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2018 Specific actions

List here the actions not included in SharedActions



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Present development actions

List of pages: CMCC-01_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYModel, CMCC-02_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYTool, CMCC-03_Clementi_AddWaveDiag

Action CMCC-01_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYModel
PI(S) Stefania Ciliberti


This action is in continuing from 2017 and consists of 3 major tasks:

  1. Implementation of the generalised Flather’s condition for the barotropic component (Oddo & Pinardi, 2008);
  2. Interpolation Constraint applied to total velocity field for preserving the transport conservation across open boundaries
  3. The spectral nudging technique for managing multi-scale processes, controlling model drift and bias (von Storch et al., 2000; Stacey et al., 2006; Thompson et al., 2006)
Target end 2018
Trac Ticket #0000
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Previewer(s) J. Harle
Reviewer(s) Prof. Pinardi
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Action CMCC-02_StefaniaCiliberti_BDYTool
PI(S) Stefania Ciliberti


Continuation of 2017 CONFIGMAN-5 and review of the major tasks according to what required by the Configuration Manager WG. BDY tool application and tests on modelling configurations for the Central Mediterranean and the Black Sea

Dependencies Depends on CM-WG decisions
Target Dec 2018
Trac Ticket #0000
SVN branch branches/$YEAR/dev_r{REV}_{SCOPE}-{NUM}_{PIS}-{KEYWORDS}
Previewer(s) J. Chanut
Reviewer(s) J. Chanut
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Action CMCC-03_Clementi_AddWaveDiag
PI(S) Emanuela Clementi, Massimiliano Drudi


In order to improve the actual NEMO-WAVE coupling, CMCC will enhance the way the wave external fields are read, and provide output fields on wave forcing:

  1. Improve wave namelist: enhance the way the external wave fields are read through more appropriate logical flags in namelist;
  2. Add usefull diagnostics (using xIOS) (SD velocity, tracer trends, etc...)
Trac Ticket #0000
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