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    1616== First videoconference: 2 July 2013 == 
    17 Present: 
     17Present: Srdjan Dobricic, Julien Le Sommer, John Siddorn, Andrew Coward, Gurvan Madec, Paolo Oddo, Antonio Guarnieri, Yann Drillet, Claire Lévy 
    2121 * Approval of the slides of conclusion of the meeting 
     23Slides are ok to be added on the meeting wiki page and sent to Steering Committee as a first overview of the results of the meeting. 
     25Action: insist to get the missing notes of session leaders (Claire) 
    2227 * Final list of members of the "small group" 
     29List of members as defined above is approved 
    2331 * Proposed list of members of the "writing group" (to be submitted to Steering Committee) 
     33Same list of members to be submitted to Steering Committee (action: Claire) 
    2435 * List of actions and agenda of the "small group" 
    25  * Date of next videoconference 
     37The "small group" will also become the "writing group" (as soon as approved by Steering Committee). 
     39== First task: write the detailed summary of white paper, and distribute the writing work between us. == 
     40Agreement on the idea of writing a draft of the white paper for september, given the idea that some aspects will remain unanswered (but with the details on all the arguments exchanged during the meeting). Examples: NEMO seamless or not?; community versus consortium?; contours?... 
     42Action: Claire sends a first preliminary draft to the group today, to be discussed during next videoconference Friday 5 July 2:00 pm Paris time. 
     44 * Date of next videoconference: Friday 5 July 2:00 pm Paris time