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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
DevelopersCommittee/2010questions – NEMO

Question for the Developper committee

Last edited Timestamp?

Strategic questions

  • transition from a vector optimised code with reasonable mpp performances to a mpp optimised code with reasonable vector performances. Agreement ?
  • switch to dynamical allocation Agreement ?
  • vvl case as the default option : introduction of a key_linssh for linear free surface (=constant volume) Agreement ?
  • embedded sea ice default. Levitating case as namelist option or suppression of levitating case Agreement ?
  • Off Line priority ?
  • Separation between the initialisation and the time-stepping phase: call of the xxx_yyy_init routine at the initialisation phase, not as today at the first call of step. Needed for the adjoint
  • How do we manage open boundaries condition : BDY and OBC, suppression of OBC?, merge of the two?

Open questions

  • How to manage sea-ice in mpp : introduce another domain decomposition for sea-ice? How is it done in CICE?
  • surf module en stand Alone? both to have stand alone bulk and stand alone sea-ice model.
  • unequal i-j partition?
  • time splitting at high latitudes to save ~20-30% of a global high resolution configuration?
  • space averaged output for very high resolution configurations?
  • Update the Equation of State with a faster and accurate one ? Priority?
  • Non-boussinesq version of the code ? Need, priority??
  • Inclusion of academic test cases (Kelvin, soliton ...)? Need, priority??
  • Inclusion of timing for mpp? Need, priority??
  • Introduce nstock as a list rather than a frequency ? Need, priority??
  • Introduce MPI_TYPES from PRACE? Need, priority??
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