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18:31 Changeset [14706] by dancopsey
18:13 Changeset [14705] by agn

comment out diagnostics everywhere where lcoup=T

18:13 Changeset [14704] by agn

Ensure pb_coup is defined and used when lcoup=T; include factor of 0.5 in zmsk[uv]

16:11 Changeset [14703] by jchanut

#2638, push restrictions in agrif mapping in case of East-West periodic or North Fold lbcs + Disable interp if lk_north=.false.

16:08 Changeset [14702] by jchanut

#2638, push restrictions in agrif mapping in case of East-West periodic or North Fold lbcs

15:59 Changeset [14701] by davestorkey

2021/ENHANCE-01_davestorkey_fix_3D_momentum_trends : science changes

14:27 Changeset [14700] by nicolasmartin

Set guide timestamped year

14:16 Changeset [14699] by agn

Make sure halo values of hml and pb_coup are initialised

14:11 Changeset [14698] by jchanut

#2638: initialize agrif ghost cells number (to zero) on root grid (DOMAINcfg)

13:43 Changeset [14697] by dancopsey

Make a branch to bounce icebergs off of the coast


16:57 Working Groups/Kernel edited by mikebell
16:56 Andrew_Shao_on_MOM6_HYCOM_coordinates.pdf attached to Working Groups/Kernel by mikebell
Andrew Shao on MOM6 and HYCOM vertical coordinates
16:14 Changeset [14696] by nicolasmartin


13:45 Changeset [14695] by ayoung

Creating branch for KNL-03 HPG work ticket #2651.

13:16 Changeset [14694] by andmirek

Ticket #2655: changes in sette

12:56 Changeset [14693] by andmirek

Ticket #2655: changes to compiler options

12:52 Changeset [14692] by andmirek

Ticket #2655: updates in arch file

12:38 Changeset [14691] by andmirek

Ticket #2655 development branch

12:27 Developers/SVN_Quick Reference edited by techene
12:23 Developers/SVN_Quick Reference edited by techene
09:53 Changeset [14690] by jchanut

#2368, Add AGRIF zoom coincident with North and South boundaries in python script

09:42 2021WP/ENH-01_Storkey_fix_3D_momentum_trends edited by davestorkey
09:39 Changeset [14689] by davestorkey

ticket #2344 : fix 3D momentum trends to work with split-explicit timestepping.

09:17 Ticket #2655 (SETTE with CRAY compiler) created by andmirek
New Cray compilers have a problem with reading namelists as internal files …


20:17 2021/Validation Actions edited by nicolasmartin
19:03 Changeset [14688] by jchanut

Last round of changes following r14674, r14675 and r14687 (AGRIF new grid positionning), #2638

17:48 Changeset [14687] by jchanut

#Changes to accomodate AGRIF new grid positionning implemented at r14674 and r14675, #2638


21:05 Ticket #2649 (mass leak in the formulation of sea-ice sublimation) closed by clem
17:36 Changeset [14686] by clem

trunk: solve negative sublimation problems (ticket #2649)

17:35 Changeset [14685] by clem

4.0-HEAD: solve negative sublimation problems (ticket #2649)

16:28 Changeset [14684] by jchanut

Allow chosing type of input bathymetry in child grids again (wrongly introduced @14630), #2638

15:26 Ticket #2394 (error when reading namelists) closed by andmirek
duplicate: see ticket #2653 with proposed solution.
15:15 2021/Validation Actions edited by gsamson
15:12 2021/Validation Actions edited by gsamson
14:27 2021WP/VLD-08_CEthe_IPSL_Coupled_Model edited by cetlod
14:26 2021WP/VLD-08_CEthe_IPSL_Coupled_Model created by cetlod
14:26 Tag change on 2021WP/VLD-08_CEthe_IPSL_Coupled_Model by cetlod
Tags WP added
14:17 Ticket #2654 (VLD-08_CEthe_IPSL_Coupled_Model) created by cetlod
[…] ==== Workplan action Wikipage: …
14:06 Ticket #2653 (Namelist quirks with Cray compilers (trunk only)) created by acc
==== Context The behaviour of internal file based namelists differs in …
13:40 2021/Validation Actions edited by ayoung
12:15 2021/Validation Actions edited by ayoung
11:52 Changeset [14683] by ayoung

Compatibility changes for periodic bc and north fold in usr def nam. See tickets #2480 and #2651.

11:46 Changeset [14682] by francesca

[comm_cleanup: DYN files] - ticket #2607

11:14 Changeset [14681] by francesca

DYN changes for halo 1 - halo 2 compatibility

10:22 Ticket #2652 (offline diagnostics of fluxes at the ice-ocean-atm. interfaces) created by clem
There is a number of diagnostics that are missing to do a proper heat and …


19:16 Changeset [14680] by hadcv

#2600: Merge in dev_r14393_HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup [14667]

17:52 Changeset [14679] by dancopsey
16:10 Changeset [14678] by agn

added pb_coup to field_def_nemo-oce.xml

16:10 Changeset [14677] by agn

zdfosm.F90 now sese Alan's bottom-drag interaction but uses rCdU_bot drag velocity

15:48 Changeset [14676] by ayoung

Updating SEAMOUNT test case to trunk at revision 14675. 2021 ticket #2651. 2020 ticket #2480.

15:46 Ticket #2651 (KNL-03_Young_Bell_HPG_Schemes) created by ayoung
[…] ==== Workplan action Wikipage: …
15:46 2021WP/KNL-03_Young_Bell_HPG_Schemes created by ayoung
15:46 Tag change on 2021WP/KNL-03_Young_Bell_HPG_Schemes by ayoung
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10:49 2021/Validation Actions edited by ayoung


16:21 2021WP/VLD-07_Bricaud_Samson_ORCA4-12-36 edited by gsamson
16:07 Ticket #2650 (VLD-07_Bricaud_Samson_ORCA4-12-36) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Workplan action Wikipage: …
16:06 2021WP/VLD-07_Bricaud_Samson_ORCA4-12-36 created by gsamson
16:06 Tag change on 2021WP/VLD-07_Bricaud_Samson_ORCA4-12-36 by gsamson
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14:44 Changeset [14675] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: corrections for east-west cyclic grids, #2368

14:36 Changeset [14674] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: corrections for east-west cyclic grids, #2368

11:17 Ticket #2649 (mass leak in the formulation of sea-ice sublimation) created by clem
==== Context There is a mass leak in the formulation of sea-ice …
10:36 2021WP/VLD-06_UKMO_GO8 edited by ayoung
10:35 Ticket #2648 (VLD-06_UKMO_GO8) created by ayoung
[…] ==== Workplan action Validation of trunk using GO8 Configuration …
10:31 2021WP/VLD-06_UKMO_GO8 created by ayoung
10:31 Tag change on 2021WP/VLD-06_UKMO_GO8 by ayoung
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15:06 Changeset [14673] by jchanut

Update ICE_AGRIF child domain as for VORTEX (position dependent on ghost cell number), #2638

10:34 2021WP/ENH-01_Storkey_fix_3D_momentum_trends created by davestorkey
10:34 Tag change on 2021WP/ENH-01_Storkey_fix_3D_momentum_trends by davestorkey
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18:58 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-04-08 by acc
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16:19 Changeset [14672] by dancopsey

Remove frozen lids if the ponds disappear

13:34 Changeset [14671] by dancopsey

Merged in up to revision 14474 of the GO8_package branch

13:28 Changeset [14670] by dancopsey

Branch to apply the minimum of TOPO pond fixes

11:55 Changeset [14669] by dancopsey

Add fixes to melt pond lids

10:44 Changeset [14668] by vsmart

Make new subroutines public

10:43 Changeset [14667] by francesca

TRA additional changes + first set of DYN files

10:11 Changeset [14666] by francesca

TRA & DYN changes for halo 1 - halo 2 compatibility


19:05 Changeset [14665] by hadcv

#2600: Tiling for ZDF

19:02 Changeset [14664] by hadcv

#2600: Fix domtile bug

19:01 Changeset [14663] by hadcv

#2600: Some additional TRA changes

17:48 Changeset [14662] by vsmart

Update to maintain use of nemo_gcm subroutine

17:18 Changeset [14661] by vsmart

Changes made to run from cap code. Restructure of nemogcm into init, run, finalise subroutines and do not use mpi initialisation/finalisation or STOP if key_spmd set

12:14 Changeset [14660] by vsmart

Branch for SPMD coupling using NG-coupling suite V0.3

11:40 Changeset [14659] by dancopsey

Merge in NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package branch from revision r14076 to r14474

11:36 Changeset [14658] by dancopsey

Branch to try out a few fixes to topographic melt ponds


18:26 Ticket #2647 (Derived data type component name shadowing FORTRAN keyword #mixedprecision) created by sparonuz
==== Context In file OCE/ICB/icblbc.f90 is declared the following […] …
17:40 Changeset [14657] by sparonuz

leftovers from revision r14649 - mispelled funcion BULK still had some uppercase occurrence.

16:44 Changeset [14656] by jchanut

Revise VORTEX child grid position by taking into account Parent grid ghosts. No need to change AGRIF_FixedGrids.in file anymore if changing the number of ghostcells, #2638

16:41 Changeset [14655] by jchanut

AGRIF: Set ghost cell number to 0 over root grid to properly define analytical grids in zooms, #2638

15:34 Ticket #2644 (Use of a deprecated statement in flodom.F90) created by sparonuz
==== Context File OCE/FLO/flodom.F90. In function flo_findmesh there …
14:07 2021/Validation Actions edited by ayoung
14:02 2021/Validation Actions created by ayoung
10:17 2021 created by ayoung


17:52 Ticket #2588 (domain_cfg: various issues) reopened by mathiot
ticket re-open: see #2643
17:49 Ticket #2643 (DOMAINcfg: bugs re-introduced) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context I had a look at the recent changes in DOMAINcfg and …
16:38 Changeset [14654] by sparonuz

Removed fsline: is a statement functions, which is deprecated since f95. Created a proper function.

09:03 New topic on Beginner created by marilianemo


19:01 Changeset [14653] by sparonuz

Added :: specifier to a real declaration ( the only one in the whole OCE module)

18:58 Changeset [14652] by sparonuz

Added the name of subroutines after the END SUBROUTINE statement where missing

18:51 Changeset [14651] by sparonuz

Renamed structure member that was shadowing a fortran intrinsic

18:42 Changeset [14650] by sparonuz

Added missing INTENT(IN) specifications

18:13 Changeset [14649] by sparonuz

Corrected variables/function names spelled with wrong camelcase mask

18:02 Changeset [14648] by sparonuz

Fix for compiling merged branch with key single activated

15:43 Changeset [14647] by agn

Extra diagnostics to elucidate pyc issues

15:43 Changeset [14646] by agn

seems to be minimal zeroing required

15:43 Changeset [14645] by agn

Initlize varios variables to -1.e10

15:33 Changeset [14644] by sparonuz

Merge trunk -r14642:HEAD

13:53 Changeset [14643] by dancopsey

Output timing information

12:36 Changeset [14642] by sparonuz


11:30 Changeset [14641] by jchanut

1) Revise boundary checking with AGRIF (unify vertical remaping case or not) 2) Disable parent volume check without vertical remaping until we sort out what to do in the damned overlapping zone. At this stage DOMAINcfg produces meshes in agreement with what NEMO expects, except for cyclic East-West child grids for which a mismatch persists at boundaries. Child grids over North Pole Fold or East-West boundaries are however correct, #2638

11:04 Changeset [14640] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: slight changes in boundary matching location to comply with what is expected in NEMO, #2638


16:14 Changeset [14639] by dancopsey

Make branch to fix rigorous compile issues

14:31 Changeset [14638] by jenniewaters

Try using avt_k.

13:03 Changeset [14637] by jenniewaters

Include avt in assim_background file

12:51 Changeset [14636] by hadcv

#2600: Merge in dev_r14393_HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup [14538:14609]

12:49 Changeset [14635] by jenniewaters

UKMO branch to implement FOAM options


11:06 Changeset [14634] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: temporary removal of lbclnk in procnames: this prevents using the tool in mpp mode, #2638

11:01 Changeset [14633] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: fixes internal flags in the East-West periodic case and in cmems demo, #2638

09:26 Developers/Validation/trunk_light edited by smasson


18:08 Changeset [14632] by hadcv

#2600: Take out some unnecessary tags

17:55 Changeset [14631] by hadcv

#2600: Update TRA tiling after [14576] merge (includes tra_ldf_triad changes missing from [14607])

16:19 Changeset [14630] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: 1) restore use of analytical grids (i.e. case where jphgr_msh>0). That may be useful to set up test cases with AGRIF. 2) Add random topography over a flat bottom if nn_bathy = -1 (in place of a Gaussian bump). This illustrates well where the interface matching and update are done. #2638

13:56 New topic on Skilled created by marilianemo
[OFFLINE] Run offline and set lateral boundaries for tracers
12:42 New topic on Beginner created by erwin
[nemo compilation] Rules for .F90 to .o
12:06 Changeset [14629] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: add missing block in reference namelists, #2638


17:02 Ticket #2642 (possible bugs: salflx output unit and ln_rnf_icb has no effect) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context - unit of the saltflx variable is in 1e-3/m2/s in …
16:33 Changeset [14628] by jchanut

AGFdomcfg: Fixes a couple of tiny compilation problems #2638

05:00 Changeset [14627] by jonnywilliams

runs successfully on maui


19:47 Changeset [14626] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: Update make_namelist.py (Use of NiGlo0, NjGlo0 instead of jpiglo, jpjglo #2638

19:46 Changeset [14625] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: Update AGRIF_FixedGrids.in, put an updated version for the AGRIF_DEMO test #2638

19:44 Changeset [14624] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: Update namelist files (jpiglo, jpjglo are replaced by NiGlo0, NjGlo0 version #2638

19:40 Changeset [14623] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: 1) Update DOMAINcfg to be compliant with the removal of halo cells 2) Update most of the LBC … subroutines to a recent NEMO 4 version #2638

19:36 Changeset [14622] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: 1) define some AGRIF variables in real8 2) remove the wrong indices translation in modarrays #2638

19:30 Changeset [14621] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: allow the conv to understand the IOMSG keyworkd #2638

19:27 Changeset [14620] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg: allow the conv to understand the IOMSG keyworkd #2638

19:25 Changeset [14619] by ldebreu

AGFdomcfg:uncomment the call to agrif_set_external_mapping, call agrif_nemo_init even on the root grid #2638


15:42 Changeset [14618] by techene

#2506 RK3 work in progess : for 2 configurag


18:36 Changeset [14617] by francesca

Create branch for halo1-halo2 trunk compatibility - ticket #2607

17:35 Changeset [14616] by dancopsey

Add qevap_ice as the enthalpy in sublimating ice/snow.

12:11 Ticket #2641 (haloes in traqsr) created by clem
==== Context In 4.0-HEAD (and maybe in the trunk), I noticed that qsr_hc …


17:11 Ticket #2640 (tra_adv_qck may give incorrect results on the northfold) created by hadcv
NOTE: This bug fix changes results when using nn_hls = 1 ==== …
14:05 Ticket #2639 (Compiling DOME on ARCHER2 fails) created by jamesharle
[…] ==== Context When compiling the DOME test case on UK ARCHER2 HPC …


11:55 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
11:38 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
11:23 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
09:29 Changeset [14615] by dancopsey

Added missing ampersand


19:16 Changeset [14614] by dancopsey

Reinstate enthalpy stored in snow precip

18:52 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
18:46 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
17:30 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
17:05 Changeset [14613] by smasson

AGFdomcfg: change svn:externals to use AGRIF/dev_r14608_AGRIF_domcfg, #2638

17:02 Changeset [14612] by smasson

AGFdomcfg: create AGRIF dev branch, #2638

17:00 Changeset [14611] by smasson

AGRIF: delete dev old branch, #2598 and #2615

16:56 2021WP/AGF-01_Debreu_domcfg created by smasson
16:56 Tag change on 2021WP/AGF-01_Debreu_domcfg by smasson
Tags WP added
16:55 Changeset [14610] by smasson

AGFdomcfg: create dev branch, #2638

16:33 Ticket #2638 (AGF-01_Debreu_domcfg) created by smasson
==== Workplan action AGRIF / Configuration domain generation tool …
16:27 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
16:19 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
13:52 2021WP/VLD-05_Coward_SETTE_inputs edited by acc
13:32 Changeset [14609] by francesca

[comm_cleanup: last TRA files] - ticket #2607

11:58 Changeset [14608] by cetlod

trunk : minor change in namelist_top for ref. configuration with PISCES

09:23 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
09:22 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
09:20 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
09:19 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
09:18 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
09:12 NorthFold and Halo2.pdf attached to 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup by epico
North Fold and Halo 2
09:05 2021WP/HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup edited by epico
08:37 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-03-18 by sciliberti
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