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Developers/SVN_QuickReference – NEMO

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SubVersioN basics customized for NEMO

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Create a branch

For development branches, we tend to add one level of subdirectory corresponding to the current year, and an additional item in the name corresponding to the workplan. For branch naming conventions, see Developers/DevelopingCodeChanges.

svn copy trunk@${PEGREV} branches/$year/'dev_r'${PEGREV}_$NameOfNewBranch

Mirror a different branch (hazardous)

Your working copy was based on your initial dev. branch and you want to update to a different branch, conflicts are unavoidable and will be pretty complicated to resolve.

svn sw URL[@$PEGREV] [$WCPATH]

Manage versioned items

Add a new NEMO routine

Use the template from NEMO/trunk/src/OCE/module_example

svn copy src/OCE/module_example src/$PATH/$routine.{f90,F90,h90}

Add a new item / Remove a item

svn {add,del} $WCPATH

Info / Status / Log

Display information about a local or remote item

svn info $WCPATH[@$PEGREV]

Display the current state of the working copy wrt the one mirrored in the repository

svn status [-[qu]] [$WCPATH]

Display all commits performed to your working repository since its creation

svn log --verbose --stop-on-copy $WCPATH

Revert local changes

svn revert [--depth {empty,files,immediates,infinity}] $WCPATH

Manage versioned properties on items

svn:keywords for commit infos on routines

If the svn:keywords property is not defined on a NEMO routine, set it in order to get the functionality of $Id keyword replacement in all committed files with the commit informations (URL, author, date and revision)

svn pset svn:keywords Id $WCPATH

svn:mime-type for syntax highlighting and merging process

Most of versioned files
If you want to apply a specific

svn:executable for executable permissions of shell scripts

svn {pset,pdel} svn:executable $WCPATH

svn:externals for defining external sources

Merging sources

Apply the differences between two sources to a working copy path

svn merge $WCPATH1@$REV1 $WCPATH2@$REV2 [$WCPATH]

Commit changes to the repository

svn co [-m 'log message in one line'] items
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Then in the appropriate directory

# Commit and write the log message (ticket link #.... and so on) in your editor
svn ci files_list
# `svn ci` without files list will commit all modified files recursively from the current directory
# or directly from the command line of the shell session
svn ci -m 'log_message' files_list
# Tip: set your editor for SVN for multi-lines commit message
# for sh  and other related shells, interesting to include it in ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile)
export SVN_EDITOR='your_favourite_editor' 
# for csh  "    "      "      ""  ,      "      ""    "    "" "" ~/.login                     )
setenv SVN_EDITOR='your_favourite_editor'

Push modified external items from a working copy

Use explicit option with SVN commit command, think that no revision has to be set on related ext def (equivalent to @HEAD)

svn ci --include-externals ... 

With the new layout of the repository, some may encounter downloading or updating issues with

svn co -r $REV $URL

Use instead the more robust syntax

svn co $URL@$PEGREV

See ​ for more.