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16:58 2021WP/VLD-09_RPerson_Antarctic_ice_Sheet_Fe_Source edited by rlod
15:35 Changeset [15539] by lovato
remove CMCC obsolote arch files
15:34 Changeset [15538] by lovato
remove CMCC obsolote arch files
12:47 Changeset [15537] by jcastill
Changes compatible with the ticket (not tested in this revision)
11:14 Ticket #2609 (HPC-05_Mocavero_MPI3) closed by francesca
11:05 Ticket #2610 (HPC-06_Epicoco_Halo_Management) closed by francesca
11:04 Ticket #2608 (HPC-04_Mele_Loop_Fusion) closed by francesca
10:58 Ticket #2607 (HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup) closed by francesca
10:56 2021WP/HPC-05_Mocavero_MPI3 edited by francesca
10:51 Changeset [15536] by jcastill
Branch to work on ticket #2750
10:46 Ticket #2750 (Coupled mslp in inverse barometer ssh) created by jcastill
[…] ==== Context The inverse barometer ssh is calculated from the …
10:30 Changeset [15535] by jcastill
Changes as proposed in the ticket description
10:25 Changeset [15534] by jcastill
Branch to work in ticket #2749
10:15 Ticket #2749 (Wave coupling only: diurnal cycle reconstruction error) created by jcastill
[…] ==== Context When running in coupled mode but not coupling to an …


17:02 Ticket #2613 (VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase) closed by amoulin
15:35 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-11-25 by smasson
Tags VC added
13:07 Changeset [15533] by cdllod
renamed two constants
12:47 Changeset [15532] by techene
#2605 #2715 : version in dev (still buggy)


19:09 Changeset [15531] by vancop
Bugfixed VP rheology for trunk
16:09 Changeset [15530] by clem
add comment to better understand
16:00 Changeset [15529] by techene
#2695 : isf+qco are now compatible
14:57 Ticket #2482 (MO GO8 for GPU) closed by andmirek
fixed: No additional changes planned in this branch.
14:56 Ticket #2333 (calls to iom_put) closed by andmirek
14:56 Ticket #2331 (restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp) closed by andmirek
14:55 Ticket #2314 (NEMO_SI3_decoupled) closed by andmirek
14:53 Ticket #2655 (SETTE with CRAY compiler) closed by andmirek
14:52 Ticket #2631 (Use XIOS to read configuration data) closed by andmirek
wontfix: An attempt to write a simple program to reproduce this issue failed. …
14:49 Ticket #2462 (restart read write with XIOS) closed by andmirek
09:05 2021WP/VLD-02_Aimie_Moulin_Med_Wave_Coupling edited by amoulin
08:40 2021WP/VLD-02_Aimie_Moulin_Med_Wave_Coupling edited by amoulin


20:44 2021WP/VLD-02_Aimie_Moulin_Med_Wave_Coupling edited by amoulin
20:43 2021WP/VLD-02_Aimie_Moulin_Med_Wave_Coupling edited by amoulin
18:28 Ticket #2748 (Physical significance of TKE penetration not scaled by the model time step ...) created by jchanut
==== Context On TKE additional source term (e.g. nn_etau>0 in namzdf_tke) …
17:58 Changeset [15528] by lovato
Update CMCC X64_ZEUS batch script (fix detached mode)
17:10 2021WP/VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase edited by amoulin
17:05 2021WP/VLD-03_Aimie_Moulin_Wave_Coupling_TestCase edited by amoulin
12:46 2021WP/HPC-06_Epicoco_Halo_Management edited by francesca
12:44 Ticket #2648 (VLD-06_UKMO_GO8) closed by deazer
12:42 2021WP/HPC-04_Mele_Loop_Fusion edited by francesca
11:34 2021WP/PHY-01_deLavergne_tidal_mixing created by cdllod
11:34 Tag change on 2021WP/PHY-01_deLavergne_tidal_mixing by cdllod
Tags WP added


11:10 Changeset [15527] by vancop
Optimize comms for VP


13:36 2021WP/IOM-04_Copsey_0D_icesheet_mass_coupling edited by dancopsey
13:34 2021WP/IOM-03_Copsey_1D_river_coupling edited by dancopsey
13:32 2021WP/SI3-01_Copsey_coupled_penetrating_radiation edited by dancopsey
11:19 Changeset [15526] by cdllod
adjustments of namelist_ref and code to read only one netcdf file
10:34 Changeset [15525] by cguiavarch
Bug fix: when using ln_rnf_temp temperature of runoff > 0 (runoff are …
10:28 Changeset [15524] by cguiavarch
Adding T and S diagnostics when using linear equation of state (seos)
10:17 Ticket #2747 (averaged Kz in diawri.F90) created by cperruche
==== Context correction specific to the write of averaged Kz in …
10:10 Ticket #2746 (correction specific to BIO in 1D configuration: density has to be computed ...) created by cperruche
#!correction specific to BIO in 1D configuration ==== Context the …
09:14 Changeset [15523] by vancop
Some cleaning of lbclnks in VP routine


20:13 Ticket #2745 (zdfric not compatible with p_sh2 calculation) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context ... ==== Analysis Richardson number vertical …
19:53 Ticket #2744 (Manual updates for wave-coupling interaction) closed by amoulin
19:52 Changeset [15522] by amoulin
Manual updates for wave-coupling interaction - ticket #2744
19:49 Ticket #2744 (Manual updates for wave-coupling interaction) created by amoulin
[…] ==== Context Update to the SBC chapter and the TKE chapter in …
16:56 Changeset [15521] by dbruciaferri
Correct mixed-layer diagnostic to be consistent with latest GO8 devs - …
16:35 Changeset [15520] by sparonuz
fix name of variables mispelled in subprogram declaration. Removed file …
15:17 Ticket #2743 (Bug: OBS does not seem to take into account the eos used in NEMO) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context OBS interpolates NEMO T and S onto the obs location. …
12:16 Ticket #2742 (Bug: OBStools does not compile) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context OBStools from the trunk does not compile. ==== …


15:03 Ticket #2741 (bug: SAO does not compile) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context I tried to use SAO in the trunk and it does not …
10:51 Ticket #2642 (possible bugs: salflx output unit and ln_rnf_icb has no effect) closed by mathiot
fixed: Thank you Clem for the fix in NEMO The remaining general point mentioned …
10:49 Ticket #2740 (For better management of ln_rnf_icb) created by mathiot
[…] ==== Context ln_rnf_icb is an option to add a climatology of icb …


18:06 Changeset [15519] by edblockley
Trunk: Correction to rheology convergence timeseries output to ensure that …
17:57 Changeset [15518] by edblockley
Correction to rheology convergence timeseries output to ensure that all …
15:48 Changeset [15517] by cdllod
zdfiwm optimization by Clement
15:40 Changeset [15516] by vancop
fixes in diagnostics
14:15 Changeset [15515] by vancop
some bugfixes on diagnostics
09:58 Changeset [15514] by techene
#2605 #2715 debug


18:31 Changeset [15513] by techene
#2605 RK3 : correct dia_ptr initialisation and add a switch for …
18:22 Changeset [15512] by techene
#2605 RK3 : add logicals to deactivate trends, dianogstics and outputs at …
16:46 Changeset [15511] by techene
#2715 RK3 & TOP: no interpolation of rnf
16:33 Changeset [15510] by techene
#2715 RK3 & TOP: musl adv scheme is only called at stage 3
15:36 Changeset [15509] by jcastill
Updates for FABM 1.0
15:32 Changeset [15508] by jcastill
Corrections for FABM 1.0
15:22 Changeset [15507] by emmafiedler
Working version of Rothrock ice strength
11:33 Changeset [15506] by jcastill
Change name of namelist parameters in namzdf_mldzint
11:03 Changeset [15505] by jcastill
Changes in zdfmxl as in 4.0.1 version of the branch: …
10:43 Changeset [15504] by jcastill
Branch to change the mix layer depth diagnostics as it was in version …
10:15 Changeset [15503] by jchanut
#2737, correct ssh adjustment induced by sea-ice in case of interpolation …


20:43 Changeset [15502] by hadjt
DIA/diaharm_fast.F90 Nemo compile key dependence removed Commented code …
20:40 Changeset [15501] by hadjt
DIA/diaharm_fast.F90 Working version. Tidal residual output, i.e. …


19:02 Changeset [15500] by hadjt
diaharm_fast.F90 Found an important bug. it wasn't set up for monthly …
10:23 Changeset [15499] by vancop
northfold and stress diagnostic issues in VP rheology
08:20 NDS_2023_2027_v1.0.pdf attached to ScientificAdvisoryCommittee by mikebell
First draft of 2023-2027 NEMO Development Strategy (11 Nov 2021)
08:18 NDS_2023_2027_v1.0.pdf attached to DevelopersCommittee by mikebell
First draft of 2023-2027 NEMO Development Strategy (11 Nov 2021)


14:55 ScientificAdvisoryCommittee edited by mikebell
14:54 Changeset [15498] by jcastill
Copy of branch branches/UKMO/r6232_obs_oper_update@11239 to implement …
14:13 DevelopersCommittee edited by mikebell
14:12 DevelopersCommittee edited by mikebell
14:12 Changeset [15497] by dford
Updates following review.
14:10 DevelopersCommittee edited by mikebell
13:02 Changeset [15496] by clem
trunk: solve ticket #2737. The ssh is now adjusted to the init of sea ice, …


17:18 Changeset [15495] by clem
4.0-HEAD: solve ticket #2737. The ssh is now adjusted to the init of sea …
17:06 Changeset [15494] by clem
trunk: correct output for rheology
17:02 Changeset [15493] by clem
4.0-HEAD: correct output for rheology
15:16 Changeset [15492] by jcastill
Fix to coupled runs: solar radiation coupling
14:48 Changeset [15491] by hadjt
DIA/diaharm_fast.F90 Harmonic analysis with restarts. Working, but …
12:33 Changeset [15490] by hadjt
SBC/tide_mod.F90 Adding updated tide module to handle 360 day tides. This …
10:18 Changeset [15489] by jchanut
Remove an useless computation in 1-way


16:53 Changeset [15488] by dford
Add a check on altbias file.
16:27 Changeset [15487] by dford
Remove some comments and add some spaces.
11:42 Changeset [15486] by dcarneir
SIC assimilation interface (IAU) for SI3
11:26 Changeset [15485] by cetlod
DEV_PISCO : Various bugfix
11:19 Changeset [15484] by cetlod
Change C/N and C/P ratio in output to be consistent with PISCES sources
10:52 Changeset [15483] by timgraham
Fix type error


21:02 Changeset [15482] by cetlod
Minor bugfix
20:51 Changeset [15481] by dcarneir
second round of review for IAU SIC code with SI3
16:02 WorkingGroups/Kernel edited by mikebell
16:00 Vertical_Coordinates_ALE_LaruentDebreu_Nov_2021.pdf attached to WorkingGroups/Kernel by mikebell
Laurent Debreu's talk on direction splitting with ALE coordinates November …
15:51 Changeset [15480] by jcastill
Changes as in the git branch NEMO-FABMv1-ERSEM
12:42 Changeset [15479] by jcastill
Copy of the AMM15 collate branch where we will update the ERSEM-FABM code …
12:00 Changeset [15478] by timgraham
Functional change to prevent negative values
11:56 Changeset [15477] by timgraham
Prevent model using negative solar radiation values from coupling
10:31 Changeset [15476] by dcarneir
Code review for IAU SIC with SI3


15:14 Changeset [15475] by cdllod
corrected typo in ldftra.F90
14:32 Changeset [15474] by cdllod
updated ln_mevar parameter
12:40 Changeset [15473] by dford
Use cool skin SST in air-sea CO2 flux calculations.
10:30 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-11-17 by gsamson
Tags VC added


17:35 Changeset [15472] by vancop
Further fixes to VP rheology
17:28 Changeset [15471] by jchanut
#1791: correct thicknesses at last level with vvl. This ensures total …
16:45 Ticket #2739 (diurnal cycle in TOP) created by cperruche
[…] ==== Context Boolean l_trcdm2dc depends on boolean ln_dm2dc …
16:43 Changeset [15470] by dford
Branch for using skin SST in air-sea CO2 flux calculations.


18:14 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-12-02 by clevy
Tags VC added
18:13 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-12-01 by clevy
Tags VC added
16:26 Tag change on SystemTeam/Agenda/2021-11-04 by gsamson
Tags VC added
12:33 Ticket #1791 (Vertical scale factor interpolation with key_vvl) reopened by jchanut


17:50 Changeset [15469] by jcastill
Comment some lines that caused out of bounds errors, as are not used in …
13:36 Changeset [15468] by jpalmier
trc abort fix 2
10:56 Changeset [15467] by cdllod
updated namzdf_iwm in namelist_ref
10:48 Changeset [15466] by cdllod
updated and simplified zdfiwm routine


17:02 Changeset [15465] by jcastill
Small fix: add some parameters to a namelist


20:10 Changeset [15464] by jcastill
Remove dependency with XIOS 2.5 so that we can run in coupled mode with …
16:39 Changeset [15463] by dford
CO2 flux based on input significant wave height.
16:14 Ticket #2738 (mass of the ice+ocean system depends on the init of ice) closed by clem
16:13 Ticket #2738 (mass of the ice+ocean system depends on the init of ice) created by clem
==== Analysis The mass of the "ocean + ice" system depends on the …
16:05 Ticket #2737 (mass of the ice+ocean system depends on the init of ice) created by clem
==== Analysis The mass of the "ocean + ice" system depends on the …
15:48 Changeset [15462] by annkeen
Minor correction
12:46 Changeset [15461] by acc
Minor changes to print statements in icb python tools to make then python3 …
11:35 Changeset [15460] by cetlod
Minor changes in TOP/PISCES namelist
10:19 Changeset [15459] by cetlod
Various bug fixes and more comments in PISCES routines ; sette test OK in …


17:12 Changeset [15458] by clem
4.0-HEAD: recalculate vertical scale factors in istate.F90 for wetting and …
15:12 Changeset [15457] by lovato
update trcopt array names with coding practices and make elements more …
13:43 Users_ edited by sciliberti
12:15 Changeset [15456] by hadjt
Preparation for change in SBC/tide_mod.F90 comments added to …
11:23 Changeset [15455] by jcastill
Code for uncoupled configurations, some changes for coupling may be needed …


20:03 Changeset [15454] by smueller
Addition of tangent-linear and adjoint model time-stepping loops and of a …
18:28 Ticket #2736 (vertical scale facors not recalculated when ssh/=0) created by clem
I think there is a problem with vertical scale factors in istate.F90 when …
18:20 Changeset [15453] by smueller
Suppression of tangent-linear model output unless explicitly activated
17:41 Changeset [15452] by dford
Branch for experimenting with using input significant wave height in …
16:46 Changeset [15451] by clem
4.0-HEAD only: change vertical scale factors for embedded sea ice as …
16:32 Changeset [15450] by cetlod
Some updates to make the PISCES/SED module usable. Totally orthogonal with …
15:01 Changeset [15449] by cetlod
dev_PISCO : minor bugfixes
13:27 Changeset [15448] by smueller
Alteration of the nonlinear-model-trajectory filename format
12:25 Ticket #2735 (Bug in nn_stocklist behaviour in some cases) created by timgraham
[…] ==== Context When providing a list of restart timesteps to the …
11:52 Changeset [15447] by timgraham
Branch to test fixes for nn_stocklist behaviour


16:34 Changeset [15446] by cetlod
Minor bugfixes mostly related to PISCES/SED module
11:01 Changeset [15445] by hadjt
TRA/tradwl.F90 Bug fix... used tmask(0,:,:) rather than tmask(1,:,:) this …
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