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    3737=== Implementation 
    39 A branch will be created gathering recent works on enhanced ocean mixing due to breaking waves.\\ 
    40 The implementation then will be finalized (by mid 2020) by adding a new source term in the \\ 
    41 vertical mixing as an energy flux explicitly evaluated by a wave model. \\ 
     39A branch will be created including wave induced terms following Couvelard et al., 2019.\\ 
    43 ZDF and SBC routines are impacted 
     41Namelist, ZDF, DYN and SBC routines are impacted: 
     43* Namelist modifications to move all related wave parameters in namsbc_wave (except ln_wave) and include new parameters.\\ 
     44* Update sbcmod.F90, sbcwave.F90 , sbccpl.F90, sbccpl.F90, cpl_oasis3.F90 to include additional wave parameters and coupling:\\ 
     45 - Chranock coefficient from wave model 
     46 - wind stress corrected by wave intake 
     47 - TKE surface BC from wave model 
     48 - Bernoulli head, waves' inuced pressure 
     49 - Breivik 2016 profile 
     50 - Vortex force activation 
     51* Modify sbcblk_algo_ecmwf.F90 to add Charnok coupling 
     52* Modify dynvor.F90, dynzad.F90 to add vortex focre term: 
     53* Modify dynspg.F90 to account for depth-independent Bernoulli head 
     54* Modifications to tke.F90: 
     55 - Langmuir mixing parameterization including the Stokes Drift contribution using Craik-Leibovich velocity scale (cpl_sdrftx) or Surface Stokes drift deduced from surface stress.  
     56 - Modified shear production term in the TKE equation due to the Stokes Drift 
     57 - Add 2 cases to evaluate en, zdiag, zd_lw, zd_up: Dirichlet Boundary Condition using surface TKE flux from waves and without wave coupling  
     58 - Modifications to allow for Neumann boundary condition 
     59 - Mixing length: add evaluation if coupling with waves 
     60 - Modifiy TKE due to surface and internal wave breaking 
     61 - In tke_avn include the mixing length evaluated if waves data are available 
    4866{{{#!box width=55em help 
    49 Using previous parts, define the main changes to be done in the NEMO literature  
    50 (manuals, guide, web pages, …). 
     67NEMO manual will be modified following Couvelard et al., 2019 to include: 
     68* the modification of the wind-stress by waves through the Charnock parameter, 
     69* the modifications of the NEMO governing equations through the Vortex force and wave-induced surface pressure terms,  
     70* the addition of a Langmuir turbulence parameterization,  
     71* the modifications to the TKE scheme.\\