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NEMO 2013 Small Group

The so called "2013 Small Group" has been created during the Enlarged Developer's Committee meeting (18 - 19 June 2013) to build the preliminary conclusions of the meeting, and beyond to follow the ongoing actions, at least till the end of the 2013 NEMO prospective work.

List of members:

  • Andrew Coward, NOC representative
  • Srdjan Dobricic, CMCC representative
  • Yann Drillet, MERCATOR representative
  • Antonio Guarnieri and/or Paolo Oddo, INGV representative
  • Julien Le Sommer, CNRS representative
  • Claire Lévy, Project Manager
  • Gurvan Madec, Scientific Leader
  • John Siddorn and/or Richard Wood, Met Office representative
  • Anne-Marie Tréguier

First videoconference: 2 July 2013

Present: Srdjan Dobricic, Julien Le Sommer, John Siddorn, Andrew Coward, Gurvan Madec, Paolo Oddo, Antonio Guarnieri, Yann Drillet, Claire Lévy


  • Approval of the slides of conclusion of the meeting

Slides are ok to be added on the meeting wiki page and sent to Steering Committee as a first overview of the results of the meeting.

Action: insist to get the missing notes of session leaders (Claire)

  • Final list of members of the "small group"

List of members as defined above is approved

  • Proposed list of members of the "writing group" (to be submitted to Steering Committee)

Same list of members to be submitted to Steering Committee (action: Claire)

  • List of actions and agenda of the "small group"

The "small group" will also become the "writing group" (as soon as approved by Steering Committee).

First task: write the detailed summary of white paper, and distribute the writing work between us.

Agreement on the idea of writing a draft of the white paper for september, given the idea that some aspects will remain unanswered (but with the details on all the arguments exchanged during the meeting). Examples: NEMO seamless or not?; community versus consortium?; contours?…

Action: Claire sends a first preliminary draft to the group today, to be discussed during next videoconference Friday 5 July 2:00 pm Paris time.

  • Date of next videoconference: Friday 5 July 2:00 pm Paris time