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2020WP/HPC-09_epico_Loop_fusion – NEMO

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The PI is responsible to closely follow the progress of the action, and especially to contact NEMO project manager if the delay on preview (or review) are longer than the 2 weeks expected.

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Action Loop Fusion
PI(S) I.Epicoco, F.Mele
Digest Adoption of the 'loop fusion' optimization tecnique to reduce the cache misses and to improve the computational performance
Dependencies Extra-halo
Branch source:/NEMO/branches/{YEAR}/dev_r{REV}_{ACTION_NAME}
Previewer(s) TBD
Reviewer(s) TBD
Ticket #2367


The computational peak performance of the target parallel architecture can be better exploited working on the vectorisation level of the code. Many compilers usually are able to perform automatic vectorisation but the code needs to be written in such a way as to drive the compiler to increase the vectorisation level. A screening of the code will be needed in order to limit the dependency issues. Moreover, directives can also be used to increase the execution of SIMD instructions and to get closer to modern core peak performance.

Single core performance will be enhanced by changing the structure of the DO-loops. Namely, the DO loops will be fused in order to perform as much operations as possibile over the current (j, i, k) grid cell before moving on processing the next one. This approach will ehnance the vectorization level and the cache reuse.

The DO-loops fusion requires also to move the halo exchange before the fused loops, and this implies an extra-halo exchange. Part of this action is also focused on moving the communication before a routine/kernel execution extending also the halo region.

Planned optimisations will be designed taking care to ensure that scientific quality of the code is not compromised.


The DO-loops fusion can be inserted in the NEMO code gradually, but this requires to move the halo exchanges earlier in the code and this is possible thanks to the extended halo=2

a cleanup of the useless communications has been applied

  1. the communications before a result writing have been removed because only the inner domanin data are stored into the output files
  2. some communications have been removed by changing the DO LOOP ranges
  3. most of the communication have been moved earlier in the code but exchanging a wider halo. We still maintain the support for halo=1 in the code

Loop fusion implementation plan is as follows

  1. we fuse the DO-loops following the strategy defined during the NEMO HPC-WG meeting (please refer to the slides here attached We will start from the advection routines (both from tracers and for ocean dynamics)

1a. the compilation key (key_loop_fusion) to activate or deactivate the loop fusion optiization 2a. the loop fusion has been applied on traadv_fct and traadv_mus (two new files have been added with the loop fused)=

  1. proceed with LDF module (next year)
  2. we will complete with the remaining routines from the most computing intensive towards the less computing intensive one. (next year)

Documentation updates

The use of compilation key named key_loop_fusion must be included in the documentation. key_loop_fusion can be used to activate or deactivate the loop fusion optimization


Error: Failed to load processor box
No macro or processor named 'box' found




SETTE test has been executed with halo=1 and with halo=2. halo=1: all tests passed (Restartability, Reproducibiity and Comparison with the trunk). halo=2: three configurations did not pass the test: AGRIF_DEMO_ST, OVERFLOW_ST, LOCK_EXCHANGE_ST, but this behaviour is exactly the same we have in the trunk. All the other configurations passed the full test

Compiler: ifort 19.5.281 is used with XIOS in attached mode.

Regular checks

  • Can this change be shown to produce expected impact (option activated)? YES both in terms of numerical changes in the results and in HPC performance
  • Can this change be shown to have a null impact (option not activated)? YES
  • Results of the required bit comparability tests been run: are there no differences when activating the development? NO
    • If some differences appear, is reason for the change valid/understood? YES
    • If some differences appear, is the impact as expected on model configurations? YES
  • Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics? NO numerical differences will be introduced due to the different order of the floating point operations
    • If no, is reason for the change valid/understood? YES
  • Are there significant changes in run time/memory? NO changes in the memory footprint, performance improvement can be seen depending on the architecture

Detailed SETTE results

Tiling is turned on in this report.

Current code is : URL: @ r13906
13906  ( last change @ r13906 )

SETTE validation report generated for :

       URL: @ r13906+ (last changed revision)

       on ifort_zeus_xios arch file

!!---------------1st pass------------------!!

WGYRE_PISCES_ST              run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WGYRE_PISCES_ST              tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13906+
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13906+
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat restartability  passed :  13906+
WAMM12_ST                    run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST            run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST               run.stat    restartability  FAILED :  13906+  (results are different after  19     time steps)
WWED025_ST                   run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WISOMIP+_ST                  run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WOVERFLOW_ST                 ocean.output               MISSING :  13906+
WOVERFLOW_ST                 incomplete test
WLOCK_EXCHANGE_ST            ocean.output               MISSING :  13906+
WLOCK_EXCHANGE_ST            incomplete test
WVORTEX_ST                   run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+
WICE_AGRIF_ST                run.stat    restartability  passed :  13906+

WGYRE_PISCES_ST              run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WGYRE_PISCES_ST              tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13906+
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13906+
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST         tracer.stat reproducibility passed :  13906+
WAMM12_ST                    run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST            run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WORCA2_ICE_OBS_ST            run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST               run.stat    reproducibility FAILED :  13906+  (results are different after  8      time steps)
WWED025_ST                   run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WISOMIP+_ST                  run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WVORTEX_ST                   run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+
WICE_AGRIF_ST                run.stat    reproducibility passed :  13906+

   !----agrif check----!
ORCA2 AGRIF vs ORCA2 NOAGRIF run.stat    unchanged  -    passed :  13906+ 13906+

   !----result comparison check----!

check result differences between :
VALID directory : /work/asc/fm27215/dev_r13898_Tiling_Cleanup_MPI3/NEMO_VALIDATION at rev 13906+
REFERENCE directory : /work/asc/fm27215/trunk@r13787/trunk/NEMO_VALIDATION_H2_BERG at rev 13787

WGYRE_PISCES_ST       run.stat    files are identical
WGYRE_PISCES_ST       tracer.stat files are identical
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST  run.stat    files are identical 
WORCA2_ICE_PISCES_ST  tracer.stat files are identical 
WORCA2_OFF_PISCES_ST  tracer.stat files are identical
WAMM12_ST             run.stat    files are identical
WORCA2_SAS_ICE_ST     run.stat    files are identical
WAGRIF_DEMO_ST        run.stat    files are DIFFERENT (results are different after  17  time steps)
WWED025_ST            run.stat    files are identical
WISOMIP+_ST           run.stat    files are identical
WVORTEX_ST            run.stat    files are identical
WICE_AGRIF_ST         run.stat    files are identical
WOVERFLOW_ST          incomplete test
WLOCK_EXCHANGE_ST     incomplete test


Error: Failed to load processor box
No macro or processor named 'box' found


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