New URL for NEMO forge!

Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Developers/Homepage/Contribution – NEMO

You have a new development, done initially for your own purpose and you think it would be useful for you and/or the community to add it into the NEMO reference.
This very good idea needs a little more work, from you and also from the NEMO System Team in charge of NEMO development.

As a first step, you should to create a ticket here. This ticket should describe the development and its implementation, so as the existing validations.
Once the enhancement ticket is created, it will be examined by NEMO Developer's Committee (*) to decide if the development is relevant and useful for the NEMO shared reference.
Once the approval of Developer's Committee is sent, the development action can be added into the NEMO development yearly work plan and will need a contribution from the initial developer to be completed.

(*) Adding a development action in the NEMO reference development plan is decision with strong implications: first criteria is of course the scientific interest, but the amount of work needed to successfully meet the quality control requirements has also to be evaluated. This concerns:

  • The overall coherency with NEMO development strategy
  • Coding rules, performances
  • Documentation (in the code, on-line and reference manual)
  • Building the development branch in phase with latest NEMO release
  • Validation phase: checking that the development does what is expected, and that it is not breaking any existing feature (in terms of natural, computer sciences and of performances)

The NEMO System Team will ask you to contribute to the implementation work in the NEMO reference: you will be the PI of this action with the perspective of merging this new development by the end of civil year, during the so-called "Merge Party" meeting. If you agree with this perspective, you will be contacted by a member of NEMO System Team who will help you through the different development steps.

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