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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
2014WP/2014Stream0 – NEMO

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NEMO team Stream 0 - Shared 2014 actions

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Summary: AGRIF, Configuration Manager, Simplification...

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Nb of weeks Ready for merge If "NO", reason and status for 2015
AGRIF-1 AGRIF testing and troubleshooting xx
AGRIF-2 INSU - !6:Investing in AGRIF expertise
Config. Manager

AGRIF-1 - Agrif testing and troubleshooting

Motivation: Report and fix issues with AGRIF. These could be linked to the compilation itself or the incompatibility with some model compartments.
Status : xx
Main tasks : Ensure, after system simplification, that all model options work with AGRIF. At the time being, flexible mpp decomposition, unstructured open boundaries, non-linear free surface, barotropic time splitting, s-coordinate, cyclic parent domain are not compatible or have not been really tested with AGRIF. Tackle problems associated with loss of conservation across nested interfaces (at least volume conservation).
Science Reviewer:
System Reviewer:
Priority: high
Depends on: system simplification
Principal Investigator : xx

AGRIF-2 - (INSU - 6):Investing in AGRIF expertise

Motivation: Hands on AGRIF for xx test cases. Gathering and sharing expertise. Towards a NEMO-AGRIF tutorial/training course To be elaborated with other System team members in the consortium (making AGRIF compatible with time splitting, free surface, ALE…) 
Status : Starting
Main tasks : Using AGRIF, contribute to the shared expertise by building a tutorial/training course
Science Reviewer:
System Reviewer:
Deadline:  end 2014
Priority: high
Depends on: system simplification
Principal Investigator : Sébastien Masson