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     164To allow for vertical interpolation in NEMO/AGRIF a vertical remapping the conservative piecewise polynomial reconstruction library of Engwirda and Kelley (2016) has be successfully implemented. All proposed tests (bar the bowl overflow case) have been successfully undertaken. This development extends the existing code, which previously only supported z-coordinate to z-coordinate nesting. Due to the nature of the development task there are differences in the solution when activating the new feature. These differences are acceptable small. The development is ready for merging. 
     166As the DOMAINcfg tool for AGRIF had not been implemented a collection of python scripts were employed to produce configuration files for a series of test cases: Flat Bottom, 2DV Overflow, VORTEX and DOME experiments. While the domain_cfg files could not be re-created using the existing NEMO NESTING or DOMAINcfg Tools, existing files where used to verify the test cases. All of which performed as described in the IMMERSE WP3.2 final report.  
     168Testing of ORCA2_PISCES (with multiple nests) was also undertaken. This currently fails when turning `key_vert_remap = .true.`, as nests 2 and 3 have not been refactored to match the volume along the parent-child boundary. No explicit error message is issued to say this cannot be done (something we believe will be addressed in ticket #2638)  
     170In the namelist, the `namagrif` block includes both `ln_vert_remap` and `ln_chk_bathy`. It is suggested that `ln_chk_bathy` may well be a redundant: if `ln_vert_remap = .true.`, `ln_chk_bathy` should be `.true.` by default, in order to remove any ambiguity.  
     172This development has been documented with sufficient explanation and examples in the IMMERSE WP3.2 final report. Documentation of project literature will most likely come as an output from ticket #2638 (development of the DOMAINcfg Tool to enable vertical remapping of NEMO/AGRIF configurations employing different vertical grids).