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18:53 Ticket #2489 (General routine for light vertical penetration) closed by lovato
fixed: This activity was completed with the inclusion of missing namelist in the …
18:48 Changeset [14965] by lovato

update setup information for X64_ZEUS

18:47 Changeset [14964] by lovato

add missing namelist from #2489

18:14 Changeset [14963] by aumont

Code updates + debugging + configuration files updates

16:20 Changeset [14962] by jchanut

#2638, update python script to accomodate multiply nested zooms

11:41 Ticket #2685 (read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated) closed by amoulin
11:38 Changeset [14961] by amoulin

read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated -ticket #2685


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17:35 Ticket #2688 (restartability issue with ISF at NEMO 4.0.x) created by davestorkey
[…] ==== Context My eORCA025 configuration at NEMO 4.0.4 fails …
16:37 Changeset [14960] by davestorkey

Fix restartability issue in ISF code. See:

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16:11 2020WP/AGRIF-03_jchanut_vert_coord_interp edited by jamesharle
13:49 Changeset [14959] by clem

trunk: change file_def to make canal test case working


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Tags VC added
16:31 Changeset [14958] by jchanut

#2638, synchronize branch with trunk

14:52 Ticket #2687 (nesting tools - interpolation of 2D-3D variables) created by clem
The nesting tools for version 4.0-HEAD is not able to interpolate data …
14:26 Changeset [14957] by cetlod

NEWDEV_PISCO : minor changes to avoid compilation error when using AGRIF

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18:19 Changeset [14956] by jchanut

#2638, update AGRIF_DEMO definition

18:02 Changeset [14955] by jchanut

#2638, Updated python script to be compliant with previous commit

18:00 Changeset [14954] by gsamson

remove C1D specific treatment in fld_read (not needed anymore with new halos); ticket #2680

17:51 Changeset [14953] by amoulin

read wnum in sbcwave.F90 of MY_SRC -ticket #2613

17:42 Changeset [14952] by jchanut

#2638, closed domains AGRIF new convention + various add ons

17:35 Changeset [14951] by jchanut

#2638, change grid positioning convention (again) in case of closed boundaries over parent grid. Accounting for 1 extra land cell in that case, child grids have to be shifted by 1 point to the South East.

17:27 Changeset [14950] by jchanut

#2638, shifted southern bdy sponge

17:12 Changeset [14949] by acc

#2605 : bug fixes to allow all SETTE tests to compile and run on this branch without key_RK3. This is a missed variable name change in stp2d.F90 and an uninecessarily duplicated routine in stprk3.F90. The duplicated routine (finalize_lbc) is unused but AGRIF compilations will pick up the incompatible first version from stpmlf.F90 (AGRIF does not respect scope). The copy in stprk3.F90 has been removed.

16:25 2021WP/HPC-02_Daley_Tiling edited by hadcv
16:17 Changeset [14948] by gsamson

update batch templates in SETTE in agreement with Mercator ARCH files

16:10 Ticket #2684 (makenemo "-e" option unsafe behaviour) closed by gsamson
16:09 Changeset [14947] by gsamson

modify Fmake_WORK.sh script and call in makenemo to correctly handle '-e' option; ticket #2684

15:10 Changeset [14946] by amoulin

update namelist_cfg -ticket #2613

09:38 Changeset [14945] by gsamson

add 'key_iomput' old cpp key compatibility to be able to compile old trunk revisions


17:16 Changeset [14944] by sparonuz

Added interface for function dyn_drg_init

16:53 Changeset [14943] by acc

#2605 : Corrections to istate.F90 and trasbc.F90 so that changes to ensure restartability with key_RK3 do not break restartability without key_RK3. Both now passing SETTE tests.

15:56 Changeset [14942] by acc

#2605 : Tidier version of restart.F90 that avoids writing the newly-introduced, before barotropic velocities when key_RK3 is not active

13:42 Changeset [14941] by acc

#2605 : restartability and reproducibility fixes (at least for AMM12 with key_qco and key_RK3). Including: Sibylles corrected indexing of ssh in stprk3.F90; inclusion of before barotropic velocities in restarts (restart.F90 and istate.F90) and (as yet, unreviewed) changes to stprk3_stg.F90/trasbc.F90 to ensure correct stage calculations. A couple of other minor changes in module_example.F90 and mppini.F90 that the compiler flagged.


12:20 Changeset [14940] by timgraham

Remove debugging write statements

12:13 Changeset [14939] by timgraham

Changes to allow use of a climatological iceberg distribution but taking the flux from the coupler.

11:00 Changeset [14938] by frrh

Raise SST limit to 50C

10:57 Changeset [14937] by frrh

Raise limit for SST anomaly checking since the 40C limit flags
values which appear to be perfectly legitimate.


16:59 Changeset [14936] by amoulin

add ADIABATIC WAVE TESTCASE folder -ticket #2613

16:52 Ticket #2686 (use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context The use of Charnock coefficient from a wave model …
16:36 Ticket #2685 (read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context wave number has to be read in an external wave …
14:54 Changeset [14935] by amoulin


10:51 Changeset [14934] by cguiavarch

Add freshwater temperature content from iceberg and ice cavities


18:39 Ticket #2684 (makenemo "-e" option unsafe behaviour) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context & Analysis when using makenemo -e option to use a …
18:05 Changeset [14933] by sparonuz

Added wp specification to some real declarations to parameters a_ddh, a_ddh_2

18:00 Changeset [14932] by sparonuz

Removed custom precision, Ticket #2683

17:34 Ticket #2683 (File OCE/OBS/obs_fbm.F90 custom precision #mixedprecision) created by sparonuz
==== Context In file File OCE/OBS/obs_fbm.F90 there are the following …
16:42 Ticket #2588 (domain_cfg: various issues) closed by jchanut
16:36 Changeset [14931] by jchanut

#2638: restores Pierre's changes done in #2588 at r14199

13:03 Changeset [14930] by sparonuz

Need to disentangle the dependency between these two variables

10:57 Changeset [14929] by rlod

Finalization of TOP documentation: 2020 shared action, https://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/nemo/wiki/2020WP/PUB-02_Ethe_TOP_DOC, C. Ethe & R. Person, thanks to O. Aumont

10:44 Changeset [14928] by rlod

Top documentation: Update namelists

10:41 Changeset [14927] by rlod

Top documentation: Update figures


17:22 Changeset [14926] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : change long_name att of fwfisf* variables

17:18 Ticket #2353 (HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining (previously ...) closed by smueller
worksforme: Standard SETTE results (nn_hls=1, ln_tiling=.false.) for …
16:57 Changeset [14925] by smueller

Removal of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining following merge into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

16:07 Changeset [14924] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : off topic again, I plugged in the fix for the oasis case made by Christrian.

15:43 Changeset [14923] by mathiot

ticket #2669: a bit off topic, but I updated the ISOMIP+ MY_SRC to match the trunk (ease comparison of sources)

15:25 Changeset [14922] by hadcv

#2682: Fix AMM12 and AGRIF_DEMO failing with debug flags and nn_hls = 1

14:19 Changeset [14921] by smueller

Merge of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

12:51 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:39 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:35 Ticket #2682 (Failing SETTE tests with debug flags and `nn_hls = 1`) created by hadcv
Four configurations fail in SETTE when using debug flags (XC40_METO_IFORT …
12:32 Ticket #2681 (lbc_lnk_pt2pt not working with key_mpi_off) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context try to run ORCA2_ICE_PISCES or C1D_PAPA with …
09:09 Changeset [14920] by gsamson

first steps to get C1D_PAPA working without MPI (key_mpi_off)


22:15 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
20:01 Changeset [14919] by mathiot

ticket #2669: set sign convention of thermald output in bg03 the same as in other mlt scheme

19:50 Changeset [14918] by smueller

Conversion of array assignments to explicit loops in order to avoid problematic nested preprocessor macros in module zdfosm (ticket #2353)

19:30 Changeset [14917] by mathiot

ticket #2669: add masking of isftfrz_* variables, fix issue on vertical mean in bg03 case, fix sign of qlatisf output

19:15 Ticket #2675 (Incorrect evaluation of arithmetic expressions passed as argument to ...) closed by smueller
fixed: Fixed with changeset [14903] in the context of task #2600.
18:40 Changeset [14916] by mathiot

ticket #2669: bg03 option uses rn_gammat0 defined in cav namelist bloc (corrected by adding a new namelist parameter rn_isfpar_bg03_gt0)

18:01 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
17:21 Changeset [14915] by gsamson

minimum set of bugfixes and changes to get C1D_PAPA compiling and running with MPI; ticket #2680

14:57 Changeset [14914] by gsamson

create branch for ticket #2680 from trunk@r14886

13:18 Changeset [14913] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14912 (ticket #2353)

12:51 Changeset [14912] by smueller

Minor adjustments to comments (ticket #2353)

12:30 Changeset [14911] by smueller

Simplification of some subroutine arguments to reduce the number of copy-in and copy-out occurrences when tiling is active (ticket #2353)

11:07 Changeset [14910] by girrmann

minor optimizations in asynchronous communication routine


18:04 Changeset [14909] by smueller

Tidy-up of the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme source code (ticket #2353)

17:43 Changeset [14908] by mathiot

fix consistency between cav and par cases and sign issues

17:38 Changeset [14907] by mathiot

add some debug diagnostics and improve readability of debug print

17:36 Changeset [14906] by mathiot

update long_name of isf flux variable (add sign convention) and sign convention of the isf melt forcing in namelist

17:33 Changeset [14905] by jcastill

Update in line with the parent branch

17:26 Changeset [14904] by mathiot

creation of branch to work on ticket #2669

16:59 Ticket #2680 (config C1D_PAPA broken in future 4.2) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context try C1D_PAPA config with post-merge trunk ==== …
16:06 Changeset [14903] by hadcv

#2600: Fix bug with A1Di/A1Dj/A2D macros, update standard tiling namelists

14:40 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
13:48 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
13:00 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:06 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
11:34 Changeset [14902] by girrmann

missing namelist modification

11:30 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller


23:02 Changeset [14901] by smueller

Supplement to changeset [14900] that accomplishes the enabling of the tiling option in the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme implementation (ticket #2353)

21:26 Changeset [14900] by smueller

Enabling of the tiling option in the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme implementation (ticket #2353)

15:53 Changeset [14899] by girrmann

Asynchronous communications now works in time splitting with nncomm == 3 (newpt2pt communication) and yiels identical results but is not compatible with other schemes. Under investigation...

10:55 Ticket #2679 (small errors in heat content diag computation) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context heat content diag computation in "dia_hth_htc" …


17:40 Changeset [14898] by dancopsey

Make iceberg top melt a combination of sea ice top melt and ocean solar.

16:45 Ticket #2678 (Proposed development of zdfiwm.F90 routine) created by cdllod
[…] ==== Context The current zdfiwm.F90 (internal wave driven mixing) …
14:55 Changeset [14897] by acc

Branch sette_ticket2673. Add a super_sette.sh suggestion for running multiple tests and a sette_eval.sh which is a stripped down version of sette_rpt.sh to perform just the check for differences between different sets. A key difference though is the -q (quiet mode) switch whichreduces output to a single line evaluation. Examples will be added to #2673


11:35 Changeset [14896] by amoulin

Create VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase branch -ticket #2613


18:52 Changeset [14895] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Add TILING and COLLECTIVES activation to all configurations (except AGRIF_DEMO)

18:05 Changeset [14894] by sparonuz

Added wp specification to some real declarations

17:48 Changeset [14893] by acc

Branch sette_ticket2673. Add -g option to supply a 1 character, alphanumeric suffix which is appended to _ST when creating configuration directories. This allows grouping of runtime directories so that chained invocations of sette.sh will not be at risk of interference. I.e. it makes possible a super-sette script such as:
# set -vx
# Simple script to create a full suite of tests
./sette.sh -r -g 0 # Full tests - MAIN (using *_ST0 config dirs)
./sette.sh -e -F -t -v HALO1 -g 1 -r # Full tests - with nn_hls=1 (using *_ST1 config dirs)
./sette.sh -i -e -F -t -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_ICB1 -g 2 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=1, no icebergs (using *_ST2 config dirs)
./sette.sh -i -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_ICB2 -g 3 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=2, no icebergs (using *_ST3 config dirs)
./sette.sh -C -n ORCA2_ICE_PISCES -v NO_COLL -g 4 -r # ORCA2_ICE_PISCES, nn_hls=2, no collectives (using *_ST4 config dirs)
./sette.sh -q -v NO_QCO -g 5 # Full tests without key_qco (using *_ST5 config dirs)

16:16 Changeset [14892] by dguibert

lbc_lnk_call_generic: add lbc_lnk_pt2pt_async

15:48 Changeset [14891] by dguibert

add lbc_lnk_pt2pt_async

Introduce a new pt2pt scheme allowing to overlap communication and computation

  1. calling irecv
  2. compute on whole domain using a dummy subroutine
  3. calling isend

... usual unpack


23:48 New topic on Tools created by mazoyer
[SIREN] boundaries from PSY2 (copernicus) for nemo 4.0 : which tools, scripts for it?
18:20 Changeset [14890] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Minor adjustment of sette_list_avail_rev.sh to use MAIN as a default subdirectory. #2673

17:20 Changeset [14889] by smueller

Enabling of the extended halo option (nn_hls=2) in the implementation of the OSMOSIS boundary layer scheme (ticket #2353)

15:46 Changeset [14888] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Fixed too hasty edit in sette_rpt.sh and introduced new utility function: sette_fetch_inputs.sh. #2673

14:28 Ticket #2677 (unit of the icb calving file) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context Unit of the icb calving file is not described in the …
13:42 Changeset [14887] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Introduced a default, MAIN subdirectory which is used if no sub-directory is specified. This keeps a tidier structure below NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR (and equivalent REF). sette_rpt.sh now accepts a -V sub_dir2 option to name a 2nd subdirectory below NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR to compare against the -v sub_dir. Introduced a sette_use_LITE.sh utility to switch between input datasets

11:10 Changeset [14886] by clem

trunk ICE: the diagnostic of heat flux for ice surface melt was not outputed because of initialization problem

11:10 Changeset [14885] by clem

4.0-HEAD ICE: the diagnostic of heat flux for ice surface melt was not outputed because of initialization problem


20:49 Changeset [14884] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Make sure a dry-run performs no action even if NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR does not exist. #2673

20:34 Changeset [14883] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Prompt for user confirmation rather than implicitly change options if a non-viable combination has been asked for. #2673

18:32 Changeset [14882] by gsamson

#2600: Fix diagnostics preventing ORCA2_ICE_PISCES running with nn_hls = 2 and tiling; r14845 missing pieces

18:06 Changeset [14881] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Minor correction to help information

18:06 Changeset [14880] by dancopsey

Introduce a small amount of top melt to icebergs

17:49 Ticket #2676 (assimilation and ice thickness) created by clem
==== Context In assimilation there is an attempt to change ice thickness …
16:30 Changeset [14879] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Rookie mistake - forgot to set compatible nn_hls values in the nest namelists. Correct now

16:11 Changeset [14878] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Added EXTRA_HALO support to all configurations except AGRIF_DEMO (pending changes to nested domin)

13:19 Changeset [14877] by acc

Updated ARCHER2 arch files to use trunk version of XIOS and added -Dkey_nosignedzero

12:18 Changeset [14876] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Tweaked sette_list_avail_rev.sh (improved readability of o/p and added -R option to list reference directory contents). Removed options to set key_nosignedzero (this should be a property of arch files only).

09:59 Changeset [14875] by gsamson

update mercator arch files


21:03 Changeset [14874] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Fix a bug in sette_rpt.sh and add an option to over-ride the reference revision number. See #2673

18:14 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-05-20 by ayoung
Tags VC added
16:19 Changeset [14873] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Improved functionality: added -r (no report) option to disable running sette_rpt.sh at the end of sette.sh (allows chaining of sette.sh invocations with different arguments). Allowed SAS and AGRIF to be equivalently requested as ORCA2_SAS_ICE or AGRIF_DEMO (saves having to remember which are abbreviated). Sorted out the logic so that RESTART is no longer a mandatory test (allows REPRO without RESTART but, also, importantly, allows COMPILE as a test which will compile but not attempt to run - should mean fewer excuses for not running SETTE)

15:06 Changeset [14872] by girrmann

add old communication pattern for performance profiling

14:07 Ticket #2675 (Incorrect evaluation of arithmetic expressions passed as argument to ...) created by smueller
==== Context For nn_hls=1, the preprocessor macro A2D(nn_hls-1)
12:17 Ticket #2672 (Missing initialisation of ln_trc_ais in trcnam_age.F90.) closed by rlod
12:01 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
11:50 Changeset [14871] by rlod

Bug fix of initialisation of ln_trc_ais in C14 and CFC modules, see ticket #2672

11:07 Ticket #2674 (Allow cdgw if ln_NCAR) created by emanuelaclementi
Modification to allow the use of neutral drag coefficient from wave model …


16:54 Changeset [14870] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. More tweaks. Added a few more features and aligned the utility scripts with the new directory structure. Each experiment directory in the NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR now gets a sette_config file recording the settings used to run the test. They now also get copies of the *namelist*_cfg files which can be useful for cross-checking. sette_list_avail_rev.sh now accepts the -v subdir option.

12:41 Changeset [14869] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Added missing export for NEMO_VALID. Also tidied up scripts with new set_namelist_opt function and adapting set_xio_using_server function to accept yes/no as well as true/false


20:03 Changeset [14868] by smueller

Removal of redundant halo exchanges in subroutine zdf_osm of module zdfosm (ticket #2353)

18:51 Changeset [14867] by acc

Branch: sette_ticket2673. Fully working version of revamped submission scripts. See #2673 for details of changes. Still some work to do to bring the associated scripts such as sette_list_avail_rev.sh in line with new design.

17:21 Changeset [14866] by edblockley

Fixing reproducibility issue in melt-ponds scheme

13:39 Changeset [14865] by jcastill

Further fixes

11:32 Changeset [14864] by jpalmier

Fix debug key related bugs... -_-

11:31 Changeset [14863] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14857 (ticket #2353)

10:53 Changeset [14862] by jpalmier

create branch -- GO6 does not compile with key_medusa_debug


19:12 Changeset [14861] by acc

First stage developments for #2673 (SETTE improvements). Not fully tested

18:34 Changeset [14860] by acc

SETTE development branch associated with ticket #2673

18:28 Ticket #2673 (Make SETTE better) created by acc
==== Context Following on from discussions during the merge, there are …
16:34 Changeset [14859] by smueller

Bugfixes related to diagnostic output and various minor adjustments (ticket #2353)

12:57 2021WP/HPC-02_Daley_Tiling edited by hadcv


20:24 Changeset [14858] by smueller

Adjustment of two logical expressions (ticket #2353)

18:47 Changeset [14857] by hadcv

#2600: Fixes in MY_SRC for nn_hls = 2/tiling and traadv_fct.F90 for nn_hls = 1

17:58 Changeset [14856] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14854 (ticket #2353)

17:14 2021WP/VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_Test Case edited by amoulin
16:45 Changeset [14855] by mcastril

mk: Add excl_dep for cudafor & openacc modules

16:33 Changeset [14854] by mcastril

#2662: Merge dev_r13747_HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU

15:07 Changeset [14853] by smasson

trunk: avoid to use undefined values in zdfddm

15:05 Changeset [14852] by mcastril

2021/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU: Update with trunk r14848

15:01 Changeset [14851] by mcastril

2021/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU: Update with trunk r14848

13:16 Changeset [14850] by sparonuz

changed r in HbR variable to capital in subroutine declaration

12:45 Changeset [14849] by mcastril

[2021/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU] Update demo_cfgs.txt

10:23 Ticket #2672 (Missing initialisation of ln_trc_ais in trcnam_age.F90.) created by acc
==== Context SETTE testing with AGRIF_DEMO gave inconsistent results with …
08:44 Ticket #2671 (reduce minimum domain size) closed by smasson
fixed: done in [14848] OVERFLOW and LOCK_EXCHANGE are now working with nn_hls=2 …
08:41 Changeset [14848] by smasson

trunk: reduce minimum domain size, #2671

08:36 Ticket #2671 (reduce minimum domain size) created by smasson
==== Context the minimum domain size was defined to 4*nn_hls, it cant be …
08:19 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by mikebell


22:11 Ticket #2670 (use of jpim1/jpjm1 in dynspg_ts) created by smasson
==== Context There is still implicit loops in dynspg_ts that are using …
20:03 Changeset [14847] by mcastril

[2021/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU] Update EXPREF/

20:02 Changeset [14846] by mcastril

[2021/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline_DiagGPU] Correct internal_nl_workaround.pl and cpp_DIA_GPU.fcm

17:45 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
17:43 NEMO_WP2021_HPC-08.png attached to 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining by smueller
17:42 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
17:24 Changeset [14845] by hadcv

#2600: Fix diagnostics preventing ORCA2_ICE_PISCES running with nn_hls = 2 and tiling

16:46 Ticket #2669 (ISF: Incorrect ocean temperature trend when ice-shelf melting in the trunk) created by clem
The ocean temperature trend coming from isf melting is wrong when cavities …
16:12 Changeset [14844] by acc

Improvement of sette_rpt.sh to report timing information seperately

15:44 Changeset [14843] by acc

Add empty namtile block to all namelist_cfg files ready for future activation of ln_tile via SETTE.

15:17 Changeset [14842] by acc

Add missing initialisation in trcnam_age.F90 and missing type declarations in module_example.F90

15:14 Changeset [14841] by sparonuz

removed non utf-8 character in comments

14:09 Changeset [14840] by hadcv

#2600: Add ln_tile to ORCA2_ICE_PISCES/namelist_cfg

13:35 Changeset [14839] by jcastill

Committing after successfully testing changes

13:29 Changeset [14838] by sparonuz

Added solfrac name at END FUNCTION statement

13:04 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
13:01 Changeset [14837] by jcastill

Branch to allow running the AMM15 PS44 configuration with XIOS vn2.5 and OASIS-MCT vn4.0

12:55 Changeset [14836] by girrmann

change namelist_ref accordingly

12:54 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:52 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:50 Changeset [14835] by girrmann

Add new communication schemes, non blocking with diagonals and persistent calls for time splitting

11:24 Changeset [14834] by hadcv

#2600: Merge in dev_r14273_HPC-02_Daley_Tiling

10:50 Changeset [14833] by hadcv

#2600: Merge in trunk [14820]

10:31 Changeset [14832] by smasson

sette: add SWG in TEST_CONFIGS

09:51 Changeset [14831] by sparonuz

Variables zFV,zFU were sometimes spelled zfV,zfU


22:04 Changeset [14830] by acc

Oops; remove unintended deletion of key_qco when not USING_RK3

18:47 Changeset [14829] by smueller

Reverting to the default vertical-physics option in reference configuration WED025 (reversal of changeset [14136]; ticket #2353)

18:36 Changeset [14828] by smueller

Removal of the timer instructions added with changesets [14149,14316] to subroutines in module zdfosm (ticket #2353)

18:30 Changeset [14827] by gsamson

remove old meteo-france batch templates

18:02 Changeset [14826] by acc

Added command-line support for switching on/off tiling, extended halo and icebergs.
These changes only set the shell variables previously set in sette_reference_configurations.sh;
developers will still need to add the relevant logic to those configurations that may wish
to toggle these options. Also added an option for the future to support RK3 timestepping.

Options are now:

sette.sh with no arguments (in this case all configuration will be tested)
-n "CFG1_to_test CFG2_to_test ..." to test some specific configurations
-x "TEST_type TEST_type ..." to specify particular types of test (RESTART is mandatory)
-T to set ln_timing true for all non-AGRIF configurations
-c to clean each configuration
-q run without qco environment
-Q run with key_qco AND key_RK3
-t activate ln_tile in all tests that support it; also forces nn_hls=2 (default: off)
-e activate extended halo (nn_hls=2) in all tests that support it (default: nn_hls=1)
-i run without icebergs even in tests that support them (default: on)
-s to synchronise the sette MY_SRC and EXP00 with the reference MY_SRC and EXPREF

17:12 Ticket #2668 (SI3 + nn_hls>1 crashes with "-init=arrays,snan,huge" compil options) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context run SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES config with …
16:42 Changeset [14825] by acc

Update sette for ARCHER2 and remove support for the de-commissioned ARCHER platform. Also fixed reporting for tracer.stat files in sette_rpt.sh and added reporting of average cpu timings from timing.output (if available). Uses red/green highlighting for increases/decreases from the reference.

15:59 Changeset [14824] by smueller

Removal of optional debug output (ticket #2353)

14:48 2021WP/HPC-02_Daley_Tiling edited by hadcv
14:43 2021WP/HPC-11_mcastril_HPDAonline DiagGPU created by mcastril
14:42 2021WP/HPC-10_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation created by mcastril
13:54 2021WP/VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_Test Case edited by rblod
13:34 Changeset [14823] by francesca

remove key_mpi3

13:32 Changeset [14822] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14820 (ticket #2353)

12:03 Changeset [14821] by hadcv

#2600: Add USING_TILING switch to SETTE

10:42 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-05-10 by ayoung
Tags VC added
10:26 Changeset [14820] by francesca

merge ticket2607_r14608_halo1_halo2_compatibility into trunk

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