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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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18:09 Changeset [15317] by jchanut
#2222, corrections to run AGRIF zooms with the same vertical grid as …
17:40 Ticket #2728 (bug in wind forcing for lagrangian iceberg model) created by davestorkey
==== Context The icebergs are steered using the 10m atmospheric winds, …
14:15 Ticket #2727 (mpp_nc_generic+BDY not yet implemented with suppressed land subdomain ...) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context An error appears in the MEDITERRANEAN configuration …
14:13 Changeset [15316] by hadjt
TRA/trasbc.F90 OCE/trc_oce.F90 Additional files required for tradwl.F90
14:07 Changeset [15315] by hadjt
tracnticing - not allowing gridboxes to cool below freezing. This was an …
14:04 Changeset [15314] by hadjt
TRA/tradwl.F90 TRA/tradwl.F90 was not included in the previous fcm …
13:57 Changeset [15313] by hadjt
POLCOMS style radiatve transfer for radiative fluxes TRA/tradwl.F90 …
13:45 Changeset [15312] by hadjt
Haney Correction for radiative fluxes SBC/sbc_ssr.F90 edited to add the …
13:41 Changeset [15311] by hadjt
Wind velocities rather than wind stress SBC/sbc_oce.F90 also needed to …
13:36 Changeset [15310] by hadjt
Wind velocities rather than wind stress SBC/sbcflx.F90 edited to allow …
13:16 Changeset [15309] by hadjt
CO9_AMM7 shelf climate package branch relative to 4.0.4 …
10:50 Changeset [15308] by hadjt
Unchanged Original Branch
10:46 Changeset [15307] by hadjt
NEMO Shelf Climate, based on NEMO 4.0.4. Created …


17:38 Changeset [15306] by jpalmier
Fix - wrt_line public - used for warnings
17:06 Changeset [15305] by jpalmier
fix conflict
16:51 Changeset [15304] by jpalmier
MO system don't like externals.... have to adapt.
14:54 Changeset [15303] by mattmartin
Fixed bug in namelist reading part of stopack related to changes in other …


17:00 Changeset [15302] by smasson
trunk: minor improvment in pt2pt (east-west comm only send/recv inner …
16:57 Changeset [15301] by smasson
trunk: minor fix in lbc_lnk_neicoll_generic.h90 (when having zero-size …
09:25 Changeset [15300] by smasson
trunk: improve BENCH for reproducibility tests


17:28 Changeset [15299] by smasson
trunk: important reproducibility bugfix (coastal F points can be used in …
12:06 Changeset [15298] by cetlod
minor bugfix in zdfevd
11:20 Changeset [15297] by aumont
major update of the sediment module
09:48 Changeset [15296] by smasson
trunk: minor fix in init_excl_landpt (mppini) when jpj is very small


18:46 Changeset [15295] by mattmartin
Add diagnostic output options for the stochastic physics fields.
18:40 Changeset [15294] by mattmartin
First version implementing stopack code from the standard GO6 FOAM branch.
17:43 Changeset [15293] by clem
try to pass debug mode with outputs activated. One issue was that the …
17:35 Changeset [15292] by clem
commit to remove debugging tests in VP rheology. This rheology does not …
14:38 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) closed by aumont
fixed: In 15291: […]
14:38 Changeset [15291] by aumont
bug fix #2726
12:35 Changeset [15290] by mattmartin
Create a branch for implementing stochastic physics
10:29 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) created by aumont
[…] ==== Context trcsink handles the sinking of particles. In case, …


18:02 Changeset [15289] by smasson
trunk: make bdy fully (hopefully) compatible with nn_hls = 2
17:11 Changeset [15288] by dford
Clean up some comments.
13:11 Changeset [15287] by cetlod
trunk : bugfixes in PISCES
12:56 Changeset [15286] by dford
Update comment.
12:33 Changeset [15285] by dford
Some bug fixes.


21:00 Changeset [15284] by aumont
bug fixes in p4zlys and p4zsed
17:57 Changeset [15283] by jwhile
Deleted as merged with pkg branch at 15280
17:13 Changeset [15282] by jroberts
Branch of FOAM G06 package branch to pull in developments for sub-daily …
17:04 Ticket #2725 (Bug in north pole folding for npolj=4, cd_type='U') closed by smasson
wontfix: Yes, there is an error in the loop index. It should be (jpiglo/2+1) …
16:43 Changeset [15281] by techene
#2715 RK3 bug correction
16:07 Changeset [15280] by jwhile
Merged in changes for 1d detailed in utils ticket 487
15:11 Ticket #2725 (Bug in north pole folding for npolj=4, cd_type='U') created by omamce
Starting line 97 in lbc_nfd_generic.h90
12:00 Changeset [15279] by jchanut
#2222 and #2638: Enable creating agrif meshes with different vertical …


18:44 Changeset [15278] by dbruciaferri
reorganising code in more general structure and adding partial-steps for …
15:19 Changeset [15277] by clem
trunk: debug an out of bound in Richardson zdf
08:44 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-09-23 by sciliberti
Tags VC added


17:32 Changeset [15276] by vsmart
Merge in changes from couple_stage2_spmd branch to allow for running from …
17:10 Changeset [15275] by vsmart
Create branch to run NEMO from the Fortran cap
14:30 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
14:02 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
12:27 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
12:12 Changeset [15274] by jwhile
Update per Rob's review


19:02 NEMO4.2rc_Performance_Analysis.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
19:01 NEMO_HPC_tiling_performance_200921.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
18:59 nemo_aurora.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
14:08 Changeset [15273] by jroberts
Test to try and resolve conflicts on fcm make merge
12:36 WorkingGroups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 created by epico
12:32 Changeset [15272] by jroberts
Sort out spacing in new code
11:12 Changeset [15271] by dbruciaferri
rewriting saw tooth dignostic


16:27 Changeset [15270] by smasson
trunk: forget some cleaning (remove dom_glo), #2724
11:47 Changeset [15269] by clem
4.0-HEAD: change FCM revision number for compilation with JEAN-ZAY. See …
11:37 Ticket #2622 (on jean-zay @ IDRIS makenemo repeat full compilation even after a ...) closed by clem
fixed: Thanks Jean-Marc for the solution. It saves me a lot of time.
11:17 Changeset [15268] by clem
commit solution of the defect #2622 found by Jean-Marc for compilation on …
11:09 Ticket #2724 (rewrite northpole folding in the nogather case) closed by smasson
fixed: [15267] passes all sette tests with nn_hls = 1 or 2 (./ -A -C -t …
11:04 Changeset [15267] by smasson
trunk: new nogather nolding, #2724
10:34 Ticket #2724 (rewrite northpole folding in the nogather case) created by smasson
==== Context There is a list of points which worries me about the …


15:37 Changeset [15266] by clem
forgotten output in evp
13:13 Changeset [15265] by jchanut
Improve ghost cell initialization with AGRIF + minor changes such as …
12:42 Changeset [15264] by smueller
Synchronizing with /NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD@15236 (ticket #2487)
12:07 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by hadcv
11:39 Changeset [15263] by hadcv
Add brackets to ice_dyn_rhg_evp (fixes SETTE results changing with …


16:41 Changeset [15262] by acc
Fix restartability issue for ORCA2_ICE_PISCES with GEOMETRIC …
13:52 Ticket #2723 (Compiler-specific compilation failures in NST component related to dummy ...) created by smueller
==== Context Not all commonly used compilers succeed in compiling the …
13:10 Changeset [15261] by frrh
Update with latest changes to ensure NEMO will run satnd alone AND in …


18:31 Changeset [15260] by acc
Untested, initial port of GEOMETRIC changes. Includes a bug fix to eken …
16:41 Changeset [15259] by annkeen
Bug fixes for EAP rheology at Met Office
16:34 Changeset [15258] by jroberts
Remove nn_timing=2 as cause merge conflict
15:57 Changeset [15257] by acc
Create branch for 3rd part GEOMETRIC development. #2722
15:50 Ticket #2722 (Branch to import 3rd party GEOMETRIC development) created by acc
Plan: Create a branch of 4.0-HEAD (initially equivalent to r4.0.6) to …
13:47 Changeset [15256] by jroberts
Changes manually merged from …
13:46 Changeset [15255] by jroberts
undo previous commit made in error
13:37 Changeset [15254] by jroberts
Changes manually merged from …
13:24 Changeset [15253] by jroberts
NEMO branch to put sub-daily cycling into FOAM R&D suite
10:32 Changeset [15252] by dcarneir
Improving and fixing bugs in the IAU for SIC


18:22 Changeset [15251] by jpalmier
forgot to close the #if #endif statement
18:10 Changeset [15250] by jpalmier
fix bug with key_top -- conflict with trdtrc could not compile
12:13 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by hadcv
12:01 Ticket #2721 (Failing SETTE tests with debug flags (r15199)) closed by hadcv
11:59 Changeset [15249] by hadcv
#2721: Fix SETTE debug failures


16:38 Changeset [15248] by dford
Implement remaining bug fixes from v3.6 branch.
15:43 Changeset [15247] by jwhile
Merged in trunk
13:08 Changeset [15246] by dford
Add option to output T&S climatology.
12:58 Ticket #2721 (Failing SETTE tests with debug flags (r15199)) created by hadcv
==== Context This ticket covers several fixes for SETTE failures when …
12:00 Ticket #2719 (Compilation error with TOP and AGRIF) closed by clem
11:57 Ticket #2687 (nesting tools - interpolation of 2D-3D variables) closed by clem
11:56 Ticket #2625 (Incorrect denominator in calculation of melt pond depth) closed by clem
11:56 Changeset [15245] by frrh
Fix bug in non oasis compilation.
11:56 Changeset [15244] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2625
11:53 Ticket #2710 (Sign error in lid melting code in topographic melt pond scheme) closed by clem
11:52 Changeset [15243] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2710
11:41 Ticket #2644 (Use of a deprecated statement in flodom.F90) closed by clem
11:30 Ticket #2679 (small errors in heat content diag computation) closed by clem
11:22 Changeset [15242] by dcarneir
Leaving only the essential bits in the code
10:44 Changeset [15241] by dcarneir
Cleaning the SIC IAU code and keeping only options used


20:46 Ticket #2720 (Use of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN) created by smueller
==== Context The compilation of …
17:22 Changeset [15240] by dford
Add option to use time mean background.
13:13 Changeset [15239] by jpalmier
add MEDUSA externals' trunk
13:06 Changeset [15238] by jpalmier
create branch to test MEDUSA external in the GO8 branch and the MO system


16:46 Changeset [15237] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2719
16:45 Changeset [15236] by clem
4.0-HEAD: solve ticket #2719
16:13 Ticket #2719 (Compilation error with TOP and AGRIF) created by jchanut
==== Context Andrea Gierisch reported issues when compiling TOP with …
16:07 Changeset [15235] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2644
16:07 Changeset [15234] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2679
12:13 Changeset [15233] by davestorkey
Delete branch.
12:13 Changeset [15232] by davestorkey
Delete branch and recreate against an earlier version of package branch.
09:58 Changeset [15231] by clem
4.0-HEAD: small bug fixes following tickets #2644 #2679 #2688
09:32 Changeset [15230] by davestorkey
Copy of GO8 package branch to test fix no. 2 for (utau,vtau) used by ICB.
09:32 Changeset [15229] by davestorkey
Copy of GO8 package branch to test fix for (utau,vtau) used by ICB.


18:41 Changeset [15228] by dford
Rename module.
16:02 Changeset [15227] by dford
Implement FBD/SIT (compiles but otherwise not tested).
12:34 Ticket #2718 (Ice volume not correctly accounted for in the freshwater budget control ...) created by cdllod
==== Context In forced ocean mode, freshwater budget control is generally …


19:25 Changeset [15226] by dford
Deal with variables not initialised on step zero.
17:52 Changeset [15225] by dford
Improve handling of velocities, including adding surface currents.
15:21 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by hadcv


17:16 Changeset [15224] by dford
Fix treatment of extra variables for profiles, and remove a couple of …
14:12 Changeset [15223] by gsamson
correct issue introduced at r15186
10:08 Changeset [15222] by jenniewaters
A branch for testing the assimilation of intertial oscillation …
09:54 Changeset [15221] by jenniewaters
Testing assimilation of inertial oscillation correction.
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