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Changes between Version 8 and Version 9 of Developers/NamelistChecker

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  • Developers/NamelistChecker

    v8 v9  
    176176The same caveats apply but there are a few issues warranting further investigation. 
    178 [TBD: repeat process for SI3, TOP, PISCES etc.] 
     178Full marks for Clem though since repeating this process for ICE: 
     180for f in `find ./ICE -name '*.[Fh]90'` 
     182   echo "! "$f >> pseudo_nml_ice_ref 
     183   perl $f >> pseudo_nml_ice_ref 
     185python -c ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_ice_ref -r pseudo_nml_ice_ref 
     186python -r ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_ice_ref -c pseudo_nml_ice_ref 
     188finds no mismatches 
     190For TOP we have to be more selective about which directories to search when building the pseudo file: 
     192for f in `find -f  ./TOP ./TOP/TRP  -name '*.[Fh]90' -depth 1` 
     194  echo "! "$f >> pseudo_nml_top_ref 
     195  perl $f >> pseudo_nml_top_ref 
     198and the following potential issues are flagged: 
     200python -c ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_top_ref -r pseudo_nml_top_ref 
     201No match for:  sn_trcdta(1)  in  namtrc_dta  (at line no.  61 ) 
     202No match for:  ln_trdmld_trc_restart  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  124 ) 
     203No match for:  ln_trdmld_trc_instant  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  125 ) 
     204No match for:  ln_trdtrc( 1)  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  126 ) 
     205No match for:  ln_trdtrc( 2)  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  127 ) 
     206No match for:  ln_trdtrc(23)  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  128 ) 
     209python -r ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_top_ref -c pseudo_nml_top_ref 
     210No match for:  sn_trcobc  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  4 ) 
     211No match for:  rn_trofac  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  5 ) 
     212No match for:  sn_trcsbc  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  7 ) 
     213No match for:  rn_trsfac  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  8 ) 
     214No match for:  sn_trccbc  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  10 ) 
     215No match for:  rn_trcfac  in  namtrc_bc  (at line no.  11 ) 
     216No match for:  sn_tri_tracer  in  namtrc_ice  (at line no.  25 ) 
     217No match for:  sn_tracer  in  namtrc  (at line no.  48 ) 
     218No match for:  ln_trdmxl_trc_restart  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  59 ) 
     219No match for:  ln_trdmxl_trc_instant  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  60 ) 
     220No match for:  cn_trdrst_trc_in  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  61 ) 
     221No match for:  cn_trdrst_trc_out  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  62 ) 
     222No match for:  ln_trdtrc  in  namtrc_trd  (at line no.  63 ) 
     223No match for:  sn_trcdta  in  namtrc_dta  (at line no.  67 ) 
     224No match for:  rn_trfac  in  namtrc_dta  (at line no.  69 ) 
     227and finally for PISCES: 
     230for f in `find ./TOP/PISCES  -name '*.[Fh]90'` 
     232  echo "! "$f >> pseudo_nml_pisces_ref 
     233  perl $f >> pseudo_nml_pisces_ref 
     237python -c ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_pisces_ref -r pseudo_nml_pisces_ref 
     238No match for:  mprat2  in  namp5zmort  (at line no.  199 ) 
     239No match for:  xpref2p  in  namp5zmes  (at line no.  233 ) 
     241python -r ../cfgs/SHARED/namelist_pisces_ref -c pseudo_nml_pisces_ref 
     242No match for:  mpratd  in  namp5zmort  (at line no.  357 ) 
     243No match for:  xpref2n  in  namp5zmes  (at line no.  398 )