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20:03 Changeset [15454] by smueller
Addition of tangent-linear and adjoint model time-stepping loops and of a …
18:28 Ticket #2736 (vertical scale facors not recalculated when ssh/=0) created by clem
I think there is a problem with vertical scale factors in istate.F90 when …
18:20 Changeset [15453] by smueller
Suppression of tangent-linear model output unless explicitly activated
17:41 Changeset [15452] by dford
Branch for experimenting with using input significant wave height in …
16:46 Changeset [15451] by clem
4.0-HEAD only: change vertical scale factors for embedded sea ice as …
16:32 Changeset [15450] by cetlod
Some updates to make the PISCES/SED module usable. Totally orthogonal with …
15:01 Changeset [15449] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : minor bugfixes
13:27 Changeset [15448] by smueller
Alteration of the nonlinear-model-trajectory filename format
12:25 Ticket #2735 (Bug in nn_stocklist behaviour in some cases) created by timgraham
[…] ==== Context When providing a list of restart timesteps to the …
11:52 Changeset [15447] by timgraham
Branch to test fixes for nn_stocklist behaviour


16:34 Changeset [15446] by cetlod
Minor bugfixes mostly related to PISCES/SED module
11:01 Changeset [15445] by hadjt
TRA/tradwl.F90 Bug fix... used tmask(0,:,:) rather than tmask(1,:,:) this …


12:54 Changeset [15444] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : minor bugfix
10:57 Changeset [15443] by dancopsey
Get rid of duplicate variable!
10:32 Ticket #2733 (Bug in trcsbc.F90) closed by cetlod
09:58 Changeset [15442] by jcastill
Branch to implement shelf seas modifications for Met Office configurations
09:50 Changeset [15441] by jcastill
Some of the changes are already in the CO9 branch


12:18 Changeset [15440] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : merge with trunk@15439
00:27 Ticket #2718 (Ice volume not correctly accounted for in the freshwater budget control ...) closed by clem
00:26 Ticket #2706 (ISF: bug in option cn_gammablk=vel_stab) closed by clem


19:53 Changeset [15439] by clem
trunk: freshwater budget is now corrected for option nn_fwb=2. The option …
16:56 Changeset [15438] by clem
4.0-HEAD: freshwater budget is now corrected for option nn_fwb=2. The …
14:21 Changeset [15437] by jchanut
agrif fixes: i) Add masking prior interpolation on "before" tracers: these …
13:00 Changeset [15436] by annkeen
Add inst ice_cvg output
12:33 Changeset [15435] by hadjt
sbcssr.F90 Additional output of surface heat terms, including haney
12:32 Changeset [15434] by hadjt
Region mean and NOOS cross-sections Use rcp (Specific heat capacity) from …
11:16 Changeset [15433] by dancopsey
Add evap only option


21:36 Changeset [15432] by jcastill
Reverting the changes in USR as they are now included in the CO9 branch
19:05 Changeset [15431] by dbruciaferri
to ensure we use the same data of the parent model when localising
15:30 Changeset [15430] by petesykes
merging vertical interp bug fix from parent branch
15:27 Changeset [15429] by aumont
update on the namelist and xml files
15:25 Changeset [15428] by aumont
update on the namelist and xml files
15:24 Changeset [15427] by petesykes
branch to add vertical interp fix for amm7 ps45
14:39 Changeset [15426] by dbruciaferri
Deleting no longer needed branch
14:35 Changeset [15425] by dbruciaferri
Adding zero external forcing possibility for HPGE tests.
14:28 Changeset [15424] by jcastill
Compiling code
11:54 Changeset [15423] by jcastill
Changes compiling
11:19 Changeset [15422] by jcastill
Changes tested so that they can merged with the CO9 Met Office branch - …
10:48 Changeset [15421] by dancopsey
Reverted all my efforts to generate top melt out of this branch. This …


21:07 Ticket #2734 (Wrong vertical velocity at subdomain boundaries with ln_bt_fw = .false.) closed by jchanut
17:26 Changeset [15420] by lovato
set correct dimensions/allocation of 2D diagnostics arrays for TOP
17:19 Changeset [15419] by timgraham
Reinstate missing call to asm_bkg_wri in step.F90
16:53 Changeset [15418] by smueller
Addition of vertical-scale-factor and water-column-height updates to …
16:16 Changeset [15417] by lovato
fix error introduced in the previous commit in src/OCE/ASM/asmbkg.F90
15:06 Changeset [15416] by hadjt
SBC/sbcflx.F90 Fixing a bug in the shelf treatement of qsr and qns input.
14:19 Changeset [15415] by petesykes
merging vertical interp bug fix from parent branch
13:13 Changeset [15414] by smueller
Transfer of a reusable section of subroutine dom_vvl_init into the new …
12:24 Changeset [15413] by dcarneir
minor adjustments
11:44 Changeset [15412] by dcarneir
Final tested version of the SIC IAU code in GO8
11:41 Changeset [15411] by hadjt
Region means updated to calculate river and precip/evap heat flux given …
11:10 Changeset [15410] by smueller
Synchronizing with /NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD@15405 (ticket #2487)
10:35 Changeset [15409] by jcastill
Copy of branch NEMO/branches/UKMO/r12083_mix-lyr_diag
10:32 Changeset [15408] by jcastill
Copy of branch NEMO/branches/UKMO/r12083_coupling_sequence
10:28 Changeset [15407] by jcastill
Copy of branch NEMO/branches/UKMO/r12083_cpl-pressure
10:25 Changeset [15406] by jcastill
Copy of branch NEMO/branches/UKMO/r12083_India_uncoupled


21:03 Ticket #2729 (Restartability failure of model configurations with embedded sea ice) closed by smueller
fixed: source:/NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD@15405 has passed the standard SETTE …
20:29 Changeset [15405] by smueller
Correction of the initial vertical-scale-factor adjustment due to embedded …
17:35 Changeset [15404] by jroberts
Bug fix to avoid losing observations in the NEMO obsoper when it converts …
15:48 Changeset [15403] by vancop
VP with much less bugs running at least 8 time steps on SAS
15:06 Changeset [15402] by hadjt
Region mean. fixing the total and count dianostic output, and adding a …
11:37 Changeset [15401] by kingr
Remving old branch.
11:34 Changeset [15400] by kingr
Bug-fix to obsoper to avoid division by zero in rare cases.
10:58 Changeset [15399] by timgraham
Minor fix to last commit to modify a USE statement
10:53 Ticket #2717 (Missing call to asm_bkg_write (trunk version)) closed by timgraham
fixed: This has now been fixed in the trunk at r15398 (see above commit). The …
10:49 Changeset [15398] by timgraham
Bug fix for #2717 (missing calls to asm_bkg_wri)
10:22 Changeset [15397] by hadjt
Region mean and NOOS transport XIOS scaler output Scalar output, so …
09:35 Changeset [15396] by kingr
Corrected logic to avoid masked levels in obs_inter_z1d


19:04 2021WP/IOM-04_Copsey_0D_icesheet_mass_coupling edited by dancopsey
19:03 2021WP/IOM-03_Copsey_1D_river_coupling edited by dancopsey
18:47 2021WP/SI3-01_Copsey_coupled_penetrating_radiation edited by dancopsey
14:42 Changeset [15395] by dford
Fix use of POTM/TEMP and grid type output.
12:55 Changeset [15394] by cetlod
trunk : bugfix in passive tracer surface boundary condition trend of flux, …
12:51 Changeset [15393] by cetlod
r4.0-HEAD : bugfix in passive tracer surface boundary condition trend of …
11:30 Changeset [15392] by cetlod
dev branch updated tidal mixing
03:28 Changeset [15391] by jonnywilliams
Branch to change the freshwater flux equation.
03:14 Changeset [15390] by jonnywilliams
don't need
03:10 Changeset [15389] by jonnywilliams
jonny test branch 18/10/21


13:33 Changeset [15388] by clem
slightly rearrange ice thermo. No change in sette


19:57 Ticket #2686 (use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf) closed by amoulin
19:56 Changeset [15387] by amoulin
use of charnock coefficient from wave model in sbcblk_algo_ecmwf -ticket …
18:20 Ticket #2688 (restartability issue with ISF at NEMO 4.0.x) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Fixed at 15231
18:18 Ticket #2728 (bug in wind forcing for lagrangian iceberg model) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Now fixed in 4.0-HEAD and trunk.
15:55 Changeset [15386] by jchanut
#2734: correct issue with ln_bt_fw=F introduced at r15061
15:52 Changeset [15385] by clem
cleaning some ice routines. No change in sette
14:53 Changeset [15384] by hadjt
Kara MLD code removed, as redundant
13:56 Changeset [15383] by hadjt
Kara MLD depth coding bug fixed (when fully mixed, used the wrong bottom …
13:08 Changeset [15382] by hadjt
Setting rau0 = 1020, a more appropriate value for the NWS, and consistent …
12:03 Changeset [15381] by hadjt
ZDF/zdfmxl.F90 Added kara mld, all enabled it in the regional means.
11:08 Changeset [15380] by techene
#2715 refactoring and bug correction : sbc_trc variable no longer useful …
11:05 Changeset [15379] by techene
#2715 cosmetic changes
11:00 Ticket #2727 (mpp_nc_generic+BDY not yet implemented with suppressed land subdomain ...) closed by amoulin
fixed: No problem anymore as nn_comm=1 can be used with BDY now thanks to …
10:41 Ticket #2734 (Wrong vertical velocity at subdomain boundaries with ln_bt_fw = .false.) created by gsamson
[…] ==== Context Wrong vertical velocity at subdomain boundaries with …
10:29 Changeset [15378] by hadjt
Updated Region mean and noos cross-sections, but may be slower. Region …


22:50 Changeset [15377] by clem
reduce drastically the number of global com (from 250 to 50) when the …
22:41 Changeset [15376] by clem
add functions glob_min_vec and glob_max_vec. They would need to be merged …
19:52 Changeset [15375] by clem
change convergence test from the max over the domain to the average. This …
19:49 Changeset [15374] by clem
rearrange (slightly) ice thermo routine
19:01 Changeset [15373] by techene
#2715 RK3: adapt trc surface boundary management
18:23 Ticket #2720 (Use of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN) closed by smueller
fixed: source:/NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD@15371 has passed the standard SETTE …
17:47 Changeset [15372] by davestorkey
trunk: fix for wind forcing of icebergs #2728
17:08 Ticket #2731 (BDY compliant with corner communications) closed by smasson
17:02 Changeset [15371] by smueller
Optional replacement of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN (ticket …
15:49 Ticket #2733 (Bug in trcsbc.F90) created by cetlod
[…] ==== Context The passive tracer surface boundary condition trend …
15:18 Changeset [15370] by davestorkey
NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package: Use IF block instead of single line IF(x) do this; …
15:11 Changeset [15369] by davestorkey
r4.0-HEAD : modification for last change (#2728). Change to an IF block …
14:22 Ticket #2732 (Use of non-standard intrinsic function ISNAN) created by smueller
==== Context The defect described in ticket #2720 is also present in the …
10:25 Changeset [15368] by smasson
trunk: final version (hopefully) for ticket #2731
10:00 Changeset [15367] by davestorkey
r4.0-HEAD : fix for wind forcing of icebergs #2728
09:46 Changeset [15366] by dbruciaferri
Changing for including JMMP-CO idealised profiles for HPG errors test
09:32 Changeset [15365] by kingr
Updated logic to catch edge cases.


18:19 Changeset [15364] by smasson
r4.0-HEAD: bdy minor bugfix for some domain decomposition
18:05 Changeset [15363] by smasson
trunk: continuing with ticket #2731
17:52 Changeset [15362] by jpalmier
add trc tracers to ocean.abort (fix)
17:38 Changeset [15361] by jpalmier
Add passive tracers in output.abort if key_top active
12:01 Changeset [15360] by smasson
trunk: bugfix following [15354], see #2731
11:49 Changeset [15359] by jenniewaters
Include code for the pcbias
10:35 Changeset [15358] by hadjt
DIA/diaregmean.F90 Region mean namelist switch added to allow area …


19:02 Changeset [15357] by hadjt
Region means IOM_use to only process variables in use. namelist parameter …
17:42 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-10-14 by gsamson
Tags VC added
15:52 Changeset [15356] by kingr
Chnages to fix test in obs_level_search to ensure index of level below …
15:51 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-10-11 by clevy
Tags VC added
15:45 Changeset [15355] by kingr
Create branch to fix bugs related to obs in top-half of top box and …
15:44 Changeset [15354] by smasson
trunk: BDY compliant with corner communications, see #2731
15:40 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-10-04 by clevy
Tags VC added
13:42 Changeset [15353] by hadjt
Region mean: Adding iom_use to only process variable that are needed. …
13:13 Changeset [15352] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : minor corrections
12:27 Ticket #2731 (BDY compliant with corner communications) created by smasson
==== Context BDY is not compatible with the introduction of corner …


15:53 Changeset [15351] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : minor bugfix
12:02 Changeset [15350] by jchanut
Prevent from using agrif and ln_bt_fw=F... this can not work properly
11:12 Ticket #2730 (Confusing coupling order - oasis send) created by jcastill
[…] ==== Context In the file sbccp.F90, each field that can be …


15:16 Changeset [15349] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : update with trunk@15348
09:58 Changeset [15348] by jchanut
#2638, set bathymetry minimum on child grids prior boundary update from …


17:47 Changeset [15347] by jchanut
#2638, set parent e3t as the maximum not the average of child grid values …
17:22 Changeset [15346] by emmafiedler
Tidying up
17:10 Changeset [15345] by smasson
trunk: correct bdyini modifications introduced at [15289]
17:06 Changeset [15344] by emmafiedler
Include Rothrock ice strength formulation
16:19 Changeset [15343] by hadjt
Region mean code working with iom_put, without creating nc files.
14:28 Changeset [15342] by hadjt
The region mean code namelist now has an entry to specified number of …
09:55 Changeset [15341] by davestorkey
UKMO/NEMO_4.0.4_GO8_package : Use "pure" wind stresses to force icebergs. …
09:02 Changeset [15340] by clem
little optimization of ice ridging/rafting


17:08 Changeset [15339] by andmirek
Ticket GO29: fix SAS
16:11 Changeset [15338] by andmirek
Ticket GO29: tests 5 and 6
15:44 Ticket #2729 (Restartability failure of model configurations with embedded sea ice) created by smueller
==== Context A restartability test of a modified ORCA2_ICE_PISCES …
13:12 Changeset [15337] by andmirek
Ticket GO29: fix tests 7 and 8
12:56 Changeset [15336] by jmedwards01
First version of branch.
10:06 Changeset [15335] by andmirek
Ticket GO29: solve problems with instability in solutions and writing …


23:18 Changeset [15334] by clem
Some harmless reorganization of SI3: 1) extract the parts where mpi com …
18:12 Changeset [15333] by hadjt
Adding Regional Means, but without XIOS or MLD. Search on !JT MLD !JT …
15:39 Changeset [15332] by andmirek
Ticket GP29: All but AGRIF can be built.
14:51 Changeset [15331] by jchanut
#2638, add closed seas filling algorithm (inside AGRIF zooms only)
14:08 Changeset [15330] by jmedwards01
Creation of branch.
13:39 Changeset [15329] by hadjt
Added PEA functionality. Maybe check for speed


21:06 Changeset [15328] by hadjt
DIA/diaar5.F90 Read in T and S climatology from the namtsd name list. …
17:20 2021WP/KNL-04_ONeill_2D_mode edited by clne
17:18 Changeset [15327] by clne
Create branch for ticket #2711
16:05 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-11-30 by clevy
Tags VC added
15:18 Changeset [15326] by emmafiedler
Branch for Rothrock sea ice strength porting
14:07 Changeset [15325] by cetlod
bugfix in TOP/TRP/trcsink.F90, see ticket #2726
13:20 Changeset [15324] by dbruciaferri
for testing hpge in local ME s-coordinates
13:17 Changeset [15323] by dbruciaferri
modifying initial condition for Denamrk Strait idealised ovf
13:10 Changeset [15322] by hadjt
TRA/traadv.F90 Added output of depth integrated volume tranport This …
12:24 Changeset [15321] by techene
#2605 #2715 some cleanning
10:43 Changeset [15320] by mathiot
SETTE: update path toward input file in README
09:48 Changeset [15319] by andmirek
Porting branch #GO29


20:34 Changeset [15318] by hadjt
Update tradwl.F90 to switch developmental print statements


18:09 Changeset [15317] by jchanut
#2222, corrections to run AGRIF zooms with the same vertical grid as …
17:40 Ticket #2728 (bug in wind forcing for lagrangian iceberg model) created by davestorkey
==== Context The icebergs are steered using the 10m atmospheric winds, …
14:15 Ticket #2727 (mpp_nc_generic+BDY not yet implemented with suppressed land subdomain ...) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context An error appears in the MEDITERRANEAN configuration …
14:13 Changeset [15316] by hadjt
TRA/trasbc.F90 OCE/trc_oce.F90 Additional files required for tradwl.F90
14:07 Changeset [15315] by hadjt
tracnticing - not allowing gridboxes to cool below freezing. This was an …
14:04 Changeset [15314] by hadjt
TRA/tradwl.F90 TRA/tradwl.F90 was not included in the previous fcm …
13:57 Changeset [15313] by hadjt
POLCOMS style radiatve transfer for radiative fluxes TRA/tradwl.F90 …
13:45 Changeset [15312] by hadjt
Haney Correction for radiative fluxes SBC/sbc_ssr.F90 edited to add the …
13:41 Changeset [15311] by hadjt
Wind velocities rather than wind stress SBC/sbc_oce.F90 also needed to …
13:36 Changeset [15310] by hadjt
Wind velocities rather than wind stress SBC/sbcflx.F90 edited to allow …
13:16 Changeset [15309] by hadjt
CO9_AMM7 shelf climate package branch relative to 4.0.4 …
10:50 Changeset [15308] by hadjt
Unchanged Original Branch
10:46 Changeset [15307] by hadjt
NEMO Shelf Climate, based on NEMO 4.0.4. Created …


17:38 Changeset [15306] by jpalmier
Fix - wrt_line public - used for warnings
17:06 Changeset [15305] by jpalmier
fix conflict
16:51 Changeset [15304] by jpalmier
MO system don't like externals.... have to adapt.
14:54 Changeset [15303] by mattmartin
Fixed bug in namelist reading part of stopack related to changes in other …


17:00 Changeset [15302] by smasson
trunk: minor improvment in pt2pt (east-west comm only send/recv inner …
16:57 Changeset [15301] by smasson
trunk: minor fix in lbc_lnk_neicoll_generic.h90 (when having zero-size …
09:25 Changeset [15300] by smasson
trunk: improve BENCH for reproducibility tests


17:28 Changeset [15299] by smasson
trunk: important reproducibility bugfix (coastal F points can be used in …
12:06 Changeset [15298] by cetlod
minor bugfix in zdfevd
11:20 Changeset [15297] by aumont
major update of the sediment module
09:48 Changeset [15296] by smasson
trunk: minor fix in init_excl_landpt (mppini) when jpj is very small


18:46 Changeset [15295] by mattmartin
Add diagnostic output options for the stochastic physics fields.
18:40 Changeset [15294] by mattmartin
First version implementing stopack code from the standard GO6 FOAM branch.
17:43 Changeset [15293] by clem
try to pass debug mode with outputs activated. One issue was that the …
17:35 Changeset [15292] by clem
commit to remove debugging tests in VP rheology. This rheology does not …
14:38 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) closed by aumont
fixed: In 15291: […]
14:38 Changeset [15291] by aumont
bug fix #2726
12:35 Changeset [15290] by mattmartin
Create a branch for implementing stochastic physics
10:29 Ticket #2726 (Bug in trcsink) created by aumont
[…] ==== Context trcsink handles the sinking of particles. In case, …
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