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    117117   '''System Reviewer : ''' [[BR]]  
    118118   '''Number of weeks : ''' 2 (TBC) 
    154156   '''System Reviewer : ''' [[BR]]  
    155157   '''Number of weeks : ''' 2 (TBC) 
     158   '''Conclusion of the working group discussion: ''' 
     159       We think that it will be easier to start our work from an already existing tools,rather than to restart from zero. We decided to based our future work on the 
     160       SIREN tools developed by Mercator-Ocean. 
     161   '''Description  of Mercator's configuration manager: SIREN : System and Interface for oceanic RElocatable Nesting''' 
     162    Siren is a software used to build and launch, quickly and easily, regional oceanic simulations. These simulations are initialized and forced at boundaries by Mer- 
     163    cator Ocean system. So thanks to Siren, a user can easily add some physical processes as tide, change some parameters, apply runo as a  
     164ux, or use better 
     165    bathymetry, atmospheric forcing. . . and of course get a higher resolution. Siren uses Mercator Ocean regional code. This code, based on NEMO2.3, is used in 
     166    the regional Mercator Ocean operational system (Maraldi et al., in preparation), and has been customized to improve the physics of the model on the shelf. 
     167      . Siren extracts bathymetry from child  
     168les and merges it with parent bathymetry at boundaries. 
     169      . Siren builds open boundaries condition  
     170files from parent's con 
     171guration output  
     173      . Siren creates runooff fi 
     174les over the area, and digs bathymetry to create a canal for rivers described as a  
     176      . Siren creates a new restart  
     177le for a domain splitting from a given restart fi 
     178le or an output fi 
     180      . Siren compiles and launches NEMO2.3 on Mercator Ocean cluster. 
     181      . Siren makes some post-processings on the new con