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NOC-NEMO team - 2013 actions

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Name Institution % Position
Andrew Coward NERC-NOC, Southampton 40 NOC NEMO officer
George Nurser NERC-NOC, Southampton 10
Hedong Liu NERC-NOC, Liverpool 50

total weeks :
>= 40 weeks (=1 man-year)


Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Nb of weeks Ready for merge
NOCS-01 User Interface N/A 2
NOCS-02 System Maintenance 4
NOCS-03 Prather Advection 5
NOCS-04 Iceberg drift component enhancements 5
NOCS-05 Classic Fox-Kemper 4
NOCL-01 Wetting and Drying 20

NOCS.01 - User Interface

Description: Provide support to users of NEMO. NOC will provide in depth support for code supplied by them.
Motivation: Shared daily support to users, web & paper documentation.
Main task: (2 wk)
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward (acc@…)

NOCS.02 - System maintenance

Main tasks : (a) Code Reviewing - Reviewing code from NEMO partners (1 w)
(b) Beta Testing - Beta testing of new versions (1 w)
(c) Collaboration - Time spent:

  • hosting visitors from partner institutes on the NEMO system team
  • travelling to partner institutes for exchange visits
  • attending NEMO Steering, Developers and System Team meetings
  • attending “merge party”
    (2 w)
    Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward(acc@…)

NOCS.03 — Prather advection

Description: To provide a high order, reference advection scheme against which more computationally efficient schemes can be compared.
Motivation: The Prather advection scheme is currently the advection scheme of choice in other key modelling systems (MOM, ROMS etc.)
Main task: (3 wk)
(1) Implementation in the trunk+ NVTK + documentation (5 wk) v3.6 release
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward/George? Nurser (acc@…)
Deadline : 22nd April 2013
Priority: Medium
Science Reviewer : Gurvan Madec (TBC)
System Reviewer : Rachid Benshila (TBC)

NOCS.04 — Iceberg drift component enhancements

Description: Improvements to the iceberg drift component interface in order to provide easy input of key control fields
Motivation: An ice berg drift component was introduced in v3.5. The basic component requires additional code to allow greater control over features such as temporally and spatially varying calving rates.
Main task (5 wk)
Deadline : 22nd April 2011
Priority: High
Science Reviewer :
System Reviewer : Paris (TBC)
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward(acc@…)

NOCS.05 — Classic Fox-Kemper

Description: To provide the original Fox-Kemper eddy parameterisation.
Motivation: The Fox-Kemper scheme is an established and published eddy parameterisation. This work will introduce the original scheme into the system but will also track ongoing research which is expected to improve on the standard scheme. The submitted scheme will be the best available (dependent on research results and publication) by the development deadline.
Main task (5 wk)
Deadline : 22nd September 2013
Priority: High
Science Reviewer :
System Reviewer : Paris (TBC)
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward(acc@…)

NOCL.01 — Wetting and Drying

Motivation: Add Wetting/Drying? functionality to NEMO for coastal ocean applications
Status: In preparation
Main task (26 wk)
Deadline : End of 2013
Priority: Medium
Science Reviewer : TBC
System Reviewer : TBC
Principal Investigator : Hedong Liu (Hedong.Liu@…)