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     116''Eric Maisonnave'' 
     123* Is the proposed methodology now implemented? ''' -yes- ''' 
     124* Are the code changes in agreement with the flowchart defined at preview step? '''-yes-''' 
     125* Are the code changes in agreement with list of routines and variables as proposed at preview step? ''' -yes- ''' 
     126* Is the in-line documentation accurate and sufficient? ''' -yes- ''' 
     127* Do the code changes comply with NEMO coding standards? ''' -don't know- ''' 
     128* Is the development documented with sufficient details for others to understand the impact of the change? ''' -yes- ''' 
     129* Is the project literature (manual, guide, web, …) now updated or completed following the proposed summary in preview section? ''' -don't know- ''' 
     133* Is the review fully successful? If not, please indicate what is still missing 
     135TEST1: the intermediate step is completed. ''' the review is fully successful ''' 
     138It should be mentioned that coupling validation is also done for sea-ice (but not biogeochemistry) related coupling fields. 
     140The OASIS version used for this test is not clearly indicated (OASIS3-MCT v4). This version is not fully compatible with NEMO 4.0 (see ticket #2147). This should be communicated to the NEMO community, and the use of OASIS3-MCT v3 recommended until bug correction in OASIS3-MCT v4, because this is exactly the purpose of this test case. From that perspective, ''' the review is fully successful '''. Thanks !