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{2017WP/CNRS/LIM3_MeltPonds} Melt Ponds in LIM3

The PI is responsible to closely follow the progress of the action, and especially to contact NEMO project manager if the delay on preview (or review) are longer than the 2 weeks expected.


The action has to be detailed briefly in the 'Summary' sub-page (ordinary wiki page) for later inclusion in other pages. Out of this, the rest of the page can be edited on-line inside the form fields considering the following color code given hereafter.
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  1. Summary
  1. Abstract
  1. Tests


  1. Preview


  1. Review


Action ENHANCE-2_Martin Melt Ponds
PI(S) Martin Vancoppenolle


Addition of melt ponds at the surface of sea-ice following the PhD work of Olivier Lecomte (2014) (UCL)

Dependencies Depends on ...
Target Priority or deadline
Trac Ticket #XXXX
SVN branch branches/2017/dev_r${REV}_${WG|INSTITUTE}-${NUM}_${PIS}-${KEYWORD}
Previewer(s) Ed Blockley
Reviewer(s) Ed Blockley
Status Started and ongoing
Links ExtractUrl(.)?


This section should be completed before starting to develop the code, in order to find agreement on the method beforehand.

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Once the PI has completed this section, he should send a mail to the previewer(s) asking them to preview the work within two weeks.


Since the preview step must be completed before the PI starts the coding, the previewer(s) answers are expected to be completed within the two weeks after the PI has sent his request.
For each question, an iterative process should take place between PI and previewer(s) in order to reach a "YES" answer for each of the following questions.

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Once all "YES" have been reached, the PI can start the development into his development branch.


Once the development is done, the PI should complete this section below and ask the reviewers to start their review in the lower section.

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A successful review is needed to schedule the merge of this development into the future NEMO release during next Merge Party (usually in November).

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Once review is successful, the development must be scheduled for merge during next Merge Party Meeting.

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