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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Developers – NEMO

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Welcome to the NEMO developers section

Overview of NEMO development process

Color(if you have developments to share, please read this introductory section first,/lime)?

NEMO is a free licence software, so that all the developments from the community are more than welcome.
Still, since the NEMO reference is share by the whole community after a commonly agreed development and validation process, the developments to be added in the NEMO reference must follow a specific quality control process.
The different levels of sharing for your developments are briefly described below, in order to help you find the best way(s) for your developments to reach to community.

First and foremost, to be able to create a ticket or add a topic in a forum, if you don't already have a user account then you have to create it.

A piece of software related to NEMO, that you want to share:

You have developed a tool for NEMO pre- or post-processing, you have a personal repository with files you would like to share with the community, etc... , please add a topic in the Alternative configurations, repositories and utilities forum

A development of NEMO code itself

You developed a new piece in NEMO, for your own purpose and you now want to inform the community, but you're not ready to do more. You are welcome to create a ticket here and attach the routines you have developped to your new ticket.


You developed a new piece in NEMO, for your own purpose and you think it would be useful for you and/or the community to add it into the NEMO reference.
This very good idea needs a little more work, from you and also from the NEMO System Team in charge of NEMO development.

As a first step, you should, as above, open a ticket here:
describing the development. Please create it with a "TASK" type, so that the NEMO workplan discussions can take it in account.

Listing a development action in the NEMO reference development plan is decision with strong implications: first criteria is of course the scientific interest, but the amount of work needed to successfully meet the quality control requirements has also to be evaluated. This concerns:

  • The overall coherency with NEMO development strategy
  • Coding rules, performances
  • Documentation (in the code, on-line and refernce manual)
  • Building the development branch in phase with latest NEMO release
  • Validation phase, including checking this development is not braking any existing feature

Considering the costs (efforts needed to implement development in the NEMO reference) and benefits, the NEMO System Team will eventually offer you to contribute to the implementation work in the NEMO reference. If so, the development will be added in the workplan of the year, you will be the PI of this action with the perspective of merging this new development by the end of civil year, during the so-called "Merge Party" meeting. If you agree with this perspective, you will be contacted by a member of NEMO System Team who will help you through the different development steps.

Development activities

Document your developments before coding by following the procedure described at Developers/DevelopingCodeChanges




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    • Forum: subscribe to a topic from the topic list or a subject from the messages list.
    • Ticket: add your ID in the 'Cc' field.
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