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    42 '''KERNEL-06's version 1 implementation : /NEMO/branches/2020/dev_r12377_KERNEL-06_techene_e3'''  
     42'''KERNEL-06's version 1 [pre mid-merge 2020] : /NEMO/branches/2020/dev_r12377_KERNEL-06_techene_e3'''  
    4444==== starting point 
    136 '''KERNEL-06's version 2 implementation : dev_r13327_KERNEL-06_2_techene_e3''' 
    146 NEMO intermediate version 1 implements scales factors computed from sea surface interpolation (2d field) instead but the whole structure of the code remains. Note that to validate "NEMO intermediate version 1" we change the code line by line and compare results of GYRE configuration with TOP de-activated. Differences in the results appear when changing the W-point scale factor interpolation from T-point scale factor into the sea surface scaling since the bottom level is not considered in the same way. Indeed for GYRE configuration e3w_0 are not the half sum of e3u_0, so the way it is implemented in the reference version is not convinient...  
    147 [Etape 1] 
    148 NEMO intermediate version 2 implements scales factors computed from sea surface interpolation (2d field) instead. The initialisation compute sea surface to h_0 called r3 coefficients (which are 2d). These r3 coefficients are updated after each sea surface modification (after time splitting and asselin filtering) and interpolated at U-V-F-points using new but similar routines as  domvvl routines. An extra substitute routine helps to substitute each e3 to its expression (e3P_0 ( 1 + r3P ) * maskP). Sea surface filtering is displaced before Asselin filtering of speed (u,v) and tracer. This version 2 should give exactly the same results as version 1 and it does ! 
    149 [Etapes 2 & 3] 
    150 NEMO intermediate version 3 deals with cleanning the code by adding the substitution and removing e3 computation along the code of OCE. It also takes care of the lines lenghts that should be shorter than 136 caracters, some are missing...  
    151 [Etapes 4 & 5] 
    152 In order to take into account the new index/loop management, NEMO intermediate version 4 consists in merging the results with trunk 12698 the resulting revision is 12724. Note that in this new trunk revision Jerome changed the way to deal with Asselin filter (traatf and dynatf), intermediate version 4 needs to adapt accordingly. 
    153 [Etape 6] 
    154 NEMO intermediate version 5 implements a clean way to deal with the key_qco and also deals with the removal of gde* and h* of memory. It removes e3 from the whole code, to deal with TOP there is to play with pointer of the sea surface height and change where it is computed in step.  
    155 [Etape 7] 
    156 RUN SETTE and deliver version for mid-merge party ! Some silly allocating memory bugs found and a not that silly bug in the implicit mode for SPITZ12 configuration.  
    157 [Etape 8, 9 & 11] 
     136'''KERNEL-06's version 2 [post mid-merge 2020] : dev_r13327_KERNEL-06_2_techene_e3''' 
     138In this branch we debug with respect to sette tests :  
     139- non linear version of GYRE_PISCES shows restartability issue due to  
     140BUG 1 : dom_qco_init.F90 dom_init is called before dyn_adv_init, then default value of ln_dynadv_vec is at false. r3P coefficients computation is not the same if we use flux of vector form. GYRE_PISCES runs in vector form so at the restart r3P are initialised with their flux form instead of their vector from. 
     141RESOLUTION : cpp key added key_qcoTest_FluxForm performance tests have to be done if performances are not relevant the flux from qco switch will be removed. Note that a switch as been added in dynspg_ts to compute surface average consistently with qco flux form. En gros soit on fait la distinction a chaque interpolation lineaire de la ssh soit pas du tout, il faut juste être consistent. Si les performances flux form (il y a moins de calcul) ne sont pas significatives, on pourra abandonner le calcul sinon il faudra ajouter une option de restart. Routines from domqco.F90 and dynapg_ts.F90 havs to be modified. 
     143BUG 2.1 : in dynatf_qco.F90 barotrope uub and vvb are compute with the un-filtrered scale factor 
     144BUG 2.2 : the way to compute uub and vvb with e3 from ssh/h0 is not exactly the same as the implementation of e3 filtered  
     145RESOLUTION : use filtered r3P_f and be carefull the computation has to be done exactly as in domzgr_substitute i.e. including mask and parenthesis otherwise the restartability fails in dynatf_qco.F90. 
     147BUG 3: when time splitting is not active ssh/h0 at f-points after the dynamic was not computed  
     148RESOLUTION : an extra dom_qco_r3c after dyn_spg_ts in case ln_dynspg_ts = F in stpMLF.F90 
     150- ORCA2_ICE_PISCES 
     151WARNING in debug mode restartability fails it is the case even for the trunk @ 13327 need to be confirmed running tests on the current trunk when it will run...  
     153- SPITZ12 OK 
     155- AMM12 OK