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2011WP/2011Stream2 – NEMO

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2011 Stream 2: Developer interface

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The stream 2 work will consist in:

1) system simplification : improve code oranisation, avoid duplications... Major actions this year on open boundaries (noted OB below)

MERCATOR 6 - OB Improvments of open boundaries and towards a unique module (starting from OBC + BDY, freeze OBC developments...). See discussion on OpenBoundaries?
UKMO 4- OB Include radiation conditions in BDY.
UKMO 5 - OB Develop a capability to allow OBC users to use BDY
UKMO 6 - OB Adapt BDY to use fldread
LOCEAN 5 - OB Update open boundaries to allow free explicit free surface
LOCEAN 3 - OB Merge TRA-TRP (compatibility with open boudaries, remove 3D T & S)
LOCEAN 3 - Merge dtatem-dtasal into dtatsd
LOCEAN 12 - Suppress LOBSTER (avoid duplication)
LOCEAN 15 (with UKMO & CMCC 1) - Improve TOP generic interface with template capability suitable to HadOC , BFM...
LOCEAN 9 - AGRIF on the vertical
LOCEAN 10 - AGRIF with sea-ice
LOCEAN 7 & UKMO 7 - Validation toolkit rewriting
LOCEAN 13 - Variable Volume Layer (non linear free surface) option by default

2) MPP improvement : Improving the mpp behaviour of NEMO by playing with width of the overlap area, the number of communication, the dynamical allocation, the suppression of the solvers, ond longer terms developements for sperformances and scalability

NOCS 9 & STFC - Develop dynamical allocation See discussion on Dynamic Memory
CMCC 2 Tests on dynamical allocation with different configurations
LOCEAN 1 - MPP evolutions (continuation: width of overlap area, nb of comms...)
NOCS 9 - MPP scalability. Implementation and testing of PRACE-type solution to increase scalability of the north-fold exchanges.
MERCATOR 11 - configuration of NEMO code to the RAPS consortium

3) coupled interface : achieving the development of the coupled interface (interface with LIM3 and CICE, use of OASIS 3 and OASIS 4) and the interface NEMO-CICE.

UKMO 8 & LOCEAN 2 - Interface between NEMO & multicategory sea-ice (CICE and LIM3) (continuation)
LOCEAN 2 - Coupled interface more general (no ice, with LIM3 or CICE)
LOCEAN 14 - Add toy atmospheric model to facilitate coupling tests

4) Data assimilation interface

LOCEAN-18 - Development of a standard configuration using TAM
CMCC 3 - Hands on the new OBS and ASM modules in order to check it for their projects and eventually develop
UKMO 10 - OBS and ASM improvements