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13:33 Changeset [15388] by clem

slightly rearrange ice thermo. No change in sette


19:57 Ticket #2686 (use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf) closed by amoulin
19:56 Changeset [15387] by amoulin

use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf -ticket #2686

18:20 Ticket #2688 (restartability issue with ISF at NEMO 4.0.x) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Fixed at 15231
18:18 Ticket #2728 (bug in wind forcing for lagrangian iceberg model) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Now fixed in 4.0-HEAD and trunk.
15:55 Changeset [15386] by jchanut

#2734: correct issue with ln_bt_fw=F introduced at r15061

15:52 Changeset [15385] by clem

cleaning some ice routines. No change in sette

14:53 Changeset [15384] by hadjt

Kara MLD code removed, as redundant

13:56 Changeset [15383] by hadjt

Kara MLD depth coding bug fixed (when fully mixed, used the wrong bottom wet layer

Kara MLD is redundant, as can be produced with current routine

13:08 Changeset [15382] by hadjt

Setting rau0 = 1020, a more appropriate value for the NWS, and consistent with earlier climate simulations

12:03 Changeset [15381] by hadjt

Added kara mld, all enabled it in the regional means.

11:08 Changeset [15380] by techene

#2715 refactoring and bug correction : sbc_trc variable no longer useful for RK3

11:05 Changeset [15379] by techene

#2715 cosmetic changes

11:00 Ticket #2727 (mpp_nc_generic+BDY not yet implemented with suppressed land subdomain ...) closed by amoulin
fixed: No problem anymore as nn_comm=1 can be used with BDY now thanks to …
10:41 Ticket #2734 (Wrong vertical velocity at subdomain boundaries with ln_bt_fw = .false.) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context Wrong vertical velocity at subdomain boundaries with …
10:29 Changeset [15378] by hadjt

Updated Region mean and noos cross-sections, but may be slower.
Region mean:
no dummy IOM_put
verbose namelist switch
Region mean and noos consistent heat and salt calc.

instanteous transport arrays added, transport_3d_inst
logical switch in tranport subroutine to update transport_3d, or use transport_3d_inst
New simplified routine to pass instantaneous tranpost to xios via new subroutine


Namelist integer to output iom via new routine, old routine, or neither
Verbose name list switch


22:50 Changeset [15377] by clem

reduce drastically the number of global com (from 250 to 50) when the logical ln_icediachk is on

22:41 Changeset [15376] by clem

add functions glob_min_vec and glob_max_vec. They would need to be merged into the generic module lib_fortran_generic.h90 at some point, along with glob_sum_vec

19:52 Changeset [15375] by clem

change convergence test from the max over the domain to the average. This way it resembles more to what exists in the literature. Also, add alternate directions for the upstream advection scheme used in the rheology. However this scheme seems to slow down convergence, hence it should not be used

19:49 Changeset [15374] by clem

rearrange (slightly) ice thermo routine

19:01 Changeset [15373] by techene

#2715 RK3: adapt trc surface boundary management

18:23 Ticket #2720 (Use of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN) closed by smueller
fixed: source:/NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD@15371 has passed the standard SETTE …
17:47 Changeset [15372] by davestorkey

trunk: fix for wind forcing of icebergs #2728

17:08 Ticket #2731 (BDY compliant with corner communications) closed by smasson
17:02 Changeset [15371] by smueller

Optional replacement of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN (ticket #2720)

15:49 Ticket #2733 (Bug in trcsbc.F90) created by cetlod
[…] ==== Context The passive tracer surface boundary condition trend …
15:18 Changeset [15370] by davestorkey

NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package: Use IF block instead of single line IF(x) do this; do that.

15:11 Changeset [15369] by davestorkey

r4.0-HEAD : modification for last change (#2728). Change to an IF block rather than single line IF(x) do this;do that.
Seems to work for me but probably not safe. Thanks to Pierre for spotting that.

14:22 Ticket #2732 (Use of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN) created by smueller
==== Context The defect described in ticket #2720 is also present in the …
10:25 Changeset [15368] by smasson

trunk: final version (hopefully) for ticket #2731

10:00 Changeset [15367] by davestorkey

r4.0-HEAD : fix for wind forcing of icebergs #2728

09:46 Changeset [15366] by dbruciaferri

Changing for including JMMP-CO idealised profiles for HPG errors test

09:32 Changeset [15365] by kingr

Updated logic to catch edge cases.


18:19 Changeset [15364] by smasson

r4.0-HEAD: bdy minor bugfix for some domain decomposition

18:05 Changeset [15363] by smasson

trunk: continuing with ticket #2731

17:52 Changeset [15362] by jpalmier

add trc tracers to ocean.abort (fix)

17:38 Changeset [15361] by jpalmier

Add passive tracers in output.abort if key_top active

12:01 Changeset [15360] by smasson

trunk: bugfix following [15354], see #2731

11:49 Changeset [15359] by jenniewaters

Include code for the pcbias

10:35 Changeset [15358] by hadjt


Region mean namelist switch added to allow area weighted region means.


19:02 Changeset [15357] by hadjt

Region means
IOM_use to only process variables in use.
namelist parameter to control whether hourly means, or instanteous values
Instantaneous values of heat, salt mass and volume.

17:42 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-10-14 by gsamson
Tags VC added
15:52 Changeset [15356] by kingr

Chnages to fix test in obs_level_search to ensure index of level below obdepth is returned, and to obs_prep to remove code which altered obdepths, and to vertical interpolation routine to deal with obs in top half of top box or bottom half of bottom box.

15:51 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-10-11 by clevy
Tags VC added
15:45 Changeset [15355] by kingr

Create branch to fix bugs related to obs in top-half of top box and bottom-half of bottom box.

15:44 Changeset [15354] by smasson

trunk: BDY compliant with corner communications, see #2731

15:40 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-10-04 by clevy
Tags VC added
13:42 Changeset [15353] by hadjt

Region mean:

Adding iom_use to only process variable that are needed. This is currently in a very clunky method. Next itreation will streamline the code, and loop though variables.

13:13 Changeset [15352] by cetlod

dev_PISCO : minor corrections

12:27 Ticket #2731 (BDY compliant with corner communications) created by smasson
==== Context BDY is not compatible with the introduction of corner …


15:53 Changeset [15351] by cetlod

dev_PISCO : minor bugfix

12:02 Changeset [15350] by jchanut

Prevent from using agrif and ln_bt_fw=F... this can not work properly

11:12 Ticket #2730 (Confusing coupling order - oasis send) created by jcastill
[…] ==== Context In the file sbccp.F90, each field that can be …


15:16 Changeset [15349] by cetlod

dev_PISCO : update with trunk@15348

09:58 Changeset [15348] by jchanut

#2638, set bathymetry minimum on child grids prior boundary update from parent.


17:47 Changeset [15347] by jchanut

#2638, set parent e3t as the maximum not the average of child grid values (without vertical remapping). Number of vertical levels was ok, though.

17:22 Changeset [15346] by emmafiedler

Tidying up

17:10 Changeset [15345] by smasson

trunk: correct bdyini modifications introduced at [15289]

17:06 Changeset [15344] by emmafiedler

Include Rothrock ice strength formulation

16:19 Changeset [15343] by hadjt

Region mean code working with iom_put, without creating nc files.

14:28 Changeset [15342] by hadjt

The region mean code namelist now has an entry to specified number of regions, this used to be counted in iom_init, which was messy. Instead, it is read from the namelist, and checked in regionmean initialization, and the model is stopped if there is a mismatch.

Still without iom_put or kara mld

09:55 Changeset [15341] by davestorkey

UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package : Use "pure" wind stresses to force icebergs. (NEMO ticket #2728).

09:02 Changeset [15340] by clem

little optimization of ice ridging/rafting


17:08 Changeset [15339] by andmirek

Ticket GO29: fix SAS

16:11 Changeset [15338] by andmirek

Ticket GO29: tests 5 and 6

15:44 Ticket #2729 (Restartability failure of model configurations with embedded sea ice) created by smueller
==== Context A restartability test of a modified ORCA2_ICE_PISCES …
13:12 Changeset [15337] by andmirek

Ticket GO29: fix tests 7 and 8

12:56 Changeset [15336] by jmedwards01

First version of branch.

10:06 Changeset [15335] by andmirek

Ticket GO29: solve problems with instability in solutions and writing
namelists for PISCES


23:18 Changeset [15334] by clem

Some harmless reorganization of SI3: 1) extract the parts where mpi com were needed from inside thermo. 2) code an optional upstream scheme inside rheology to calculate P as the sub time step level. 3) prepare the albedo to scheme to recieve an aditional namelist parameter (pivotal ice thickness)

18:12 Changeset [15333] by hadjt

Adding Regional Means, but without XIOS or MLD.

Search on

in IOM/iom.F90 and DIA/diaregmean.F90

to see the code commented out.

15:39 Changeset [15332] by andmirek

Ticket GP29: All but AGRIF can be built.

14:51 Changeset [15331] by jchanut

#2638, add closed seas filling algorithm (inside AGRIF zooms only)

14:08 Changeset [15330] by jmedwards01

Creation of branch.

13:39 Changeset [15329] by hadjt

Added PEA functionality.
Maybe check for speed


21:06 Changeset [15328] by hadjt


Read in T and S climatology from the namtsd name list.

2d fields of steric, thermosteric and halosteric SSH now output (needing the associated filed_def_nemo-oce.F90 entries)

<field id="sshsteric_mat" long_name="ssh-steric" standard_name="steric_sea_level_change" unit="m" />
<field id="sshthster_mat" long_name="ssh-thermosteric" standard_name="thermosteric_sea_level_change" unit="dbar" />
<field id="sshhlster_mat" long_name="ssh-halosteric" standard_name="halosteric_sea_level_change" unit="dbar" />

17:20 2021WP/KNL-04_ONeill_2D_mode edited by clne
17:18 Changeset [15327] by clne

Create branch for ticket #2711

16:05 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-11-30 by clevy
Tags VC added
15:18 Changeset [15326] by emmafiedler

Branch for Rothrock sea ice strength porting

14:07 Changeset [15325] by cetlod

bugfix in TOP/TRP/trcsink.F90, see ticket #2726

13:20 Changeset [15324] by dbruciaferri

for testing hpge in local ME s-coordinates

13:17 Changeset [15323] by dbruciaferri

modifying initial condition for Denamrk Strait idealised ovf

13:10 Changeset [15322] by hadjt


Added output of depth integrated volume tranport

This requires an updated field_def_nemo-oce.xml

12:24 Changeset [15321] by techene

#2605 #2715 some cleanning

10:43 Changeset [15320] by mathiot

SETTE: update path toward input file in README

09:48 Changeset [15319] by andmirek

Porting branch #GO29


20:34 Changeset [15318] by hadjt

Update tradwl.F90 to switch developmental print statements


18:09 Changeset [15317] by jchanut

#2222, corrections to run AGRIF zooms with the same vertical grid as parent, but less vertical levels

17:40 Ticket #2728 (bug in wind forcing for lagrangian iceberg model) created by davestorkey
==== Context The icebergs are steered using the 10m atmospheric winds, …
14:15 Ticket #2727 (mpp_nc_generic+BDY not yet implemented with suppressed land subdomain ...) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context An error appears in the MEDITERRANEAN configuration …
14:13 Changeset [15316] by hadjt

TRA/trasbc.F90 OCE/trc_oce.F90
Additional files required for tradwl.F90

14:07 Changeset [15315] by hadjt

tracnticing - not allowing gridboxes to cool below freezing.

This was an option within CO6, which I have added again.

Namelist added: nam_tranxticing with nn_tranxticing

The version is committed in restrospect, so may not include all the changes to work.

14:04 Changeset [15314] by hadjt


TRA/tradwl.F90 was not included in the previous fcm commit, as it was a new file, and not added to the version control.

added now with

fcm add --check

13:57 Changeset [15313] by hadjt

POLCOMS style radiatve transfer for radiative fluxes

TRA/tradwl.F90 added. step.F90 and step_oce.F90 edited.
Namelist added: namtra_dwl, with two keys: ln_tradwl, ln_vary_lambda

This version is still in progress, as the variable hbatt from CO6 is no in CO8, and I need to confirm my approach is

This was crashing due to rlambda2 being infinity, when depth was 0. I have set a max value of 0.25, which is
equivalent to about 10cm of water.

The version is committed in restrospect, so may not include all the changes to work.

13:45 Changeset [15312] by hadjt

Haney Correction for radiative fluxes

SBC/sbc_ssr.F90 edited to add the Haney Correction to the radiative fluxes
namelist keyword added to namsbc_ssr: ln_UKMO_haney

The version is committed in restrospect, so may not include all the changes to work.

13:41 Changeset [15311] by hadjt

Wind velocities rather than wind stress

SBC/sbc_oce.F90 also needed to run with wind speed - previous version probably incomplete

The version is committed in restrospect, so may not include all the changes to work.

13:36 Changeset [15310] by hadjt

Wind velocities rather than wind stress

SBC/sbcflx.F90 edited to allow wind velocities rather than wind stresses.
namelist keyword added to namsbc_flx: sn_press, ln_shelf_flx

The version is committed in restrospect, so may not include all the changes to work.

13:16 Changeset [15309] by hadjt

CO9_AMM7 shelf climate package branch relative to 4.0.4 NEMO_4.0.4_CO9_package_tides: A version adapted for climate simulations

10:50 Changeset [15308] by hadjt

Unchanged Original Branch

10:46 Changeset [15307] by hadjt

NEMO Shelf Climate, based on NEMO 4.0.4.
Created /NEMO/branches/dev/hadjt/r15302_NEMO_4.0.4_CO9_package_tides_shelf_climate from /NEMO/trunk@15302.


17:38 Changeset [15306] by jpalmier

Fix - wrt_line public - used for warnings

17:06 Changeset [15305] by jpalmier

fix conflict

16:51 Changeset [15304] by jpalmier

MO system don't like externals....
have to adapt.

14:54 Changeset [15303] by mattmartin

Fixed bug in namelist reading part of stopack related to changes in other parts of NEMO.


17:00 Changeset [15302] by smasson

trunk: minor improvment in pt2pt (east-west comm only send/recv inner values)

16:57 Changeset [15301] by smasson

trunk: minor fix in lbc_lnk_neicoll_generic.h90 (when having zero-size array)

09:25 Changeset [15300] by smasson

trunk: improve BENCH for reproducibility tests


17:28 Changeset [15299] by smasson

trunk: important reproducibility bugfix (coastal F points can be used in the code)

12:06 Changeset [15298] by cetlod

minor bugfix in zdfevd

11:20 Changeset [15297] by aumont

major update of the sediment module

09:48 Changeset [15296] by smasson

trunk: minor fix in init_excl_landpt (mppini) when jpj is very small


18:46 Changeset [15295] by mattmartin

Add diagnostic output options for the stochastic physics fields.

18:40 Changeset [15294] by mattmartin

First version implementing stopack code from the standard GO6 FOAM branch.

17:43 Changeset [15293] by clem

try to pass debug mode with outputs activated. One issue was that the shear was not calculated at the top and bottom levels. Another issue is that the shear is not defined in the haloes but solving this one probably requires to wait for the new xios to be released

17:35 Changeset [15292] by clem

commit to remove debugging tests in VP rheology. This rheology does not work anyway for the moment

14:38 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) closed by aumont
fixed: In 15291: […]
14:38 Changeset [15291] by aumont

bug fix #2726

12:35 Changeset [15290] by mattmartin

Create a branch for implementing stochastic physics

10:29 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) created by aumont
[…] ==== Context trcsink handles the sinking of particles. In case, …


18:02 Changeset [15289] by smasson

trunk: make bdy fully (hopefully) compatible with nn_hls = 2

17:11 Changeset [15288] by dford

Clean up some comments.

13:11 Changeset [15287] by cetlod

trunk : bugfixes in PISCES

12:56 Changeset [15286] by dford

Update comment.

12:33 Changeset [15285] by dford

Some bug fixes.


21:00 Changeset [15284] by aumont

bug fixes in p4zlys and p4zsed

17:57 Changeset [15283] by jwhile

Deleted as merged with pkg branch at 15280

17:13 Changeset [15282] by jroberts

Branch of FOAM G06 package branch to pull in developments for sub-daily cycling

17:04 Ticket #2725 (Bug in north pole folding for npolj=4, cd_type='U') closed by smasson
wontfix: Yes, there is an error in the loop index. It should be (jpiglo/2+1) …
16:43 Changeset [15281] by techene

#2715 RK3 bug correction

16:07 Changeset [15280] by jwhile

Merged in changes for 1d detailed in utils ticket 487

15:11 Ticket #2725 (Bug in north pole folding for npolj=4, cd_type='U') created by omamce
Starting line 97 in lbc_nfd_generic.h90
12:00 Changeset [15279] by jchanut

#2222 and #2638: Enable creating agrif meshes with different vertical grids (geopotential only as a start)


18:44 Changeset [15278] by dbruciaferri

reorganising code in more general structure and adding partial-steps for MEs

15:19 Changeset [15277] by clem

trunk: debug an out of bound in Richardson zdf

08:44 Tag change on System Team/Agenda/2021-09-23 by sciliberti
Tags VC added


17:32 Changeset [15276] by vsmart

Merge in changes from couple_stage2_spmd branch to allow for running from the Fortran cap

17:10 Changeset [15275] by vsmart

Create branch to run NEMO from the Fortran cap

14:30 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
14:02 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
12:27 Developers/Validation/trunk_4.2RC edited by francesca
12:12 Changeset [15274] by jwhile

Update per Rob's review


19:02 NEMO4.2rc_Performance_Analysis.pdf attached to Working Groups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
19:01 NEMO_HPC_tiling_performance_200921.pdf attached to Working Groups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
18:59 nemo_aurora.pdf attached to Working Groups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 by epico
14:08 Changeset [15273] by jroberts

Test to try and resolve conflicts on fcm make merge

12:36 Working Groups/HPC/Mins_2021_09_20 created by epico
12:32 Changeset [15272] by jroberts

Sort out spacing in new code

11:12 Changeset [15271] by dbruciaferri

rewriting saw tooth dignostic


16:27 Changeset [15270] by smasson

trunk: forget some cleaning (remove dom_glo), #2724

11:47 Changeset [15269] by clem

4.0-HEAD: change FCM revision number for compilation with JEAN-ZAY. See ticket #2622

11:37 Ticket #2622 (on jean-zay @ IDRIS makenemo repeat full compilation even after a ...) closed by clem
fixed: Thanks Jean-Marc for the solution. It saves me a lot of time.
11:17 Changeset [15268] by clem

commit solution of the defect #2622 found by Jean-Marc for compilation on Jean-Zay machines. Great improvement.

11:09 Ticket #2724 (rewrite northpole folding in the nogather case) closed by smasson
fixed: [15267] passes all sette tests with nn_hls = 1 or 2 (./sette.sh -A -C -t …
11:04 Changeset [15267] by smasson

trunk: new nogather nolding, #2724

10:34 Ticket #2724 (rewrite northpole folding in the nogather case) created by smasson
==== Context There is a list of points which worries me about the …
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