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CNRS-NEMO team - 2014 actions

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Name Institution % Position
Christian Ethé IPSL, Paris 50 CNRS, NEMO Officer
Simona Flavoni LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 100 CNRS
Claire Lévy LOCEAN_IPSL, Paris 100 CNRS, NEMO Project manager
Pierre-Antoine Bouttier OSUG, Grenoble 50 CNRS
Sébastien Masson LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 50 CNAP
Gurvan Madec LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 30 CNRS, NEMO Scientific Leader

Summary: List here actions of the institution so as contributions to shared actions

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Nb of weeks Ready for merge If "NO", reason and status for 2015
CNRS-1 Energy diag. xx
CNRS-2 TEOS10 xx
CNRS-3 LIM evolution xx
CNRS-4 TOP Online coarsening xx
CNRS-6 COMODO tests cases xx
CNRS-7 Coupling interface xx
CNRS-8 Subduction diag. xx
CNRS-9 BGC tracer in sea ice xx

CNRS-1 - title

Motivation: xx
Status : xx
Main tasks : xx
Science Reviewer:
System Reviewer:
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : xx