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NOC-NEMO team - 2014 actions

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Name Institution % Position
Andrew Coward NOCS 60 NEMO Officer

Summary: List here actions of the institution so as contributions to shared actions

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Nb of weeks Ready for merge If "NO", reason and status for 2015
NOC-1 Refinement of Griffies operator
NOC-2 Testing, validation and commissioning of recent major changes
NOC-3 System simplification

NOC-1 - Refinement of Griffies operator

Motivation: Improvements to the computation of properties along isopycnal slopes and a full investiagtion into opportunities for optimising performance
Status : xx
Main tasks : Add algorithmic improvements. Profile performance on at least two architectures. Investigate bottlenecks and look for generic improvements in performance that can be made without compromising code readability.
Science Reviewer: George Nurser
System Reviewer: Gurvan Madec
Deadline: Aug 2014
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward

NOC-2 - Testing, validation and commissioning of recent major changes

Motivation: NOCS is responsible for several recent additions which need more thorough testing to establish them as acceptable default options. These are: a. The Griffies operator; b. Z-tilde verical coordinate and c. Ice embedding. A major component of the NOC 2014 work-plan will be to test these options both individually and in concert in demanding global configurations.
Status : xx
Main tasks : Set up test cases with ORCA1, ORCA025 and ORCA0083. Perform multi-centennial tests with ORCA1; multi-decadal tests with ORCA025 and high-variability tests (e.g. tides) with ORCA0083. Document recommeneded settings and results.
Science Reviewer: Gurvan Madec
System Reviewer:
Deadline: Sept 2014
Depends on: NOC-1
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward

NOC-3 - System simplification

Motivation: As a first step towards system simplification unused options will be removed and the non-linear free surface will become the default.
Status : xx
Main tasks : Remove the unrecommended Neptune options. Add thickness weighted tendency calculations as default. Make the non-linear free surface the default.
Science Reviewer:
System Reviewer:
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Andrew Coward