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NEMO development area

  1. Development process
    1. Summary
    2. Preview
    3. Tests
    4. Review
  2. Developing code change
    1. History
    2. Development Procedure
    3. Action Workflow
  3. Good Practices
    1. Set up a proper development environment once and for all
    2. Use the robust syntax to refer to a specific SVN revision
    3. Manage SVN external references according to your needs
    4. Be smart while working with ticket
  4. Namelist Integrity checks
    1. Part 1 Integrity checker
    2. Part 2 Constructing a pseudo-reference namelist
    3. Part 3 Checking reference namelist and source compatibility
  5. Does XIOS add sufficient and accurate attribute metadata to rebuild zoom …
    1. Proposed action
    2. Notes for possibly tackling the problem at source
  6. SVN quick reference
  7. Update on line Users guide
    1. Installalling sphinx on apple IOS using macports
  8. Validation NEMO repository shared branches
  9. X64_JEANZAY smasson
  10. X64_IRENE smasson
  11. 3_6_STABLE release Validation
    1. Configurations tested
    2. Advertisement Notice
    3. SETTE results
  12. Trunk Validation history
    1. Configurations tested
    2. Advertisement Notice
    3. SETTE results
  13. X64_JEANZAY smasson
  14. X64_JEANZAY_DEBUG smasson
  15. X64_IRENE smasson
  16. X64_IRENE_DEBUG smasson
  17. X64_IRENE_GCC smasson
  18. X64_MOBILIS acc
    1. Get the code
    2. Prepare and compile the tests
    3. link the input files files
    4. Run!
    5. Check the runs did 5840 time steps
    6. Create aps reports
    7. Create gnu plots from timing.output
    1. untar the cfgs.tar.gz file
    2. Compile the configurations code
    1. Change namelist_*ref
    2. Change ORCA2_ICE_PISCES namelist_*cfg and file_def_nemo-*.xml
    3. Compile the configurations code
    4. Some cleaning…
  19. Working on tickets
    1. Overview
    2. Role and tasks of experts
    3. Current list of developers/contributors

Here is some useful information for the developers


Developer role (write permissions to the repository)

First and foremost, if you don't already have a user account then you have to create it.

For NEMO consortium members

If you have a user account or had a developer account before, see with your local NEMO Officer.


Stefania Ciliberti

Andrew Coward

Guillaume Samson

Dorotea Iovino

Sebastien Masson





For external users

Submit your contribution to the NEMO System Team by creating a ticket where you will present your proposal.
Keep in mind that, despite the help we can offer, a certain amount of work from you will be need to implement your developments into the source code.

Document your developments before coding

Follow the procedure described at wiki:Developers/DevelopingCodeChanges


Developing Code changes

Working on tickets

Information about FCM make?

Information about new features in XIOS?