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    9898Answer from reviewers is in the ticket #2379. 
    9999For E. Maisonnave & L. Coquart, review is successful and development can start 
     101==== Validation: 
     102This toy is able to validate a simplified OASIS based coupled configuration of NEMO in such a way that: 
     103* the OASIS library can be compiled on the targeted machine (OASIS libraries available in the OASIS directory) 
     104* the OASIS library can be linked with a coupled configuration of NEMO (the NEMO executable is available in the NEMO cfg directory) and an atmosphere toy model (executable available in the tools/TOYATM directory) 
     105* an MPI MPMD system (two executables at the same time) can be launched on the machine and a successful simulation can be achieved if : 
     107* a run.stat file is produced and includes 160 iterations:  
     108nemo_iterations=`wc -l run.stat | awk {'print $1'} | grep 160`; [ -n "$nemo_iteration" ] && echo true || echo false 
     110* OASIS indicates a successful end of the run: 
     111success=`grep "SUCCESSFUL RUN" debug.root.0? | wc -l | grep 2`; [ -n "$success" ] && echo true || echo false 
     113* the sea surface temperature (Tropical Pacific region) as seen by the toy atmosphere model is close to 300.20 K and the difference between the end and the beginning values doesn't exceed 0.5 K 
     114This can be checked e.g. in the check file produced by the commands: ncks -h -v ATSSTSST -d nx,80,120 -d ny,0,10 ; ncwa -h -a nx,ny 
    100116== Tests