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    4343== Tests 
     45'''Test case functionality:''' Test hardware and software requirements, test if sample code return value on the desirable range. 
     47'''Test case setup:''' 
     49* Check if one or more compatible GPU is present 
     50* Check if GPU driver is compatible 
     51* Run sample and test returned value 
     53'''Test case verification value:'''  
     55* Return logical value pointing if requirements are present. 
     56* Return float relative error from expected sample value. This value must be smaller than 0.1%. 
     58'''Status of the test case as for now:''' Not developed yet. 
     60'''Expected characteristics:''' 
     62a) When the option is not activated, the code should pass all the set test and should not display any difference in results nor computational performance. 
     64b) When the option is enabled, a system test must be performed to check if the system fulfills the minimum hardware requirement, there will be some differences that should be appreciable: 
     66  The implementation will reduce run time and have a small increase in memory fingerprint. The impact is expected to make the time of execution of the ported diagnostics routines negligible compared to the non GPU ported case. 
     68  The diagnostics results won't be bit-to-bit identical to CPU-only implementation runs or in other hardware but will be reproducible in the same hardware and stack software. 
     70  The ported diagnostic results will be dependent on float point implementation of the GPU hardware and software. There will be no change in other NEMO subroutines. 
    4771== Review