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    6565It has been compared with a one year run of the forced reference configuration ORCA2_ICE_PISCES (NEMO trunk rev  10272).[[BR]] 
    67 * [ Outputs of ORCA2_SAS_LIM after one year] 
     67* [ Outputs of ORCA2_SAS_LIM after one year], in particular the ORCA2_SAS_5d*.nc output files, and the and restart files 
    6868* [ Outputs of ORCA2_ICE_PISCES after one year] 
    6969Validation of the results:[[BR]] 
    7070* Some questions raised on the forced configuration itself, see below 
    71 * After one year experiment, the ice restart file is created in the SAS run and ''looks like a correct ice restart file'' 
     71* After one year experiment, the outputs and ice restart files  created in the SAS run '' make sense'' 
    7272* Having a complete an exact validation of this configuration will need some more work: here the ice is forced with an ocean input file containing the surface fields. These fields are not varying with time for now in the input file. To have a complete validation, it would need: 
    7373  * to run a one year of ORCA2_ICE_PISCES full reference configuration, with outputs of these daily surface fields