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    9797=== Previewer's comments 
     99The use of XIOS is particularly ingenious to perform both the tidal harmonic analysis and the detiding (i.e. the existing 25h moving average). The development addresses one of the main caveats of the existing harmonic analysis, i.e. the impossibility to perform analysis over more than two model restart time (though this could have been implemented in the online version too). 
     101- Since it can be tedious for some users to step into XIOS logic, I recommend to pay attention to the documentation of the new tidal harmonic method and give practical, simple, examples. The AMM12 reference configuration should embark the new method as a guideline. 
     103 - I suggest that the existing 25 h average being kept in the code, at the expense of duplicating two quasi-identical features for a while. The reason is that online detiding may be soon useful to implement an Internal Wave drag parameterization in the code (this parameterization should work only on the tidal component of the flow). Again practical example should be given in AMM12. 
     105 - Would it be possible to use the results of an existing tidal analysis to perform the detiding through XIOS ? That could be an even more efficient alternative to the 25 h filtering. I'm afraid that harmonics would have to be read in NEMO ?    
    99106== Tests