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Action Validation of the TOP Antarctic Ice Sheet Tracer Module
PI(S) Person R.
Digest Validation of AIS iron source in eORCA1
Dependencies If any
Branch source:/NEMO/branches/{YEAR}/dev_r{REV}_{ACTION_NAME}
Previewer(s) O. Aumont, C. Ethé
Reviewer(s) O. Aumont, C. Ethé
Ticket #2656


  • NEMO trunk rev: 14723
  • Configuration : eORCA1

Validation of the TOP trcais.F90 module for representing the external source of biogeochemical tracers from icebergs and ice shelves, currently active for dissolved Fe.

The validation consists of activating the AIS source of Fe in the TOP namelist with open and non-open ice shelf cavities in eORCA1 configuration grid and comparing the results with the respective control experiment, i.e., with open or non-open ice shelf cavities, in which the external source of Fe is not activated.

Each experiment have a duration of 10 years.


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Documentation updates

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Results of the validation experiments:
See attachment for plots of surface Fe anomalies (relative to CTL) for parameterized ice shelf cavities (Fig. 1) and resolved ice shelf cavities (Fig. 2) when activating Fe input from the Antarctic ice sheet (nn_ais_tr = 1, prescribed tracer concentration in iceberg and ice shelf).

  • The results for the parameterized ice shelf cavities are as expected a net positive effect on surface Fe concentrations relative to CTL.
  • For the resolved ice shelf cavities, the results are inconsistent - there are areas with a positive effect on surface iron concentrations and areas with a negative effect potentially induced by seawater circulation in the cavities (Fig. 2). This inconsistency is probably related to the lack of initial conditions for T, S and nutrients. A run will be made once the initial condition files in the cavities are constructed (cf work by K. Hutchinson).

The model outputs are available on jeanzay (idris)

  • CTL run : /gpfsstore/rech/omr/romr014/IGCM_OUT/NEMO/DEVT/clim/eOR1Si3Pv4-CLIM-CORE-CTL
  • ice shelf cavities parametrized (nn_ais_tr = 1): /gpfsstore/rech/omr/romr014/IGCM_OUT/NEMO/DEVT/clim/eOR1Si3Pv4-AISFe-PAR1
  • ice shelf cavities resolved (nn_ais_tr = 1): /gpfsstore/rech/omr/romr014/IGCM_OUT/NEMO/DEVT/clim/eOR1Si3Pv4-AISFe-CAV1


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