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2009WP – NEMO

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2009 milestones

The NEMO system can be defined as a shared, sustainable, and state-of-the-art platform for research and operational oceanography. This definition provides three recurrent streams:

stream 1 - User Interface : shared = daily support to users, web & paper documentation, model user interface.

stream 2- Developer interface : sustainable = inscribed in a long term perspective: well thought internal model architecture and interfaces, in order to facilitate the systems evolution.

stream 3- New features : state-of-the-art = development/implementation of improved physics and numerics coming from the NEMO community or from the NEMO team.

In addition to these recurrent streams, each year, a stream 0 is added.

stream 0- Year Specific action : a specific and priority development for the current year.

In 2009 the actions plan can be summed up as follows:

stream 0- Coupled Ready : ensure that the Ocean, ice and biogeochemistry components are “coupled ready” : introduce a generic coupling interface that can be shared by all groups involved in coupled studies ; provide an ORCA2-LIM global ocean configuration with improved and documented physics ; provide a forced and coupled interface for CICE ice model (see 2009WP/2009Stream0 for details and progress)

stream 1- User Interface' : introduce an easy and efficient way to add/remove model output fields (new IOM for output) ; start 2 years work on a configuration manager to ease the construction of a new model configuration ; add TOP and LIM paper documentation (see 2009WP/2009Stream1 for details and progress).

stream 2- Developer interface' : remove obsolete rigid-lid option ; merge advection/diffusion modules for active and passive tracers ; clean the mpp library (see 2009WP/2009Stream2 for details and progress).

stream 3- New features : incorporate features developed in the NEMO community (tidal mixing, RGB light penetration, diurnal cycle, conservative Leap-Frog scheme, Observation operator, Ice-shelf melting, katabatic wind parameterisation) ; develop or improve physics (new forcings, sea-ice embedding, vertical physics, vvl,... ) (see 2009WP/2009Stream3 for details and progress).

release time table

release 3.1 : february 2009 (see Release v3.1 )
release 3.2 : december 2009 (see Release v3.2 )

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