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15:13 Changeset [15061] by clem

nn_hls=2: orca2 runs in debug mode.

14:36 Changeset [15060] by clem

nn_hls=2: WED025 runs in debug mode now.

11:38 Changeset [15059] by jchanut

#2638, replace flags for cyclic boundaries to run DOMAINcfg with agrif and cyclic boundaries in mpp (as is, l_Iperio is indeed false in mpp mode).

11:15 Changeset [15058] by clem

nn_hls=2: repare tiling from my previous commit r15055. But then ww is not defined on the halos and it is needed in traadv. I'll try to find a solution

09:43 Changeset [15057] by smasson

trunk: use 2*wp precision in prtctl, #2703

09:37 Changeset [15056] by smasson

trunk: correct [15052], #2701

00:36 Changeset [15055] by clem

nn_hls=2: make sure ww is defined on the halos since it is used in several places. So we need to ensure that hdiv is also defined on the halos


21:17 Ticket #2702 (Segmentation violation in icethd_do.F90 with nn_hls=2) closed by acc
fixed: Yay. Clem's changes at changeset:15053 have restored WED025 with nn_hls=2. …
19:05 Changeset [15054] by girrmann

debugging persistent calls with nn_comm = 2 or 4, for non square domains and add a second asynchronous communication in time splitting

17:39 Changeset [15053] by clem

nn_hls=2: solve a number of floating points because some arrays are not defined on the first halo. Looks like this is not the end.

16:40 Ticket #2701 (wrong periodicity on gphi) closed by smasson
fixed: fixed in [15052], extended to all variables defined by usr_def_hgr, …
16:39 Changeset [15052] by smasson

trunk: call lbc_lnk for variables defined with usr_def_*, #2701

13:22 Changeset [15051] by andmirek

dissable wind stress temporary (until it's available in lfric trunk)

11:23 Ticket #2704 (North Fold not done when kfillmode = jpfillnothing) closed by smasson
fixed: fixed in [15050]
11:22 Changeset [15050] by smasson

trunk: minor bugfix in lbc_lnk, #2704

11:20 Ticket #2704 (North Fold not done when kfillmode = jpfillnothing) created by smasson
==== Context in lbc_lnk, kfillmode = jpfillnothing us used to say that …


18:17 Changeset [15049] by clem

adapt ice advection and rheology to nn_hls=2. Number of mpi communications are reduced. I also changed lbc_lnk routine to be able to do lbc on 30 variables at once.

18:02 Changeset [15048] by clem

reduce drastically the number of global communications when using diagnostic outputs. New functions are created: glob_sum_vec and glob_sum_full_vec, which gave a vector as an output. This vector is composed of different summed arrays (such as temperature, salinity etc). Global diagnostics are identical as before. See examples in icedia and diahsb.

17:54 Ticket #2703 (properly detect differences between simulations in prtctl) created by smasson
==== Context run.stat, computed in stpctl, is used to check if 2 …
17:28 Ticket #2702 (Segmentation violation in icethd_do.F90 with nn_hls=2) created by acc
==== Context The latest trunk is giving me segmentation violations with …
17:04 Ticket #2701 (wrong periodicity on gphi) created by smasson
==== Context in tests cases (at least in BENCH), periodicity is not …
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15:44 Ticket #2700 (IOM-02_Ford_OBS) created by dford
[…] ==== Workplan action Make OBS interface more generic, add …
15:40 2021WP/IOM-01_Ford_OBS created by dford
15:40 Tag change on 2021WP/IOM-01_Ford_OBS by dford
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14:23 Changeset [15047] by dford

Branch for developments to make OBS interface more generic.

12:46 Changeset [15046] by clem

trunk: bug found by ecmwf: do not do ice remapping if, by some mystery and in very rare occasion, hR=hL=hice.

12:43 Changeset [15045] by clem

4.0-HEAD: bug found by ecmwf: do not do ice remapping if, by some mystery and in very rare occasion, hR=hL=hice.


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13:45 Ticket #2600 (HPC-02_Daley_Tiling) closed by hadcv
13:41 Changeset [15044] by hadcv

#2600: Remove branch

13:26 Changeset [15043] by acc

#2696 .A possible fix for obtaining identical results with icebergs active and with either
nn_hls=1 or nn_hls=2. This solution works by ensuring the real-valued iceberg position
calculations are done with identical numbers in both cases. Iceberg positions are stored
as a continuous local grid-cell value and a factor of (nn_hls-1) is subtracted from
initial positions to ensure equivalence in both cases. This factor needs to be added
back whenever iceberg positions are converted to local indices. The changes in this
commit are enough to ensure a full ORCA2_ICE_PISCES SETTE test is passed in both case
(992 timesteps) and provides identical results. Suitability of this solution for inclusion
in the trunk needs to be discussed and verified on other platforms and compilers.

12:45 Changeset [15042] by pdavis

Added additional diagnostics that will only be output on the first 40 vertical levels.

12:38 Changeset [15041] by pdavis

Branch to output a limited number of vertical levels

12:32 Changeset [15040] by acc

Development branch to test fixes for halo1 - halo2 compatibility with active icebergs. #2696

11:30 Ticket #2698 (Passive tracers not reproducible/restartable with AGRIF) closed by jchanut
fixed: Added correction in r4.0-HEAD even if reproducibility and restartability …
11:27 Changeset [15039] by jchanut

#2698, Repro/restart potential issue with AGRIF and passive tracers

10:14 Changeset [15038] by pdavis

Adding variable definitions to output on the top 40 vertical levels only.


17:16 Changeset [15037] by smasson

trunk: small optimization following [15033], #2699

15:27 Changeset [15036] by techene

#2695 isf + qco OK in ISOMIP not in WED025

13:07 Changeset [15035] by ayoung

Backporting djc into r4.0-HEAD. #2480.

12:51 Changeset [15034] by ayoung

DJC Backwards port to r4.0-HEAD. #2480.

12:25 Ticket #2699 (suppress jpim1 et jpjm1) closed by smasson
fixed: pass all sette tests, gives the same results
12:24 Changeset [15033] by smasson

trunk: suppress jpim1 et jpjm1, #2699

12:09 Changeset [15032] by jchanut

#2692, Update AGRIF_DEMO parameters (initial state interpolation from parent will be tested). Changed default agrif parameters in namelist_ref so that bathymetry checking is now the default.

12:05 Changeset [15031] by jchanut

#2638, add lbclnks for ice initial state if interpolated from parent

11:01 Ticket #2670 (use of jpim1/jpjm1 in dynspg_ts) closed by smasson
fixed: to be continued in #2699
11:00 Ticket #2699 (suppress jpim1 et jpjm1) created by smasson
==== Context following the new do loop syntaxe, we should no more use …
10:30 Changeset [15030] by jchanut

#2698, this restores restartability testing of Age passive tracer in AGRIF_DEMO. Added nn_hls=2 and other tests with AGRIF since there is no reason we do not succeed in making these work. Timing option is still missing with AGRIF though.

09:21 Changeset [15029] by jchanut

#2698, fixes passive tracers repro/restart & remove euler time stepping in top namelists (not supported with AGRIF)

09:16 Ticket #2698 (Passive tracers not reproducible/restartable with AGRIF) created by jchanut
==== Context Restartability/Reproducibility? of passive tracers with AGRIF …


10:53 Changeset [15028] by techene

#2605 : additionnal cleaning sette ~OK (as stated previously) for MLF and RK3

10:14 Changeset [15027] by techene

2605: restartability OK reproducibility ~OK (when not using RGBc) for MLF, restartability OK reproducibility OK for RK3 (with appropriate CFGs)


18:22 Changeset [15026] by smasson

trunk: missing part in [15014] for tests, #2693

17:43 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by mikebell
17:09 Ticket #2697 (include ref config C1D_PAPA in SETTE tests) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context C1D_PAPA reference configuration is broken at each …
17:03 Changeset [15025] by pdavis

Branch to output limited number of vertical levels

16:50 Changeset [15024] by gsamson

delete ticket2680_C1D_PAPA branch

16:49 Ticket #2681 (lbc_lnk_pt2pt not working with key_mpi_off) closed by gsamson
fixed: solved by Seb in commit r14984 (shared with ticket #2680) discussion …
16:43 Ticket #2680 (config C1D_PAPA broken in future 4.2) closed by gsamson
16:35 Changeset [15023] by gsamson

merge ticket2680_C1D_PAPA branch back into the trunk; see ticket #2680 for details

16:26 Changeset [15022] by gsamson

last trunk phasing before branch merge (#2680)

16:10 Ticket #2696 (Investigate halo1 - halo2 differences with ICB) created by acc
==== Context SETTE tests with ORCA2_ICE_PISCES give different results with …
15:43 Changeset [15021] by gsamson

undo unwanted change… (#2684)

15:21 Changeset [15020] by gsamson

merge trunk into branch (#2680)

15:07 Changeset [15019] by gsamson

small bugfix related & enhancement to #2684 in the case of config names containing special characters such as ISOMIP+

13:12 Developers Committee edited by mikebell
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13:09 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by mikebell
12:49 Ticket #2695 (ISF & key_qco compatibility + BUG in hpg_isf) created by gm
— 1 — ISF & key_qco compatibility There is not fundamental …
12:26 Changeset [15018] by smasson

trunk: supress jpim1/jpjm1 in dynspg_ts, #2670

12:12 Changeset [15017] by smasson

trunk: introduce iom_put without halos, #2694

12:08 Ticket #2694 (iom_put without halos) created by smasson
==== Context In the actual version of the code, in iom_put (and because …
09:33 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by mikebell
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09:29 Scientific Advisory Committee/Members2021 created by mikebell
09:19 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by mikebell
Mike Bell - updating expected ways of working and membership information (diff)
09:15 Ticket #2693 (simplify F point halo computation) closed by smasson
fixed: fixed in [15014] sette tests with [15014] give the same result as [15005]


22:59 Changeset [15016] by jcastill

Small change to make the code work with XIOS 2.0

19:17 Changeset [15015] by gsamson

merge trunk into branch (#2680)

19:02 Changeset [15014] by smasson

trunk: simplify F point halo computation, #2693

19:01 Ticket #2693 (simplify F point halo computation) created by smasson
==== Context lbc_lnk is now changing the "left" and "bottom" halos even …
15:46 Changeset [15013] by gsamson

missing part 2 of 'Update MOI Kara sette setup' r15007

15:45 Changeset [15012] by gsamson

missing part of 'Update MOI Kara sette setup' r15007

15:03 Changeset [15011] by gsamson

update namelists & cpp files accordingly to r15010 (#2680)

14:14 Changeset [15010] by gsamson

remove cpp key 'key_c1d' and replace 'lk_c1d' by 'ln_c1d' in &namdom (#2680)

13:55 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by mikebell
13:06 Changeset [15009] by amoulin

typo errors in the MANUAL updates for wave-current interaction -ticket #2613

12:11 Changeset [15008] by gsamson

add dyn_dmp to mlf step; update dta_uvd interface; adapt istate accordingly & cleaning (#2680)

11:57 Changeset [15007] by jchanut

Update MOI Kara sette setup

11:36 Ticket #2692 (Update of AGRIF reference configuration) created by jchanut
==== Context Update the reference configuration to demonstrate and test …
11:13 Changeset [15006] by gsamson

continue C1D_PAPA cleaning (#2680): remove specific c1D step and dyn_cor routines


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21:46 Ticket #2691 (Weighted interpolation for the initiale conditions and the bdy) created by lambertn
==== Context I change the code in NEMO4.0 so it is now possible to use …
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16:51 Users/Agenda/2021-06-16 created by nemo
16:28 Ticket #2664 (ln_traldf_hor option crashes with zps coordinate) closed by hadcv
16:27 Changeset [15005] by hadcv

#2664: Fix ln_traldf_hor crashing with zps coordinate

14:14 Scientific Advisory Committee edited by nemo
12:35 Ticket #2690 (Sign convention of the isf freshwater fluxes) closed by mathiot
fixed: Fix committed to the trunk at revision r15004 (wrong ticket number in the …
12:33 Changeset [15004] by mathiot

ticket #2960: commit fix to the trunk (WARNING: output convention of isf fluxes changed from oce→isf to isf→oce), no impact on the input file needed for some options

12:21 Changeset [15003] by mathiot

ticket #2690: sette successful ; update branch to head of trunk

11:57 Changeset [15002] by clem

Set sette revision to HEAD in svn:externals property

11:30 Changeset [15001] by mathiot

ticket #2690: change sign convention of isf fluxes, long name of output and code comments. No changes in WED025 and ISOMIP+ results (output changed because of convention changed, trunk + branch output = 0.0)

10:34 Changeset [15000] by acc

Set sette revision to HEAD in svn:externals property

10:22 Changeset [14999] by acc

updated NOC/arch-X64_MOBILIS.fcm for latest trunk (requires: module load nemo-Prg Env?/4.2)

10:06 Changeset [14998] by annkeen

Add EAP sea ice rheology code (from NOCS)

08:43 Changeset [14997] by smasson

trunk, ICE: replace DO_?D( 1, 1, 1, 1 ) by DO_?D( nn_hls, nn_hls, nn_hls, nn_hls ) except for icedyn_adv_* and icedyn_rhg_*, #2668


19:55 Changeset [14996] by mathiot

ticket #2690: create branch

19:33 Ticket #2690 (Sign convention of the isf freshwater fluxes) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context Point 2 of #2669: The freshwater flux (qfwf or …
19:24 Ticket #2669 (ISF: Incorrect ocean temperature trend when ice-shelf melting in the trunk) closed by mathiot
19:15 Changeset [14995] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : merge ticket2669_isf_fluxes into trunk

16:39 Changeset [14994] by mathiot

ticket #2669: update to the head of trunk

00:35 Changeset [14993] by techene

#2605 adapt and optimize mass flux forcing for RK3


22:26 Changeset [14992] by techene

#2605 : debug restartability in debug mode

21:52 Changeset [14991] by techene

#2605 uu_b@Kmm is not used in RK3, in addition it prevents from a single float exception error in debug mode when restarting since Kmm values are not initialised

21:19 Changeset [14990] by techene

#2605 : new optimisation of traqsr

15:30 Changeset [14989] by mathiot

ticket #2669: add extra comments in the headers

15:20 Changeset [14988] by mathiot

ticket #2669: isf outputs are still in the SBC part of field_def and it should not as ISF no more in surface module + change long_name of isf flux (less confusing)

14:14 Changeset [14987] by jroberts

Update to write pcbias files at the time-steps defined for restart writing, and updates to pc bias scheme detailed in https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/utils/ticket/262

13:34 Changeset [14986] by sparonuz

Merge trunk -r14984:HEAD

13:10 Changeset [14985] by clem

better coding of r14983

10:07 Changeset [14984] by smasson

ticket2680_C1D_PAPA: fix to work with key_mpi_off, #2680


17:11 Changeset [14983] by clem

trunk: small sneaky enhancement related to ticket #2661 (adding dissipation outputs)

16:53 Ticket #2665 (Various fixes required to run with key_qco or key_linssh) closed by hadcv
16:52 Changeset [14982] by hadcv

#2665: Various fixes for code enabled with key_qco/key_linssh

16:06 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
16:05 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
16:02 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
16:01 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:58 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:57 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:56 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:54 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:47 Ticket #2673 (Make SETTE better) closed by acc
fixed: In 14981: […]
15:47 Changeset [14981] by acc

#2673 . Reintegrate sette developments back onto main sette branch. This action closes #2673

15:37 Changeset [14980] by acc

#2673 . merge in changes from main sette branch to sette_ticket2673

15:35 Fig2.png attached to 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source by rlod
15:35 Fig1.png attached to 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source by rlod
15:26 Ticket #2689 (latest Fmake_WORK.sh changes assume ln understands the -r option) closed by acc
15:25 Changeset [14979] by acc

#2689 . Replace use of ln -r in Fmake_WORK.sh with a POSIX2-compliant alternative. No change in behaviour expected but should work on all systems

15:22 Ticket #2640 (tra_adv_qck may give incorrect results on the northfold) closed by hadcv
15:21 Changeset [14978] by hadcv

#2640: correct tra_adv_qck results on the north fold

15:08 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
11:31 Ticket #2689 (latest Fmake_WORK.sh changes assume ln understands the -r option) created by acc
==== Context Recent improvements to correctly enable the specification …
11:24 Changeset [14977] by jchanut

#2638, set trunk AGRIF external to the updated library

11:14 Changeset [14976] by jchanut

#2638, merge dev_14608_AGRIF_domcfg branch into trunk

11:05 Changeset [14975] by jchanut

#2638, merge new AGRIF library into trunk

10:35 Changeset [14974] by clem

NESTING TOOLS 4.0-HEAD: solve ticket #2687

10:31 Changeset [14973] by jchanut

#2638, changed merged revisions

10:31 Changeset [14972] by cetlod

dev_PISCO : minor change in namelist_pisces

10:22 Changeset [14971] by jchanut

#2638, keep up with the trunk


15:08 Changeset [14970] by cetlod

PISCO : minor bugfixes

10:04 Changeset [14969] by cbricaud

delete a development branch

10:00 Changeset [14968] by amoulin

MANUAL updates for wave-current interaction -ticket #2613

09:58 Ticket #2593 (Incomplete boundary conditions under ice shelves in GLS) closed by cbricaud
09:57 2021WP/MOI-02_MOI-GLS-ICE edited by cbricaud
09:56 Changeset [14967] by cbricaud

introduce limit conditions under ice caps in GLS; see #2593 and #2604

09:01 2021WP/MOI-02_MOI-GLS-ICE edited by cbricaud
08:53 Changeset [14966] by cbricaud

add scaling of mixing under sea-ice in GLS (as for TKE) ; see ticket #2604

08:49 2021WP/MOI-02_MOI-GLS-ICE edited by cbricaud


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18:53 Ticket #2489 (General routine for light vertical penetration) closed by lovato
fixed: This activity was completed with the inclusion of missing namelist in the …
18:48 Changeset [14965] by lovato

update setup information for X64_ZEUS

18:47 Changeset [14964] by lovato

add missing namelist from #2489

18:14 Changeset [14963] by aumont

Code updates + debugging + configuration files updates

16:20 Changeset [14962] by jchanut

#2638, update python script to accomodate multiply nested zooms

11:41 Ticket #2685 (read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated) closed by amoulin
11:38 Changeset [14961] by amoulin

read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated -ticket #2685


20:00 Users/Homepage/Help edited by nemo
17:35 Ticket #2688 (restartability issue with ISF at NEMO 4.0.x) created by davestorkey
[…] ==== Context My eORCA025 configuration at NEMO 4.0.4 fails …
16:37 Changeset [14960] by davestorkey

Fix restartability issue in ISF code. See:

16:13 2020WP/AGRIF-03_jchanut_vert_coord_interp edited by jamesharle
16:11 2020WP/AGRIF-03_jchanut_vert_coord_interp edited by jamesharle
13:49 Changeset [14959] by clem

trunk: change file_def to make canal test case working


17:04 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-06-10 by ayoung
Tags VC added
16:31 Changeset [14958] by jchanut

#2638, synchronize branch with trunk

14:52 Ticket #2687 (nesting tools - interpolation of 2D-3D variables) created by clem
The nesting tools for version 4.0-HEAD is not able to interpolate data …
14:26 Changeset [14957] by cetlod

NEWDEV_PISCO : minor changes to avoid compilation error when using AGRIF

10:00 Users/Agenda/2021-06-07 edited by nicolasmartin
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08:50 Users/Agenda/2021-06-07 created by clevy


18:19 Changeset [14956] by jchanut

#2638, update AGRIF_DEMO definition

18:02 Changeset [14955] by jchanut

#2638, Updated python script to be compliant with previous commit

18:00 Changeset [14954] by gsamson

remove C1D specific treatment in fld_read (not needed anymore with new halos); ticket #2680

17:51 Changeset [14953] by amoulin

read wnum in sbcwave.F90 of MY_SRC -ticket #2613

17:42 Changeset [14952] by jchanut

#2638, closed domains AGRIF new convention + various add ons

17:35 Changeset [14951] by jchanut

#2638, change grid positioning convention (again) in case of closed boundaries over parent grid. Accounting for 1 extra land cell in that case, child grids have to be shifted by 1 point to the South East.

17:27 Changeset [14950] by jchanut

#2638, shifted southern bdy sponge

17:12 Changeset [14949] by acc

#2605 : bug fixes to allow all SETTE tests to compile and run on this branch without key_RK3. This is a missed variable name change in stp2d.F90 and an uninecessarily duplicated routine in stprk3.F90. The duplicated routine (finalize_lbc) is unused but AGRIF compilations will pick up the incompatible first version from stpmlf.F90 (AGRIF does not respect scope). The copy in stprk3.F90 has been removed.

16:25 2021WP/HPC-02_Daley_Tiling edited by hadcv
16:17 Changeset [14948] by gsamson

update batch templates in SETTE in agreement with Mercator ARCH files

16:10 Ticket #2684 (makenemo "-e" option unsafe behaviour) closed by gsamson
16:09 Changeset [14947] by gsamson

modify Fmake_WORK.sh script and call in makenemo to correctly handle '-e' option; ticket #2684

15:10 Changeset [14946] by amoulin

update namelist_cfg -ticket #2613

09:38 Changeset [14945] by gsamson

add 'key_iomput' old cpp key compatibility to be able to compile old trunk revisions


17:16 Changeset [14944] by sparonuz

Added interface for function dyn_drg_init

16:53 Changeset [14943] by acc

#2605 : Corrections to istate.F90 and trasbc.F90 so that changes to ensure restartability with key_RK3 do not break restartability without key_RK3. Both now passing SETTE tests.

15:56 Changeset [14942] by acc

#2605 : Tidier version of restart.F90 that avoids writing the newly-introduced, before barotropic velocities when key_RK3 is not active

13:42 Changeset [14941] by acc

#2605 : restartability and reproducibility fixes (at least for AMM12 with key_qco and key_RK3). Including: Sibylles corrected indexing of ssh in stprk3.F90; inclusion of before barotropic velocities in restarts (restart.F90 and istate.F90) and (as yet, unreviewed) changes to stprk3_stg.F90/trasbc.F90 to ensure correct stage calculations. A couple of other minor changes in module_example.F90 and mppini.F90 that the compiler flagged.


12:20 Changeset [14940] by timgraham

Remove debugging write statements

12:13 Changeset [14939] by timgraham

Changes to allow use of a climatological iceberg distribution but taking the flux from the coupler.

11:00 Changeset [14938] by frrh

Raise SST limit to 50C

10:57 Changeset [14937] by frrh

Raise limit for SST anomaly checking since the 40C limit flags
values which appear to be perfectly legitimate.


16:59 Changeset [14936] by amoulin

add ADIABATIC WAVE TESTCASE folder -ticket #2613

16:52 Ticket #2686 (use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context The use of Charnock coefficient from a wave model …
16:36 Ticket #2685 (read wave number field if ln_zdfswm activated) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context wave number has to be read in an external wave …
14:54 Changeset [14935] by amoulin


10:51 Changeset [14934] by cguiavarch

Add freshwater temperature content from iceberg and ice cavities


18:39 Ticket #2684 (makenemo "-e" option unsafe behaviour) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context & Analysis when using makenemo -e option to use a …
18:05 Changeset [14933] by sparonuz

Added wp specification to some real declarations to parameters a_ddh, a_ddh_2

18:00 Changeset [14932] by sparonuz

Removed custom precision, Ticket #2683

17:34 Ticket #2683 (File OCE/OBS/obs_fbm.F90 custom precision #mixedprecision) created by sparonuz
==== Context In file File OCE/OBS/obs_fbm.F90 there are the following …
16:42 Ticket #2588 (domain_cfg: various issues) closed by jchanut
16:36 Changeset [14931] by jchanut

#2638: restores Pierre's changes done in #2588 at r14199

13:03 Changeset [14930] by sparonuz

Need to disentangle the dependency between these two variables

10:57 Changeset [14929] by rlod

Finalization of TOP documentation: 2020 shared action, https://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/nemo/wiki/2020WP/PUB-02_Ethe_TOP_DOC, C. Ethe & R. Person, thanks to O. Aumont

10:44 Changeset [14928] by rlod

Top documentation: Update namelists

10:41 Changeset [14927] by rlod

Top documentation: Update figures


17:22 Changeset [14926] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : change long_name att of fwfisf* variables

17:18 Ticket #2353 (HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining (previously ...) closed by smueller
worksforme: Standard SETTE results (nn_hls=1, ln_tiling=.false.) for …
16:57 Changeset [14925] by smueller

Removal of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining following merge into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

16:07 Changeset [14924] by mathiot

ticket #2669 : off topic again, I plugged in the fix for the oasis case made by Christrian.

15:43 Changeset [14923] by mathiot

ticket #2669: a bit off topic, but I updated the ISOMIP+ MY_SRC to match the trunk (ease comparison of sources)

15:25 Changeset [14922] by hadcv

#2682: Fix AMM12 and AGRIF_DEMO failing with debug flags and nn_hls = 1

14:19 Changeset [14921] by smueller

Merge of development branch /NEMO/branches/2021/dev_r14122_HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining into /NEMO/trunk (ticket #2353)

12:51 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:39 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:35 Ticket #2682 (Failing SETTE tests with debug flags and `nn_hls = 1`) created by hadcv
Four configurations fail in SETTE when using debug flags (XC40_METO_IFORT …
12:32 Ticket #2681 (lbc_lnk_pt2pt not working with key_mpi_off) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context try to run ORCA2_ICE_PISCES or C1D_PAPA with …
09:09 Changeset [14920] by gsamson

first steps to get C1D_PAPA working without MPI (key_mpi_off)


22:15 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
20:01 Changeset [14919] by mathiot

ticket #2669: set sign convention of thermald output in bg03 the same as in other mlt scheme

19:50 Changeset [14918] by smueller

Conversion of array assignments to explicit loops in order to avoid problematic nested preprocessor macros in module zdfosm (ticket #2353)

19:30 Changeset [14917] by mathiot

ticket #2669: add masking of isftfrz_* variables, fix issue on vertical mean in bg03 case, fix sign of qlatisf output

19:15 Ticket #2675 (Incorrect evaluation of arithmetic expressions passed as argument to ...) closed by smueller
fixed: Fixed with changeset [14903] in the context of task #2600.
18:40 Changeset [14916] by mathiot

ticket #2669: bg03 option uses rn_gammat0 defined in cav namelist bloc (corrected by adding a new namelist parameter rn_isfpar_bg03_gt0)

18:01 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
17:21 Changeset [14915] by gsamson

minimum set of bugfixes and changes to get C1D_PAPA compiling and running with MPI; ticket #2680

14:57 Changeset [14914] by gsamson

create branch for ticket #2680 from trunk@r14886

13:18 Changeset [14913] by smueller

Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@14912 (ticket #2353)

12:51 Changeset [14912] by smueller

Minor adjustments to comments (ticket #2353)

12:30 Changeset [14911] by smueller

Simplification of some subroutine arguments to reduce the number of copy-in and copy-out occurrences when tiling is active (ticket #2353)

11:07 Changeset [14910] by girrmann

minor optimizations in asynchronous communication routine


18:04 Changeset [14909] by smueller

Tidy-up of the OSMOSIS boundary-layer scheme source code (ticket #2353)

17:43 Changeset [14908] by mathiot

fix consistency between cav and par cases and sign issues

17:38 Changeset [14907] by mathiot

add some debug diagnostics and improve readability of debug print

17:36 Changeset [14906] by mathiot

update long_name of isf flux variable (add sign convention) and sign convention of the isf melt forcing in namelist

17:33 Changeset [14905] by jcastill

Update in line with the parent branch

17:26 Changeset [14904] by mathiot

creation of branch to work on ticket #2669

16:59 Ticket #2680 (config C1D_PAPA broken in future 4.2) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context try C1D_PAPA config with post-merge trunk ==== …
16:06 Changeset [14903] by hadcv

#2600: Fix bug with A1Di/A1Dj/A2D macros, update standard tiling namelists

14:40 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
13:48 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
13:00 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
12:06 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
11:34 Changeset [14902] by girrmann

missing namelist modification

11:30 2021WP/HPC-08_Mueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining edited by smueller
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