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CMCC-NEMO team - 2013 actions

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Name Institution % Position
Marcello Vichi CMCC, Bologna 20 CMCC NEMO officer ad interim
Tomas Lovato CMCC, Bologna 20 post-doc
Esteban Gutierrez CMCC, Bologna 20 junior scientific programmer
Dorotea Iovino CMCC, Bologna 20 junior scientist
Pier Giuseppe Fogli CMCC, Bologna 20 senior scientific programmer
Italo Epicoco CMCC, Lecce 20 scientist
Silvia Mocavero CMCC, Lecce 20 scientist

total weeks :

40 weeks (=1 man-year)


The major developments completed during 2013 consisted in CMCC-1a and CMCC-6. CMCC-1a was added as a sub-activity of CMCC-1 that continues in 2014. The two developments have been tested and ready to be merged. CMCC-6 is however not completely finalized as it relies on the merging of the new BDY code in the trunk. This will be completed in 2014

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Nb of weeks Ready for merge/ If "NO", reason and status for 2014
CMCC-1a Scalability Continuation A. Coward DONE YES
CMCC-1b Scalability Continuation
This is a long term activity. Currently only the GYRE conf is fully parallelized with OpenMP+MPI.
CMCC-2 Masks Started
CMCC-3 Data assimilation Not Started
CMCC-4 Divergence damping Continuation
CMCC-5 Vertical stability Not started
CMCC-6 BC for TOP Continuation Ethe DONE YES
CMCC-7 AGRIF Not Funded

CMCC.1 Scalability Optimization

Motivation: Improve NEMO scalability.
Status: to be started
Main tasks:
* Introduction of a new software layer in the NEMO stack software exploiting numerical optimized and parallel libraries such as pBLAS, ScaLAPACK and PETSc.
* Continuation of the implementation of hybrid parallel approach based on the functional parallelism for the tracers, momentum equations and 3D domain decomposition.
* Test performances of XIOS on CMCC architectures
System Reviewer:
Deadline: 2013
Priority: Medium
Principal investigator: Italo Epicoco

CMCC.2 Modification of masks

Motivation: Expand the modification of masks to the EEN scheme
Status: started in 2012, continued in 2013
Main tasks: Evaluate the impact of fmask on the EEN scheme and eventually make modifications.
Science Reviewer: Gurvan Madec
Deadline: 2013
Priority: High
Principal investigator: Srdjan Dobricic

CMCC.3 Direct interface with data assimilation

Motivation: Interface with data assimilation systems
Status: to be started
Main tasks: Develop software interface that will avoid the writing to the disk, provide the possibility to use a different domain decomposition in Nemo and the data assimilation, reduce the memory usage of Nemo when it is inactive.
Science Reviewer: MetOffice
Deadline: 2013
Priority: Medium
Principal investigator: Srdjan Dobricic

CMCC.4 Divergence damping filter operator

Motivation: Additional diffusion on only the divergent component of the velocity could reduce the numerical noise at the high model topography (step topography, deep convection, etc.).
Status: continuation of 2012 activity. Tested but not documented
Main tasks: Add a routine that will apply the divergence filter in addition to the horizontal diffusion of the velocity.
System Reviewer:
Science Reviewer:
Priority: High
Principal investigator: Srdjan Dobricic

CMCC.5 Vertical stability of increment fields

Motivation: Modify the increment field in order to reduce the vertical instabilities.
Status: to be started
Main tasks: Modify the ASM code to add the diagnostics of the vertical stability and the modificatyions to the increment fields.
System Reviewer:
Science Reviewer: Met Office
Deadline: 2013
Priority: Medium
Principal investigator: Srdjan Dobricic

CMCC.6 Surface and lateral boundary conditions for tracers

Motivation: Add generic interfaces for surface and lateral boundary conditions for BGC tracers (river input, atmospheric deposition, open boundary conditions).
Status: started in 2012, first implementation waiting for the final choice of BDY
Main tasks: Port the interface used for transport routines to the surface and boundary condition routines currently used for T and S.
System Reviewer: C. Ethe'
Science Reviewer: C. Ethe', ??
Deadline: 2013
Priority: High
Principal investigator: Marcello Vichi

CMCC.7 Testing of AGRIF: scalability and usage with biogeochemical variables

Motivation: evaluate AGRIF performances in realistic domains and utilization with the BFM
Status: this activity has not been funded and will not be undertaken for this year
Main tasks: check performances of AGRIF with an Atlantic refinement; assess the compatibility with BFM variables and the related computational overhead
System Reviewer:
Science Reviewer: Dorotea Iovino
Deadline: 2013-2014
Priority: Medium
Principal investigator: Marcello Vichi and Italo Epicoco