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  1. Summary
  2. Development plan
  3. Preview
  4. Tests
  5. Review


Action AGRIF-05_jchanut_vert_coord_interp
PI(S) Jérôme Chanut, James Harle


Developments to nesting (IMMERSE T3.2: Lead Mercator-Ocean , Participants: NERC ) The two-way nesting AGRIF capability will be developed in year 1 to allow each inner nest to use a different vertical coordinate from the model in which it is nested.

Trac Ticket #2222
SVN branch NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r11233_AGRIF-05_jchanut_vert_coord_interp
Previewer(s) Rachid Benshila
Reviewer(s) TBD
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Development plan

  1. Simplify existing AGRIF code (open boundary routines only - update part unchanged):
    • Remove any non purely local update near boundaries, e.g. 3 points velocity filtering near boundaries / upstream advection for tracers for outflows. Target is "specified" open boundaries (this does change the results).
    • Ensure that NEMO-AGRIF handles small (~3x3 points) local mpp sub-domains (the preceding task should enable that more easily - current status is local sub-domains greater than ~10x10 points, e.g. greater than spong layer width).
  2. Check current interpolation of vertical nesting (key_vertical).
    • Ensure that with identical vertical grids, results are bit-for-bit identical (VORTEX).
    • Optimization ? Consider existing PPM interpolation at this stage.
  3. Volume connection with different coordinate systems.
    • Existing code supports only nesting a z-coord model into a z-coord model. Should be more general.
    • Nesting tools have to be updated to allow this. Grenoble's version of Nesting tools (available on NEMO trac) should be the starting point.
  4. Design test cases.
    • One should check how boundary layers react at the domains boundaries (top and bottom): extrapolation methods will matter here.
    • Overflow test case (3D). Internal Wave packet crossing the boundary. 2D upwelling. Others ?
  5. Implement other remapping methods.
    • Could be borrowed from D. Engwirda (MOM6) library.
    • Should be coordinated with Mike Bell who plans to use the package for pressure gradient scheme.
  6. Set up a realistic test case (Denmark strait) in col. with WPX (TBD).
    • How far in the validation should be go ? Not sure this is really part of the WP3.


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