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    65 ''...'' 
     68Test-cas associated with this development: 
     70        • Test case name: '''STATION_ASF''' (C1D meets SAS). See [] for a more complete introduction. 
     72        • Test case functionality: test-case STATION_ASF checks that all bulk algorithms available in NEMO, used to estimate the bulk transfer coefficient for turbulent air-sea and air-ice fluxes, are working properly. This is done by checking that all turbulent fluxes computed at the punctual location of STATION_ASF lie within a reasonable range. 
     75        • Test case setup: in STATION_ASF nemo.exe runs on one processor and needs only 2 lightweight netCDF files as input. These 2 files provide hourly time-series of sea-surface variables (SST, SSH), and surface atmospheric state (wind, temperature, humidity and downwelling radiative fluxes), respectively, at the punctual location of STATION_ASF. 1 year of simulation with STATION_ASF takes a few tens of seconds on 1 proc. 
     77        • Test case verification value: WILL BE boolean. Each computed turbulent flux (hourly time-series), namely evaporation, wind stress and sensible flux, will be checked for consistency during a whole year. This operation will be carried out with every bulk (air-sea and air-ice) parameterization algorithms available in NEMO, including the testing of different options: cool-skin/warm-layer and wave-pattern input). 
     80        • Status of the test case as for now: Exists on the official GitHub for NEMO. Boolean output not ready yet, version for air-ice fluxes in progress.  
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