong svn:keywords property
18:11 Changeset [10073] by nicolasmartin
Switch to test cases folder and apply previous modifications
17:21 Changeset [10072] by nicolasmartin
Switch to configurations folder and apply previous modifications on …
16:49 Changeset [10071] by nicolasmartin
Hopefully the final fix for the header standardisation
16:30 Changeset [10070] by nicolasmartin
Fix wrong SVN property svn:executable on routines
16:12 Changeset [10069] by nicolasmartin
Fix mistakes of previous commit on SVN keywords property
16:09 Changeset [10068] by nicolasmartin
First part of modifications to have a common default header : fix typos …
13:01 Changeset [10067] by nicolasmartin
Finalize the standardisation of routines header to the new release number …


13:56 Users/Agenda/2018-07-11 edited by nicolasmartin


13:11 user/nicolasmartin edited by nicolasmartin
11:01 Ticket #2128 (Uniqueness of iceberg labels can not be guaranteed if restarting from a ...) closed by davestorkey
fixed: I've reviewed this change and I think it solves the problem.


19:09 Changeset [10066] by dford
Allow compilation with key_top but not key_medusa.
18:14 Changeset [10065] by acc
Additional sanity checks in icbrst.F90 to avoid the risk of generating …
18:07 Ticket #2128 (Uniqueness of iceberg labels can not be guaranteed if restarting from a ...) created by acc
== Context There is potential for icebergs to be labelled non-uniquely if …
16:28 Ticket #2127 (BDY boundary Forcing files not read correctly) created by markhg77
== Context When trying to run a regional configuration using external …
14:34 Changeset [10064] by csanchez
Added changes from Bijoy and Enda's for sponge layer, no tidal harm, and …
14:26 Changeset [10063] by csanchez
Branch created to store branch updated with changes to run MC from …
14:03 Changeset [10062] by jpalmier
complite iodef file


14:35 New topic on Skilled created by mariacs
[FLO] key_floats: simulations freeze
13:45 Changeset [10061] by jchanut
ztilde update (2): #2126 Possibly remove the use of diffusive fluxes in …
11:48 Changeset [10060] by jchanut
ztilde update (1): Add alternative vertical scale factor horizontal …
10:45 Changeset [10059] by dford
Bug fix for atmospheric CO2 initialisation with FOAM.
06:16 Ticket #2028 (VALID-07_odea-AMM) closed by deazer
fixed: With additional zero init flags on the Cray, -hzero -ez AMM15 is now …


13:13 Changelog edited by nicolasmartin
13:12 Changelog edited by nicolasmartin
10:55 Changeset [10058] by jchanut
Create branch from trunk #2126
10:42 Ticket #2126 (KERNEL-05_jchanut_ztilde) created by jchanut
== Summary #summary || Action || KERNEL-05_jchanut_ztilde …


17:56 Changeset [10057] by dford
Fixes for physics-only compilation.
16:23 Changeset [10056] by nicolasmartin
Add new folder 'logos' in /utils to make available in one place the logos …
15:17 Changeset [10055] by dford
Merge in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_GO6_package_asm_3d_bgc and address …
14:23 Changeset [10054] by dford
New branch off head of GO6 package branch, for implementation of …
14:21 Changeset [10053] by dford
Delete branch as created off wrong source.
14:16 Changeset [10052] by dford
New branch off head of GO6 package branch, for implementation of …


16:53 Changeset [10051] by jpalmier
correct OMIP - PI DIC bug and diagnostic
10:50 Changeset [10050] by frrh
Update inline text, following confiormation from CERFACS about which …


11:30 Ticket #1683 (SIMPLIF-1 : 2016 simplification & improvement) closed by gm
10:34 Ticket #2005 (trend diagnostics: stripes in dispkevfo that look like processors limits) closed by gm
10:25 Ticket #2075 (LDF: scale-aware setting of viscous and diffusive coefficient) closed by gm


17:45 Changeset [10049] by jpalmier
correct PI CO2 flux bug
14:13 Users/Homepage/Help edited by nicolasmartin


14:36 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-07-03 edited by clevy
14:23 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-07-03 edited by clevy
12:06 Changeset [10048] by jpalmier
OMIP PI DIC - debug ; add trends ; working version


17:12 Changeset [10047] by jpalmier
merge with GO6_package_branch 9385-10020 ; plus debug OMIP_DIC
16:39 Changeset [10046] by dancopsey
Re-enable 2D coupling of icesheet mass. To switch between 2D to 0D …
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