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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
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2014WP – NEMO

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The NEMO system can be defined as a shared, sustainable, and state-of-the-art platform for research and operational oceanography. This definition provides three recurrent streams to which is added a fourth stream related to a specific focus of the year. The four stream of the work plan can therefore be presented as follows:

stream 0- Year Specific shared action(s) : specific and priority actions for the current year. In 2014 the focus will be ...

stream 1 - User Interface : shared = daily support to users, web & paper documentation, model user interface.

stream 2- Developer interface : sustainable = inscribed in a long term perspective: well thought internal model architecture and interfaces, in order to facilitate the system evolution.

stream 3- New features : state-of-the-art = development/implementation of improved physics and numerics coming from the NEMO community or from the NEMO team.

2014 actions by stream:

stream 0 Shared: AGRIF, Configuration Manager, Simplification... 2014 Stream 0
stream 1 User Interface 2014 Stream 1
stream 2 Developer interface 2014 Stream 2
stream 3 New features 2014 Stream 3

2013 actions by institution:

CMCC-NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_CMCC
CNRS-INSU NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_CNRS
INGV-NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_INGV
MERCATOR-NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_MERCATOR
Met Office-NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_Met_Office
NOC-NEMO team 2014WP/2014Action_institutions_NOC