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19:17 Changeset [11237] by djlea

branch of OBS ASM documentation updates (ticket #2297)

19:16 Changeset [11236] by djlea

branch of code bug fixes to OBS and ASM (ticket #2298)

18:11 Changeset [11235] by dford

Revert previous commit, as this wasn't a bug.

18:09 Changeset [11234] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : cleaning of dyn_spg_ts routine, does not change the results, see #2285

17:15 Ticket #2304 (SETTE failed to update some namelist parameter) created by mathiot
==== Context SETTE failed to update the diaops namelist parameters …
17:09 Changeset [11233] by clem

change a comment in dommsk

17:09 Changeset [11232] by clem

change a comment in dommsk

16:51 Changeset [11231] by clem

remove the imposed closed boundaries when using the nesting tools

16:48 Changeset [11230] by djlea

Change namelist_cfg so that the OBS and ASM tests work. Remove some old debugging output from OBS grid search.

14:22 Changeset [11229] by clem

debug BDY-ice by allowing any number of categories as input. Ticket #2300 may also be solved

14:21 Changeset [11228] by clem

debug BDY-ice by allowing any number of categories as input. Ticket #2300 may also be solved

12:05 Changeset [11227] by davestorkey

branches/UKMO/NEMO_4.0_GO8_package : Add uv, uw, vw diagnostics to diaprod.F90.


14:56 Changeset [11226] by jchanut

#2199, remove remaining use of nlcj

14:42 Changeset [11225] by jchanut

#2216, Finalize ZDF chapter - OSMOSIS and Adaptive vertical advection subsections to be updated

11:19 Changeset [11224] by smasson

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : bugfix to work will all configurations, see #2285


20:53 Changeset [11223] by smasson

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : cleaning of rewriting of bdydta, see #2285

16:52 Changeset [11222] by cetlod

PISCES_LBC : 1st step of dev

16:44 Changeset [11221] by laurent

LB: "sbcblk_algo_ncar.F90" now uses functions "virt_temp()" and "One_on_L()" defined in "sbcblk_phy.F90".

16:30 Changeset [11220] by cetlod

Create branch for PISCES boundaries conditions moved towards TOP

14:07 Changeset [11219] by jchanut

1) Define aditionnal arrays to correct the time interpolation of barotropic arrays in corners. Since multiple stages in the time interpolation are necessary, overlapping segments in corners give wrong results otherwise (corrects stage 2 in previous commit)..
2) Added subroutine to correct time extrapolated fluxes at bdy in time splitting routine (updates stage 3 in previous commit).
3) Completly remove non-specified open boundary case. Boundares are now exactly set from parent (no more filtering nor extrapolation for outgoing flows).
At this stage, use of nbondi, nbondj variables has been completly removed.

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11:19 Changeset [11218] by mdrudi

revision of chap_DIA.tex in NEMO doc


17:31 Changeset [11217] by laurent

LB: more readable "cool-skin/warm-layer" organisation + no "cool-skin/warm-layer" scheme in the presence of sea-ice.

15:33 Changeset [11216] by kingr

Fix logic in sbcflx so that ocean-only AMM7 results are unchanged.

12:34 Changeset [11215] by laurent

LB: inclusion of "cool-skin/warm-layer" support (a la ECMWF) into COARE 3.0 algorithm.

12:30 Changeset [11214] by jchanut

#2216: add AGRIF_DEMO test case in place of Agulhas and remove cpp keys

11:29 Changeset [11213] by jchanut

#2216: Add Romain's update of ZDF chapter


21:21 Changeset [11212] by nicolasmartin

Mainly some modifications to enable the compilation of the manual by dedicated LaTeX editors
The compilation options have been gathered within latexmkrc RC file for Latexmk,
this has been tested successfully for 2 cross-platform softwares: Texmaker & Te Xstudio?
Don't be able to test it under TeXShop for MacOS, but it should be portable as
it requires only to modify the configuration of few cmds: LaTeX, PdfLaTeX, Latexmk & PDF viewer
For a comprehensive list of available LaTeX editors, see https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Installation#Cross-platform)

Other changes

  • Rectification of the required list for LaTeX pkgs
  • Append thanks.tex with the first reviewers of chapters
  • Configuration of the background color for namelists
  • Testing of colors for different types of links
18:38 Changeset [11211] by smueller

Quoting of preprocessor key lists in makenemo arguments to avoid incorrect preprocessor key management (ticket #2302)

14:46 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2019-07-04 by mathiot
Tags VC added
12:08 Changeset [11210] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : remove some communications in bdy treatment in case nn_hls > 1, see #2285

09:09 Changeset [11209] by laurent

LB: making more efficient and more centralized use of physical/thermodynamics functions defined into "OCE/SBC/sbcblk_phy.F90".


23:55 Changeset [11208] by smueller

Branching of SETTE for fixing the bug described in ticket #2302

19:32 Changeset [11207] by mathiot

ENHANCE-03_closea: closea correction change to match new closea mask in domain_cfg (ticket #2143)

16:50 Ticket #2220 (adaptive EVP (ice rheology) makes the model crash) closed by clem
invalid: actually reducing the time step (4800s for ORCA2) is sufficient to …
15:31 Ticket #2280 (jperio=0 in parent_domcfg_updated) closed by clem
15:24 Changeset [11206] by clem

solve ticket #2280 by adding a new namelist parameter in the NESTING namelist to account for jperio of the parent grid

14:25 Changeset [11205] by jchanut

1) Make sponge independent of sub-domain size. Partially masked open boundary segments are not taken into account anymore. To do so, sponge coefficients should be read in a file for realistic applications (then nesting tools need to be modified accordingly).
2) Replace East-West-North-South barotropic data arrays by a global 2d array. Then apply barotropic open boundary conditions thanks to mi0/mi1, mj0/mj1 indexes.
3) Call AGRIF bdy update one more time in dynspg_ts during extrapolation phase. This removes a dozen lines of code in dynspg_ts routine.

14:09 Ticket #2284 (Bug in NST/agrif_top_update.F90) closed by jchanut
13:44 Ticket #1982 (Met Office coupling system with "LIM3") closed by clem
fixed: Coupling SI3 with Met Office? environment is now possible (and can be …
13:39 Ticket #2256 (Unphysical values of ice age in SI3.) closed by clem
13:39 Ticket #2257 (Floating point overflow linked to snow thickness in SI3) closed by clem
11:25 New topic on Beginner created by duh
[test-case][overflow] Problems regarding test case running in NEMO 4.0
01:50 Tag change on System Team/Forge Stats by nemo
Tags stats added


16:52 Ticket #2295 (Subroutine bdy_dta uses an uninitialised namelist parameter unless ...) closed by smueller
fixed: source:/NEMO/trunk@11204 passes the AMM12 tests of the SETTE test suite.
16:37 Changeset [11204] by smueller

Merge of changeset [11175] into the trunk (ticket #2295)

14:37 Changeset [11203] by jcastill

Remove the svn keywords that were introduced in the last modification

12:44 Changeset [11202] by jcastill

Copy of branch branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_obs_oper_update@11130 without namelist_ref changes to allow merging with coupling and biogeochemistry branches

12:10 Changeset [11201] by mathiot

ENHANCE-03_domcfg : add management of closed seas in domain cfg by flood filling and lat/lon seed instead of i/j box definition (ticket #2143)

10:51 Changeset [11200] by emmafiedler

Avoid multiple lines of write statement and change of variable name following CICE review


17:43 Changeset [11199] by mathiot

update branch to head of version 4.0 (ticket #2298)

16:36 Changeset [11198] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : delete mpp_bdy_generic.h90 now unused following [11195], see # 2285

14:21 Changeset [11197] by mathiot

ENHANCE-03_domcfg: daymod.f90 not used (ticket #2143)

14:20 Changeset [11196] by mathiot

ENHANCE-03_domcfg: USE dianam useless in iom.F90 (ticket #2143)

12:59 Changeset [11195] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : update of trc_bdy following [11191], merge of lbc_lnk and lbc_bdy_lnk in a single lbc_lnk routine, see #2285


16:51 Changeset [11194] by smasson

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : reorganization of lbclnk, part 1: bugfix following [11192], see #2285

12:47 Changeset [11193] by smasson

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : reorganization of lbclnk, part 1: missing delete of lbc_lnk_generic.h90 in [11192], see #2285

12:40 Changeset [11192] by smasson

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : reorganization of lbclnk, part 1: simpler mpp_lnk_generic.h90 supress lbc_lnk_generic.h90, see #2285

10:14 Changeset [11191] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : bdy treatment can now handel a rim 0 and a rim 1, results are unchanged when only rim 1 is provided, see #2288 and #2285


18:54 Changeset [11190] by nicolasmartin

Duplicate symbolic links to .ist index style file (1 in ./main and 1 in ./build)
For unknown reason, the LaTeX compilation process seems to differ between Mac and Linux: Mac wants to have the index style file in ./build whereas Linux requires it in ./main.

18:24 Changeset [11189] by nicolasmartin

Enabling index links by moving hyperref pkg at the end of the LaTeX preamble

18:02 Changeset [11188] by jchanut

Add missing link for NEMO doc compilation

17:56 Changeset [11187] by nicolasmartin

Modifications and bugfixes

  • Correction of the layout standard Right: scrreprt instead of scrreport
  • Switch to 2-columns for the bibliography
  • Update svn:ignore property for list of figures and tables
  • Update LaTeX dependencies
  • Move \triad command declaration to ./global/latex/new_cmds.tex with \DeclareRobustCommand specific prefix to prevent issue with \listoffigures
  • LaTeX typos
  • Ignore todonotes.tex for time being
17:02 Changeset [11186] by kingr

Merging changes from AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_collate r10728:11063

16:58 Changeset [11185] by jchanut

Add new flowchart figure, #2216

16:56 Changeset [11184] by jchanut

Update time domain chapter, #2216

16:09 Changeset [11183] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : improvement of neumann boundary condition, changes the results, see #2285

12:08 Changeset [11182] by laurent

LB: adding possibility to use dew-point temperature rather than specific humidity as "air humidity" => ln_humi_dpt@namsbc_blk

12:01 user/nicolasmartin edited by nicolasmartin


19:06 Changeset [11181] by nicolasmartin

Extension of the last changes to SI3 and TOP

18:50 Changeset [11180] by clne

Initial commit of code for 2d (surge) work in NEMO4.
This is aiming to replicate the 3.6 version in branches/UKMO/dev_r5518_Surge_Modelling

15:46 Changeset [11179] by nicolasmartin

Add alternate section titles to avoid useless index links in ToC

15:22 user/nicolasmartin/Deps Install edited by nicolasmartin
14:48 user/nicolasmartin/Deps Install edited by nicolasmartin
13:57 Changeset [11178] by nicolasmartin

Supplement of the last bugfix

13:14 Changeset [11177] by nicolasmartin

Bugfix for LaTeX compilation

12:26 Ticket #2303 (What is still missing in SETTE ?) created by mathiot
==== Context after last commit on SETTE, SETTE is better and more …


21:55 Changeset [11176] by nicolasmartin

Implementation of multi-indexes instead of an indiscrimate aggregate index
Creation of 5 sections under Indexes chapter for the most relevant lists of index entries:
namelist blocks and parameters, CPP keys, modules and subroutines.

  • indexes.tex & index.ist: new file in global directory for index management
  • Add symbolic links under main to non-existing *.idx before LaTeX compilation to reduce trivial error messages with makeindex
  • Create latexmkrc init file loaded latexmk with '-r' option in order to apply the style rules to the indexes with the sequence of several compilations

Other changes:

  • Define a preamble.tex with the list of files to load from global folder
  • Integrate 'Citation' subsubsection in new info_page.tex for the 2nd page along with 'frontpage.tex' for the cover, in order to have a clear distinction with \maketitle in the main LaTeX document
  • Move 'Foreword' chapter from subfiles to main as more appropriate

Bugfixes with few attempts of HTML export

  • One single location for defining the paths to search for images with \graphicspath in packages.tex
  • Renaming of authors variables (\1stauthor -> \firstauthor and so one)
  • Update of LaTeX dependencies in terms of new pkgs (DEPS)
13:53 Ticket #2235 (Subroutine bdy_dta uses an uninitialised namelist parameter unless ...) closed by smueller
fixed: source:/NEMO/releases/release-4.0@11175 includes the proposed fix and …
13:41 Changeset [11175] by smueller

Assignment of default value .false. to module variable ln_apr_obc in module sbcapr to prevent the use of an uninitialised namelist parameter described in ticket #2235


19:19 Changeset [11174] by nicolasmartin

Extension renaming
As .tex extension seems to be recognized natively by Trac for syntax highlighting, prefer to use it for all files under ./latex/global.
The difference between .tex or .sty is a bit cryptic for what I currently know

18:55 Changeset [11173] by nicolasmartin

Removal of bad file

16:24 Ticket #2302 (SETTE fails to complete the AGRIF_DEMO test if ADD_NOSIGNEDZERO has been ...) created by smueller
==== Context The configuration AGRIF_DEMO_NOAGRIF_ST, which is set up …
14:35 Changeset [11172] by nicolasmartin

Add missing files from previous commits

14:33 Changeset [11171] by nicolasmartin

Duplicate the new building process to SI3 and TOP

12:18 Changeset [11170] by nicolasmartin

Review of the overall building of any reference manual
Implementation of a compilation process shared between the 3 manuals: now a global document.tex will be used as the main LaTeX file (a symbolic link will refer to it in each ./engine/main directory).
At the time of the manual building, a few small LaTeX files will be imported on the fly from the corresponding folder ./latex/engine/main.

  • definitions.tex: engine, title, author(s), IPSL publication number and DOI ID
  • thanks.tex: list of collaborators to be thanked for the writing/reviewing
  • chapters.tex: ordered list of chapters (relative path to subfiles)
  • appendices.tex: ordered list of subordinate chapters (relative path to subfiles)
11:30 Changeset [11169] by nicolasmartin

Edition of externals accordingly to the 2 previous commits

11:26 Changeset [11168] by nicolasmartin

Import of IPSL logos

11:21 Citations edited by nicolasmartin
11:09 Changeset [11167] by nicolasmartin

Move DOI images into badges folder

10:59 Changeset [11166] by nicolasmartin

Creation of badges directory

10:51 Changeset [11165] by mathiot

delete branch fix_sette_ticket2239 (ticket #2239)

10:47 Changeset [11164] by mathiot

delete branch branch_ticket2259 (ticket #2259)


21:31 10.1029%2F97JC00480.bib attached to Documentation by nicolasmartin
LIM2 refpub
21:31 10.1029%2F1999JC900215.bib attached to Documentation by nicolasmartin
LIM2 refpub
21:30 OPA_techreport.bib attached to Documentation by nicolasmartin
OPA refpub
21:29 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
21:13 Citations edited by nicolasmartin
21:10 Citations edited by nicolasmartin
21:09 Citations edited by nicolasmartin
21:04 j.ocemod.2008.10.005.bib attached to Citations by nicolasmartin
NEMO-LIM3 refpub
21:03 gmd-8-2991-2015.bib attached to Citations by nicolasmartin
NEMO-LIM3 refpub
21:03 gmd-8-2465-2015.bib attached to Citations by nicolasmartin
21:03 gmd-8-1245-2015.bib attached to Citations by nicolasmartin
NEMO-TAM refpub
20:55 j.ocemod.2008.10.005.bib attached to Citation by nicolasmartin
NEMO-LIM3 refpub
20:55 gmd-8-2991-2015.bib attached to Citation by nicolasmartin
NEMO-LIM3 refpub
20:55 gmd-8-2465-2015.bib attached to Citation by nicolasmartin
20:54 gmd-8-1245-2015.bib attached to Citation by nicolasmartin
NEMO-TAM refpub
20:47 Changeset [11163] by mathiot

fix ticket #2301 (remove iceneg_pres and iceneg_volu from ICE_AGRIF file_def_nemo-ice.xml) in NEMO 4.0

20:47 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
20:39 Ticket #2239 (SETTE improvement) closed by mathiot
fixed: Commited at r11161 and in phase with trunk (r11160) and NEMO_4.0 (r11162)
20:37 Ticket #2259 (change rn_rdt and nn_fsbc in ORCA2 configurations) closed by mathiot
fixed: Change commited to trunk and NEMO 4.0 in r11160 and r11162.
20:33 Changeset [11162] by mathiot

merge branch branch_ticket2259 : update nn_fsbc, nn_itend, rn_rdt of ORCA2 and related configuration (ticket #2259)

19:46 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
18:55 Changeset [11161] by mathiot

merge fix_sette_ticket2239 : major simplification/improvement of SETTE (see README.rst for all the details), tested with the latest version of the trunk (r11160) (ticket #2239)

18:47 Changeset [11160] by mathiot

merge branch branch_ticket2259 : update nn_fsbc, nn_itend, rn_rdt of ORCA2 and related configuration (ticket #2259), update on sette will be commited soon

18:16 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
18:08 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
17:54 Documentation/Others edited by nicolasmartin
17:53 Ticket #2301 (ICE_AGRIF file_def_nemo-ice.xml not working) closed by mathiot
fixed: fixed in r11159
17:50 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
17:50 Tag change on Documentation by nicolasmartin
Tags docs added; Documentation removed
17:49 Documentation/Others edited by nicolasmartin
17:49 Tag change on Documentation/Others by nicolasmartin
Tags docs added
17:48 Changeset [11159] by mathiot

fix ticket #2301 (remove iceneg_pres and iceneg_volu from ICE_AGRIF file_def_nemo-ice.xml)

17:45 Ticket #2301 (ICE_AGRIF file_def_nemo-ice.xml not working) created by mathiot
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
17:34 Changeset [11158] by mathiot

replace hard coded svn command by ${SVN_CMD} (ticket #2239)

17:14 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
17:13 Citations created by nicolasmartin
17:13 Tag change on Citations by nicolasmartin
Tags citations added
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16:20 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
16:13 Changeset [11157] by nicolasmartin

Addition of DOI badge

16:10 Changeset [11156] by nicolasmartin

Removal of PDF export

16:08 Changeset [11155] by nicolasmartin

Addition of DOI badge

15:43 Changeset [11154] by nicolasmartin

Bugfixes and changes remaining in the directory

15:40 Changeset [11153] by mathiot

add detection of local modifications in src/cfgs/test, SETTE results saved in XXXXX+ instead of XXXXX if there is differences

15:11 Changeset [11152] by nicolasmartin

Modifications in NEMO manual disseminated to SI3 and TOP

15:05 Ticket #2300 (jcat initialisation issue in icethd_do.F90) created by mathiot
==== Context Sette test AGRIF_DEMO_ST REPRO_4_8 failed to run on METO …
14:59 Changeset [11151] by nicolasmartin

New version of NEMO_manual.tex
New class scrreport for the document (KOMA-script version of default report)
Foreword is now placed before ToC.
All figures are configured with 1.0\textwidth as default.
For compatibilty, \frontmatter, \mainmatter and \backmatter cmds have been removed and old fonts in LaTeX subfiles have been replaced

  • \bf -> \mathbf or \bfseries
  • \it -> \itshape
  • \rm -> \mathrm or \rmfamily
  • \tt -> \ttfamily
14:13 Changeset [11150] by nicolasmartin

New version of foreword.tex
Most of the content have been transfered to the common frontpages.tex.
foreword.tex now contains only the 'Abstract' section which is specific for each manual.

12:48 Changeset [11149] by girrmann

dev_r10984_HPC-13 : minor modification of flather, the change in results is due to the non associativity of addition, see #2285

12:34 Changeset [11148] by nicolasmartin

Reorganisation of the latex directory
Creation of frontpages.tex to standardise the look of the manuals and few !LaTeX files to facilitate the overall modifications

  • minted : syntax highlighting
  • packages.sty : !LaTeX packages to load
  • styles.sty : gathering of all rules affecting the style
  • new_cmds.sty : custom LaTeX commands
  • todonotes.sty: insertion of TODO bubbles inline or at the margin
12:16 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
12:13 Changeset [11147] by clem

change name bathy_metry by bathy_meter in DOMAINcfg tool

12:04 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
12:00 Changeset [11146] by nicolasmartin

Add DOI badges of the3 reference manuals

11:54 New topic on Jobs created by aumont
[permanent] Ingénieur d'étude pour le soutien au développement du modèle PISCES | Closing 12 Jul. 2019
11:35 Changeset [11145] by cguiavarch

Merge changes from /NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r11078_OSMOSIS_IMMERSE_Nurser:r11139-11143

11:06 Changeset [11144] by cguiavarch

Create a branch for OSMOSIS

01:29 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
00:33 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
00:31 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin


20:12 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
19:43 Documentation edited by nicolasmartin
18:15 Changeset [11143] by agn

version w/o FK or local changes for NEMO repo

18:15 Changeset [11142] by agn

diahth now initilaized after iom_init

18:15 Changeset [11141] by agn

Modernize diahth

17:38 Changeset [11140] by mathiot

sette rpt changes: FAILED line in red, indication when the run start to diverge, move old/unused script to OLD, update README to README.rst and add extra parameters in param.cfg

16:51 Changeset [11139] by agn

Improvements to OSMOSIS for IMMERSE

16:31 Changeset [11138] by jcastill

Branch to update the branch UKMO/dev_r5518_obs_oper_update@11130 to NEMO3.6 stable @6232

15:31 Changeset [11137] by jcastill

Add missing files


19:21 Changeset [11136] by djlea

branch of code bug fixes to OBS and ASM (ticket #2298)

19:19 Changeset [11135] by djlea

branch of OBS ASM documentation updates (ticket #2297)

17:48 Changeset [11134] by jcastill

Full set of changes as in the original branch

17:45 Changeset [11133] by mathiot

remove un-needed namelist_ref bloc in domcfg tools and remove debug print (ticket #2143)

17:44 Changeset [11132] by jcastill

Remove svn keywords

17:41 Changeset [11131] by jcastill

Copy of branch AMM15_v3_6_STABLE_package_collate_bgc_diagnostics plus some fixes to merge observation branch

17:13 Changeset [11130] by jcastill

Fix small bug: variable was misspelled

17:11 Changeset [11129] by mathiot

simplification of domcfg (rm all var_n and var_b as it is not needed) (ticket #2143)


15:54 Changeset [11128] by nicolasmartin

Create styles folder to gather common files between manuals: NEMO.sty and ametsoc.bst

15:41 Changeset [11127] by clne

Create branch for surge work

15:24 Changeset [11126] by nicolasmartin

Reintroducing ametsoc.bst in latex shared folder

15:08 Changeset [11125] by nicolasmartin

Move Bib Tex? style file and Bib Tool? cfg to /utils/dev global directory for developers
As these files will be used for the buidling of the 3 manuals (NEMO, SI3 and TOP),
it is relevant to place them in a unique location of the repository and refer to with external definitions

14:49 Changeset [11124] by nicolasmartin

Editing of ametsoc.bst to generate hyperlinks for DOIs or URLs
New version of bibtool resource file:

  • Braces as entries delimiter
  • All entry types in lowercase (^@...)
  • Normalisation of pages field ([0-9]+--[0-9])
  • Deletion of url field if doi is here
  • Definition of fields order
    sort.order =
    { * =
          # title     # chapter     # pages
          # journal   # booktitle   # edition # editor # series
          # volume    # number
          # author    # institution # school
          # year      # month
          # publisher # issn        # isbn
          # doi       # url
  • coding the format of citations keys
    key.format =
    { %s(bibkey) # %-2n(author)_
                 # %0s(@book         ) { bk   } # %0s(@inbook       ) { ibk  }
                 # %0s(@incollection ) { icol } # %0s(@inproceedings) { iprc }
                 # %0s(@phdthesis    ) { phd  } # %0s(@techreport   ) { rpt  }
14:22 Changeset [11123] by nicolasmartin

Modification of LaTeX subfiles accordingly to new citations keys

14:05 Changeset [11122] by nicolasmartin

Upload advanced version of the NEMO bibliography

  • Apply global pattern for citation keys: 1stauthor{.2ndauthor{.ea}}_{journal|type}year
  • Sorting entry fields wisely
  • Removal of redundancies ('doi'='url') by keeping only the DOI field
  • Manual editing for disambiguation with lowercase letter starting from the first item: *a, *b
12:31 Changeset [11121] by nicolasmartin

Fixes on BibTeX fields

  • Restoration of few missing entries from previous cleaning
  • Protection of some french names with "von" part
  • Use of the proper syntax for doubles quotes: `` ... ''
  • Addition of backslash for underscore character in URL
12:14 Changeset [11120] by nicolasmartin

Modification of the building process with dedicated build sub-folder

11:03 Changeset [11119] by rrenshaw

minor code fix

10:52 Ticket #2299 (Minor bug in PISCES) closed by cetlod
fixed: Done on v4.0 and trunk
10:51 Changeset [11118] by cetlod

Bugfix on sea-ice effect on production, see ticket 2299

10:50 Changeset [11117] by cetlod

Bugfix on sea-ice effect on production, see ticket 2299

10:38 Ticket #2299 (Minor bug in PISCES) created by cetlod
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …


20:21 Changeset [11116] by nicolasmartin

Removing of unnecessary entries

20:17 Ticket #2298 (Bug fixes to OBS and ASM found when reviewing the documentation) created by djlea
BE CAREFUL !!! Due to dynamic behaviour of this ticket creation page, it …
20:13 Ticket #2297 (Updates to ASM and OBS documentation) created by djlea
==== Context The documentation for OBS and ASM needs reviewing as it is …
19:25 Changeset [11115] by nicolasmartin

Fixed version with unused references

16:51 Changeset [11114] by cetlod

trunk:small bug fix in the previous bug correction, ticket #2296

16:49 Changeset [11113] by aumont

small bug fix in the previous bug correction

15:57 Changeset [11112] by mocavero

Update the chapter on reference configurations for 4.0 release, see #2216

15:55 Changeset [11111] by laurent

LB: skin temperature now used by ECMWF bulk algorithm, and can be xios-ed ; new module "SBC/sbcblk_skin.F90" ; all physical constants defined in SBC now moved to "DOM/phycst.F90"; all air-properties and other ABL functions gathered in a new module: "SBC/sbcblk_phymbl.F90".

15:43 Changeset [11110] by davestorkey

UKMO/NEMO_4.0_GO8_package branch: Enable product diagnostics uT, vT, wS etc. (as in GO6 package branch).

13:57 Changeset [11109] by cetlod

trunk:bug fix of the ticket #2296

13:41 Ticket #2296 (Bug in the computation of the degradation rate of GOC) closed by aumont
13:41 Changeset [11108] by aumont

bug fix of the ticket #2296

13:36 Ticket #2296 (Bug in the computation of the degradation rate of GOC) created by aumont
==== Context In the new version of PISCES available with NEMO4.0, a new …
11:50 Changeset [11107] by frrh

Commit changes from Dan Copsey's sea ice heat coupling
flux fixes in branch:
revisions 11028:11088.


20:54 Changeset [11106] by nicolasmartin

Push a second review of NEMO manual from side-by-side edition of 2 previous versions (r11051 & r11052)
I will made a final review with the first upload of the new version (r11075) and will reduce significantly it as almost the half of the references are not used.
Would have save time by checking the unused entries before...

18:20 Changeset [11105] by dancopsey

Merged in changes from dev_merge_2017_GC_couple_pkg branch except for zotx1 and zoty1 changes in sbccpl.F90.

15:21 Changeset [11104] by dancopsey

Make coupling package branch


20:05 Ticket #1922 (Uninitialized variable in sbcapr.F90) closed by smueller
duplicate: This ticket has been superseded by ticket #2295.
19:44 Ticket #1922 (Uninitialized variable in sbcapr.F90) reopened by smueller
While the reported bug has been fixed in the release-3.6 version of the …
19:28 Ticket #2295 (Subroutine bdy_dta uses an uninitialised namelist parameter unless ...) created by smueller
==== Context The bug reported in ticket #2235 is also present in the …
19:09 Ticket #2294 (Missing rewind on reference namelist for nambdy_tides) created by mdunphy
==== Context When we have >1 open boundary, and when using …
18:06 Changeset [11103] by agn

Added new code to branch

16:38 Changeset [11102] by davestorkey

dev_r10721_KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps_rewrite_time_filterswap : revert change committed by mistake.

16:10 Changeset [11101] by frrh

Merge changes from Met Office GMED ticket 450 to reduce unnecessary
text output from NEMO.
This output, which is typically not switchable, is rarely of interest
in normal (non-debugging) runs and simply redunantley consumes extra
file space.
Further, the presence of this text output has been shown to
significantly degrade performance of models which are run during
Met Office HPC RAID (disk) checks.
The new code introduces switches which are configurable via the
changes made in the associated Met Office MOCI ticket 399.

16:07 Changeset [11100] by agn

Properly undid premature check into release-4.0

15:59 Changeset [11099] by davestorkey

dev_r10721_KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps_rewrite_time_filterswap : Updates and bug fixes. This version still doesn't pass all SETTE tests.

15:17 Changeset [11098] by agn

Undid premature check into release-4.0

14:59 Changeset [11097] by agn

corrected . or. byg in diahth.F90

14:59 Changeset [11096] by agn

diahth outputs now controlled only by xml

14:58 Changeset [11095] by agn

use ln_diahth in step_c1d.F90

14:58 Changeset [11094] by agn

complete merge of diahth.F90

14:58 Changeset [11093] by agn

original lot of changes to diahth.F90

14:58 Changeset [11092] by agn

modified namelist_ref to include ln_diahtth key

14:58 Changeset [11091] by agn

new diahth to work without key_diahth: changes in diahth.F90

14:58 Changeset [11090] by agn

original lot of changes to diahth.F90

14:36 Changeset [11089] by agn

Modernized diahth


17:37 Changeset [11088] by dancopsey

Set namelist entry to be false by default.

17:36 Changeset [11087] by dancopsey

Allow false value for namelist entry to be the default

16:55 Ticket #2293 (agn) created by agn
==== Context The dia_hth routine in diahth.F90 still only works with a …


13:41 Changeset [11086] by laurent

LB: initial commit from trunk at r11085

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