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2015WP/3_6_STABLE_final sprint – NEMO
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3_6_STABLE final sprint

Sequence of actions for each branch

For each development branch to be committed in the trunk, following steps have been fullfilled:

  • Branch has been validated regarding its new features in appropriate way, and if possible tested on a CMIP6 like configuration or at least on the ORCA2_LIM3 reference configuration (using vvl)
  • SETTE tests passed: run and
  • Reviewer has approved

Since the timing is tight and we need to check each step, changes in the trunk will be made sequentially, and tested at each step. For a given branch to be commited, sequnce should be:

  • Update the branch to head of trunk
  • Final test of the branch
  • merge branch with trunk: this should include documentation in reference manual....
  • SETTE test on new trunk
  • Commit new trunk
  • Send a mail to nemo_st to say you've finished (in order for the next branch to be able to start, see proposed agenda below)

Ongoing work

Date Description PI trunk rev. before commit SETTE before trunk rev. after commit SETTE after comments
1 june Hollingsworth correction in the computation of the gradient of Kinetic Energy PA Bouttier 5302 ok 5328 ok An enhancement of performances has to be done but for now, it failed SETTE tests, so has not been committed yet.
Update of reference manual still missing
1 june Stochastic parameterization of the effect of unresolved scales in the equation of state 5328 ok 5329 OK (except AGRIF conf) SETTE Test with AGRIF configuration failed due to a (valid) fortran structure in storng.F90. I will fix this this the 10th june.
2 june Bug correction related to ice shelf, P. Mathiot 5305 ok 5334 ok Bug correction if ISF activated and mv ISOMIP to unsupported configuration. WARNING: SETTE fail with AGRIF at revision 5331 (cf ticket #1527) and result change at revision r5321 due to start date change in namelist ref.
3 june Specify restart directory and list of restart file times Dave Storkey for Ed Blockley 5334 ok 5344 ok SETTE OK apart from AGRIF test. Accidental start date change in namelist_ref now fixed.
4 june CF compliance.F90 D. Calvert 5344 ok 5363 ok Further changes to come during bug fixes on the 10th depending on availability of XIOS branch.
5 june Add AGRIF_DO_NOT_TREAT in storng P.A Bouttier 5363 ok 5366 OK (except for AGRIF on ADA computer) The compilation bug detected by P. Mathiot is now solve (See Ticket #1527). But AGRIF configuration still not compiled on ADA cluster (See Ticket #1530)
9 june Diurnal cycle in PISCES + hard coded indices for eORCA1 + BGC in sea-ice C. Ethé 5204 ok 5385 OK (except for AGRIF)
11/06/2015 ocean-ice through OASIS and coupled interfaces S. Masson 5406 ok 5047 OK (except for AGRIF) Documentation is missing
initialisation of case nn_ice_embd = 2 should be reviewed
HPC LIM3 optimisations M. Castrillo
10/06/2015 ahmcoef now read in netcdf file instead of ascii file R. Bourdalle 5395 ok 5395 ok Ticket1531
10/06/2015 use IOF for geothermal file reading R. Bourdalle 5396 ok 5398 ok Ticket 1535
10/06/2015 change fldread to allow reading of 4 dimensions files R. Bourdalle 5398 ok 5399 ok Ticket 1536
documentation G. Madec irrelevant Update the Documentation with EOS, ln_dynvor_old, Hollingsworth correction, NPC, and update the namelist used in the doc with the SHARE/namelist_ref
Create a directory for stochastic param. and make the code more NEMO code conventions compliant P.A. Bouttier
12 june Decide revision number for tests 5398
12-20 june Intensive tests (add yours below)
20 june Create and announce 3_6_STABLE

12-20 June: list of tests

Each System Team member is expected to contribute, tests to be done on the trunk after final bugifxes and before creation of 3_6_STABLE (revision to be confirmed here) on 12 June. All results to be summarized here:

SETTE : add one PI per institution

All specific tests (add your below):

3_6_STABLE release annoucement (draft)

Up to now, the stable NEMO release was 3_4_STABLE.
From now on a new 3_6_STABLE release is available, cf.

This release will be used by all CMIP6 experiments using NEMO (CERFACS, CMCC, EC_EARTH, Hadley Centre, IPSL)
It includes all developments from 3_4_STABLE, i.e. 3_5, 3_6_beta, including the new XIOS IO system and some new features.

Main new features (for details, see
• Coupled interface for next IPCC requirements (multi category sea-ice, calving and iceberg module)
• Runoff improved and SBC with BGC
• Solar flux filtering at daily frequency to force BGC component
• Major evolution of LIM sea-ice model (including LIM3 in mono category, i.e. similar to LIM2)
• On line coarsening of ocean I/O
• Ocean and ice allowed to be explicitly coupled through OASIS, using StandAlone Surface module)
• First steps of wave coupling
• MPP optimisation
• XIOS new IO system
• Standard Fox Kemper parametrisation
• Atmospheric forcing at land-ocean interface
• Open boundaries: completion of BDY/OBC merge
• Solved 2 time stepping issues
• Faster split-explicit time stepping, Z-tilde ALE coordinates, implicit bottom friction
• First version of Configuration Manager
• Standalone OBS component and improvements in OBS&ASM

Features becoming obsolete:
• LIM2
Quick start guide available here:
3_6_STABLE has been validated as usual :so-called SETTE tests (restartability and reproducibility an each of the reference configurations ( and appropriate validations of all new developments. Details on validation can be found here:

WARNINGS: add here what remains to be tested, or still unsure, in this first revision of 3_6_STABLE, if needed

Associated branches: to be done

A few associated development branches will remain aside, at least until full validation. THose developement branches listed below will be kept up to date with 3_6_STABLE. A project needing one or more of these branches will have to

  1. Extract 3_6_STABLE
  2. Merge the needed development branch with 3_6_STABLE locally (see documentation here, to be done)

List of assocated branches

  • On line coarsening of biogeochemistry: add description and location