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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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16:43 Ticket #2000 (ROBUST-14(2017WP) Removal of configuration-dependent hardcoding from ...) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Documentation updated. Closing ticket.
16:41 Changeset [10464] by davestorkey
Add README file for
16:40 Changeset [10463] by davestorkey
Figure for section on closea module in NEMO book.
16:39 Changeset [10462] by davestorkey
Fill in section on closea module in NEMO book. Ticket #2000.
16:37 Changeset [10461] by mathiot
rm un-used variables
16:29 Changeset [10460] by nicolasmartin
Small modifications regarding README(s) and ReST files
12:43 Changeset [10459] by mathiot
add ctl_opn for numnul in SAS/nemogcm
12:23 Changeset [10458] by mathiot
remove Fe2, FeL2, FeP and TL2 from required output list of …
12:19 Changeset [10457] by mathiot
add ctl_opn for numnul in OFF/nemogcm


17:17 Changeset [10456] by deazer
Added option to taper sbc fluxes near very shallow water when using WAD …


19:34 Changeset [10455] by mathiot
suggestion for ticket #2200 (bdyvol)
17:53 Changeset [10454] by mathiot
Branch for ticket #2200
17:45 Ticket #2200 (bdyvol not working) created by mathiot
==== Context The volume conservation with bdy is not call since …
14:34 Changeset [10453] by deazer
Bug fix to allow tapering of SBC in shallow regions approaching dry limit …


16:42 Changeset [10452] by acc
Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for compatibility with the module …
15:10 Changeset [10451] by acc
Update NOC-specific, MOBILIS arch file for new OpenMPI version and XIOS …
14:32 Changeset [10450] by acc
Tidy up NOC-specific sette batch templates


10:38 Changeset [10449] by andmirek
GMED ticket 425 changes for INTEL compiler


06:48 New reply on Skilled created by puneet336
[land-proc] ORCA2_LIM setup fails while removing - land only grid cells


17:43 Changeset [10448] by nicolasmartin
Add case sensitive check for namelists parameters We should clearly avoid …
17:20 Changeset [10447] by hadjt
Updated DIA/diadct code for the volume transport across cross sections, …
16:07 Changeset [10446] by clem
clean the routine icedyn_adv_umx
15:55 Changeset [10445] by nicolasmartin
Update the content of namelists folder with last revision of …
15:41 Changeset [10444] by nicolasmartin
Add script to check basic changes in namelist between 2 releases (actually …
15:36 Changeset [10443] by nicolasmartin
Improve bash script to check the validity of the references included in …
15:18 Changeset [10442] by nicolasmartin
Front page edition, cleaning in custom LaTeX commands and add index for …
14:10 Changeset [10441] by frrh
Reinstate ln_trdtrc(2).
12:38 Changeset [10440] by smasson
trunk: get back ORCA2 AGRIF vs ORCA2 NOAGRIF working
12:18 Changeset [10439] by clem
debug zalesak prelimiter in ice advection
11:30 Changeset [10438] by frrh
Remove dangerouus preset values in top ref namelist .
11:18 Changeset [10437] by smasson
trunk: improve communication_report.txt for delayed global comm
10:49 2019WP edited by clevy
10:45 Ticket #2037 (ROBUST-05_clevy_shaconemo_future) closed by clevy
09:21 Changeset [10436] by smasson
trunk: bugfix in land-processor detection and minor cleanning


17:20 2019WP/AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj created by smasson
17:20 Tag change on 2019WP/AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj by smasson
Tags WP added
17:19 2019WP/HPC-01_MikeBell_OpenMP edited by mathiot
17:18 Ticket #2199 (AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj) created by smasson
==== Summary ||=Action || AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj || …
17:17 2019WP/HPC-10_Mike_Tiling edited by mathiot
17:16 Ticket #2198 (HPC-10_Mike_Tiling) created by mathiot
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
17:13 2019WP/HPC-10_Mike_Tiling created by mathiot
17:13 Tag change on 2019WP/HPC-10_Mike_Tiling by mathiot
Tags WP2019 added
17:02 2019WP/HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC edited by mathiot
17:01 Ticket #2197 (HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC) created by mathiot
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
17:01 2019WP/HPC-08_MirekAndrejczuk_fldread_with_XIOS edited by smasson
17:00 2019WP/HPC-07_Epicoco_AGRIF_LoadBalancing edited by smasson
16:59 2019WP/HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC edited by mathiot
16:59 Tag change on 2019WP/HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC by mathiot
Tags WP2019 added; WP removed
16:55 2019WP/HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC created by mathiot
16:55 Tag change on 2019WP/HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC by mathiot
Tags WP added
16:48 2019WP/HPC-07_Epicoco_AGRIF_LoadBalancing created by smasson
16:48 Tag change on 2019WP/HPC-07_Epicoco_AGRIF_LoadBalancing by smasson
Tags WP added
16:47 Ticket #2196 (HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review) created by smasson
==== Summary ||=Action || NEMO-AGRIF HPC performances
16:29 2019WP/HPC-08_MirekAndrejczuk_fldread_with_XIOS created by smasson
16:29 Tag change on 2019WP/HPC-08_MirekAndrejczuk_fldread_with_XIOS by smasson
Tags HPC, WP2019 added
16:24 Changeset [10435] by acc
Update NOC sette batch file for MOBILIS to use a more modern version of …
16:23 Ticket #2195 (HPC-08_XXX_fldread_with_XIOS) created by smasson
==== Summary ||=Action || Fldread with XIOS
16:10 2019WP edited by smasson
16:04 2019WP/ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides edited by smueller
15:12 Changeset [10434] by frrh
Remove invalid default settings from namelist_top_ref
14:19 2019WP/ENHANCE-02_PierreMathiot_ISF edited by mathiot
13:20 2019WP/ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides created by smueller
13:20 Tag change on 2019WP/ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides by smueller
Tags WP added
13:12 Ticket #2194 (ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides) created by smueller
==== Summary ||=Action || ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides
11:25 Changeset [10433] by smasson
sette: add missing ln_ctl = .true.
10:24 Ticket #1943 (HPC-02(2017WP)_Francesca Development of the NEMO hybrid parallel version ...) closed by francesca
10:17 Ticket #2193 (CMCC-03_Clementi_Add Wave Diag) created by emanuelaclementi
==== Abstract In order to improve the actual NEMO-WAVE coupling, CMCC …
09:54 Changeset [10432] by clem
debug namelist ICEDYN
09:50 Changeset [10431] by clem
debug namelists in ICEADV
09:50 Changeset [10430] by smasson
sette: clean ICEDYN in
09:33 Ticket #2010 (HPC-03_Mocavero_globcomm) closed by francesca
09:32 Changeset [10429] by smasson
sette: remove jpnij in and
09:14 2019WP/PUBS-03_NDS_CHAPTER created by vancop
09:14 Tag change on 2019WP/PUBS-03_NDS_CHAPTER by vancop
Tags WP added
09:13 2019WP/SI3-09_TEOS10_phase_diagram created by vancop
09:13 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-09_TEOS10_phase_diagram by vancop
Tags WP added
09:12 Changeset [10428] by smasson
trunk: suppress jpnij from the namelist (already defined by mppsize)
09:12 2019WP/PUBS-05_SI3_documentation created by vancop
09:12 Tag change on 2019WP/PUBS-05_SI3_documentation by vancop
Tags WP added
09:11 2019WP/SI3-07_tsamados_drags created by vancop
09:11 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-07_tsamados_drags by vancop
Tags WP added
09:02 2019WP/SI3-08_lagrangian_drifters edited by vancop
09:01 Ticket #2192 (SI3-09_TEOS10_phase_diagram) created by vancop
Publish the TEOS-10 phase diagram for sea ice ==== Summary ||=Action …
08:59 Ticket #2191 (PUB-03_NDS_CHAPTER) created by vancop
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
08:58 Ticket #2190 (SI3-09_TEOS_PHASE_DIAGRAM) created by vancop
Publish the future possible TEOS10_phase diagram. ==== Summary …
08:57 Ticket #2189 (PUB-05_SI3_documentation) created by vancop
SI3 documentation must be continued and reviewed ==== Summary …
08:56 Ticket #2188 (SI3-07_tsamados_drags) created by vancop
'Implement ice-atmosphere tsamados drags ==== Summary ||=Action …
08:55 2019WP/SI3-08_lagrangian_drifters created by vancop
08:55 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-08_lagrangian_drifters by vancop
Tags WP added
08:54 2019WP/SI3-05_VP_rheology created by vancop
08:54 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-05_VP_rheology by vancop
Tags WP added
08:52 Ticket #2187 (SI3-04_lagrangian_drifters) created by vancop
Implement lagrangian drifters in sea ice for immerse ==== Summary …
08:50 Ticket #2186 (SI3-03_VP_rheology) created by vancop
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …


23:06 Changeset [10427] by smasson
sette: add ln_ctl = .true.
23:01 Changeset [10426] by smasson
sette: add ln_ctl = .true.
22:54 Changeset [10425] by smasson
trunk: merge back dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE@10424 into the trunk
22:51 Changeset [10424] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: to allow merge toward the trunk, see …
22:39 Changeset [10423] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: switch off optimisation introduced in …
22:34 Changeset [10422] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: improve mppini messages, see #2133
22:32 Changeset [10421] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: missing commit following [10420], see …
21:04 Changeset [10420] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: force STOP when fail to allocate …
20:46 Changeset [10419] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: merge with trunk@10418, see #2133
20:43 2018WP/ENHANCE-10_Nicolas-TrustingSetteCooperation created by nicolasmartin
20:42 2018WP/ENHANCE-11_Nicolas-RepositoryCleaning created by nicolasmartin
19:37 Ticket #2056 (PUBLI-02_nicolas_Project_Bibliography) closed by nicolasmartin
18:07 Ticket #2020 (ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves) closed by acc
18:04 Ticket #2030 (VALID-06_storkey_global validation of proto-NEMO 4.0 release in ORCA1, ...) closed by mathiot
fixed: Dave have completed 30-year CORE2-forced integrations for ORCA1 and …
18:02 Ticket #2042 (ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection) closed by acc
17:12 2019WP/VALID-04_CEthe_TOP_OFF created by cetlod
17:12 Tag change on 2019WP/VALID-04_CEthe_TOP_OFF by cetlod
Tags WP added
17:10 2019WP/ENHANCE-11_CEthe_Shaconemo_diags created by cetlod
17:10 Tag change on 2019WP/ENHANCE-11_CEthe_Shaconemo_diags by cetlod
Tags WP added
17:06 2019WP/TOP-01_CEthe_PISCES_LBC created by cetlod
17:06 Tag change on 2019WP/TOP-01_CEthe_PISCES_LBC by cetlod
Tags WP added
16:25 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2018-12-20 by acc
Tags VC added
16:11 2019WP/ENHANCE-05_SimonM-Harmonic_Analysis edited by smueller
15:24 Ticket #2185 (VP_rheology) created by vancop
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
15:18 Changeset [10418] by clem
cosmetic changes
15:14 Changeset [10417] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: suppress the use of nstop out of …
14:29 Ticket #2184 (VP_rheology) created by vancop
VP rheology fo immerse ==== Summary ||=Action || …
12:45 Changeset [10416] by aumont
Remove LFe from standard PISCES code
12:41 2019WP/AGRIF-02_CMEMS_improve_global created by clevy
12:41 Tag change on 2019WP/AGRIF-02_CMEMS_improve_global by clevy
Tags WP added
12:37 2019WP/SI3-04_crousset_evaluation_UM5vsPRATHER created by clevy
12:37 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-04_crousset_evaluation_UM5vsPRATHER by clevy
Tags WP added
12:35 2019WP/SI3-03_crousset_validation_landfast created by clevy
12:35 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-03_crousset_validation_landfast by clevy
Tags WP added
12:33 2019WP/SI3-02_crousset_validation_rheology created by clevy
12:33 Tag change on 2019WP/SI3-02_crousset_validation_rheology by clevy
Tags WP added
12:28 Changeset [10415] by clem
correct the advection for ice ponds, make a couple of cosmetic changes and …
00:02 Changeset [10414] by nicolasmartin
- Comment \label commands on maths environments for unreferenced …


18:59 Changeset [10413] by clem
merge dev_r9947_SI3_advection with the trunk. All sette tests passed. …
18:12 Changeset [10412] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: zpshde: no more lbc_lnk in the loops, …
16:57 Changeset [10411] by clem
make all the sette tests successful
16:04 Changeset [10410] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: mssing commit in test following …
14:11 2019WP/ENHANCE-01_Romain_massfluxconvection(WP2018) created by clevy
14:11 Tag change on 2019WP/ENHANCE-01_Romain_massfluxconvection(WP2018) by clevy
Tags WP added
14:08 2019WP/AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) created by clevy
14:08 Tag change on 2019WP/AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) by clevy
Tags WP added
14:08 Ticket #2183 (AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP)) closed by clevy
14:06 Ticket #2183 (AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP)) created by clevy
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
13:53 Ticket #2147 (VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface) closed by clevy
12:53 Changeset [10409] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: action 6 add print when using …
12:38 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by frrh
12:21 Changeset [10408] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: action 8 introduce sum3x3 and supress …
12:19 Ticket #1668 (Argument var_nodims when calling oasis3-mct_3.0 oasis_def_var routine) closed by smasson
fixed: done in the trunk, see [10404]
12:14 Ticket #2181 (return code of NEMO) closed by smasson
fixed: fixed in dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE, see [10407]
12:12 Changeset [10407] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: send back error code, see #2181
11:25 Changeset [10406] by nicolasmartin
Edition of math environments * Use LaTeX shortanted syntax for unnumbered …
10:48 Changeset [10405] by nicolasmartin
Add .svnignore for managing globally the skiping files and switch to …
10:05 Changeset [10404] by smasson
trunk: compatibility with oasis3-mct v4


18:06 Changeset [10403] by cmao
Add IMPLICIT NONE statements to branch following changeset 9578 for branch …
17:07 Changeset [10402] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: no more need of lk_mpp for …
16:57 Changeset [10401] by cetlod
Remove obsolescence in PISCES
14:13 Changeset [10400] by antsia
the correct option for ln_rstart=F
12:25 Changeset [10399] by clem
improve ice advection (toward an acceptable solution)
09:26 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by emalod


17:51 Changeset [10398] by clem
BGC restart should now work in the nesting tool. All of that must of …
17:27 Changeset [10397] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: action 5 introduce mpp_delay_sum, see …
16:04 Changeset [10396] by jcastill
Merge branch r6232_sst_landsea_cpl@7466
15:58 Changeset [10395] by jcastill
Merge branch r6232_hadgem3_cplfld@7463
15:34 Changeset [10394] by jcastill
Merged r6232_hadgem3_cplseq@7460 branch
15:25 Changeset [10393] by clem
ocean restart from nesting tool should now work. BGC restart must still be …
15:18 Changeset [10392] by jcastill
Merge branch r6232_hadgem3_mct@7457
13:55 Changeset [10391] by dford
Delete branch as changes merged back to community branch.
13:53 Changeset [10390] by dford
Add 25-hour mean and top-middle-bottom diagnostics for all variables …
13:48 Changeset [10389] by dford
Delete branch as changes merged back to community branch.
13:47 Changeset [10388] by dford
Updates for running with FABM-ERSEM. See internal Met Office NEMO ticket …
13:42 Changeset [10387] by dford
Delete commented out code.
11:55 Changeset [10386] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: safer use of l_full_nf_update (2 …
11:41 Changeset [10385] by jcastill
Copy of the AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_collate@10270, which will merge all …


20:50 Ticket #2182 (zero values at the boundaties of a nested domain) created by Tj21
==== Context I use a double nested domain configuration. After the first …
20:06 Changeset [10384] by clem
first step toward a working ocean restart in the nesting tools
19:52 Changeset [10383] by clem
ice restart should work in the nesting tools now. However ocean restart …
04:06 DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2019-01-23 edited by epico


23:06 Changeset [10382] by cetlod
bugfix in p4zsms : initialization of t_oce_co2_flx_cum
21:00 Changeset [10381] by clem
attempt to correct several bugs in the NESTING tools. With this version, …
17:23 Ticket #2181 (return code of NEMO) created by mafoipsl
==== Context To be able to detect error from the shell script launching …
11:30 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
11:02 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by emalod
09:27 Changeset [10380] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: iom cleaning: (1) get rid of jpnf90, …


15:53 Changeset [10379] by clem
bug fix affecting the lead fraction transfered from the ice model to BGC. …
14:18 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
14:09 ATSSTSST_ts5.jpeg attached to 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface by clevy
14:08 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
13:15 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
13:13 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
12:56 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
12:42 2018WP/VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface edited by clevy
12:36 Changeset [10378] by rrenshaw
branch for AMM7 reanalysis v5
08:45 Changeset [10377] by smasson
dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE: merge with trunk@10376, see #2133


13:25 2019WP/ASINTER-04_Madec_waves edited by gm
13:05 2019WP/ASINTER-04_Madec_waves edited by gm
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