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DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2013-06-18 – NEMO

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The Enlarged Developer's Committe will take place on 18 and 19 June 2013 in Paris. This meeting is one of the major steps to build the NEMO perspectives (5 to 10 years), cf.

Meeting location:

The meeting will take place at UPMC - Jussieu: see access and campus map here
Meeting room: Tower 23 (see campus map above. From main entrance, go to the left to Tower 25, then get deeper into ground works to Tower 23). 4th floor. Corridor 23-22. Room 401


Suggestions are still welcome. Starting time on Tuesday has been moved earlier: 10:30 am

Tuesday 18 June: General overview, presentation of the documents and presentation of other projects of interest and discussions

10:00 Welcome coffee (room will be opened at 9:00)

10:30 - 10:45 Opening of the meeting (S. Joussaume)

10:45 – 12:00 Brief presentation of available documents, 10 mn for each:

CMCC (S. Dobricic) , CNRS (A-M. Tréguier), INGV (A. Guarnieri), Mercator (Y. Drillet), MetOffice & NERC-NOC (J. Holt),

others: CONCEPTS & CCCma, Canada (Y. Drillet), EC-EARTH & ECMWF(K. Mogensen)

12:00 – 12:20 Presentations:
About Gung-Ho
(Nigel Wood – Met Office)

12:20 - 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 3:30 Discussion on the five white papers and additional contributions

3:30 – 4:15 Thematic discussions:

Session 1: NEMO platform: seamless to what extend? (Leaders: J. Holt and P. Marsaleix)

With ORCA12 (global 1/12°) are we reaching an optimal level? Should we continue moving towards higher resolutions or should we stop there and work in a probabilistic way to quantify errors?
In the future, is the NEMO platform expected to be modelling all time and space scales from global to coastal (up to rivers, tide banks, module sedimentary module, etc…) or is there a boundary in small scales (coastal) and associated processes where NEMO should stop, and/or be properly connected to another modelling platform?
Contours of NEMO in the future (components, diagnostics, data reduction)

4:15 - 4:45 Coffee break

4:45 - 6:15 Thematic discussions (cont’):

Session 2: New dynamical cores, HPC and science (Leaders: S. Masson & N. Wood)

Session 3: Sea-ice and biogeochemical components (Leaders: O. Aumont & M. Vancoppenolle)

Which level of flexibility should we target to take efficiently in account the panel of available and used components for sea-ice (NEMO-LIM, CICE, GELATO…) and for biogeochemistry (NEMO-TOP, BFM, MEDUSA…)?

6:30 Cocktail at Peniche Marcounet Pont Marie, Voie Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris 06 60 47 38 52, see map in attached document below

Wednesday 19 June:

9:00 – 11:00 Thematic discussions (cont’):

Session 4: Is AGRIF a major feature of NEMO? (Leaders: L. Debreu & D. Iovino)

If answer is yes, what is needed in mid-term to have it as a reliable component?

Session 5: Contours and limits of the assimilation component of NEMO (Leaders: P. Brasseur & S. Dobricic)

Session 6: NEMO validation and contours of user support (Leaders : P. Oddo & J. Siddorn)

Although having all possible options working all the time is the NEMO user's dream, it is not possible. What is needed and where does the System Team stops? How many reference configurations should be supported by the System Team and what should they be?

11:00 – 11:20 Coffee break

11:20 -12:00 Conclusions “on the fly” by a group including: for CMCC(S. Dobricic), for CNRS(J. Le Sommer), for INGV(A. Guarnieri), for Mercator(Y. Drillet), for Met-Office(R. Wood), for NERC-NOC(A. Coward), and Scientific Leader (G. Madec)

Suggestions of the committee: for the summary of final document, how to build NEMO’s roadmap for the next 10 years?
Suggestions to Steering Committee for next steps (writing and discussing the final document)

12:30 End of the meeting


Family Name First name Will attend
18 June
Will attend
cocktail 18 June
Will attend
19 June
Member of:(DevCom?, SysTeam?, invitees..)
Lévy Claire Yes Yes Yes Devcom - SysTeam?
Siddorn John Yes Yes Yes DevCom
Treguier Anne Marie yes yes yes DevCom?
Molines Jean-Marc yes yes yes DevCom?
Foujols Marie-Alice yes yes yes SysTeam
Barthélemy Antoine yes yes yes DevCom?, for Thierry Fichefet
Masson Sébastien yes yes yes SysTeam?
Oddo Paolo yes yes yes Devcom - SysTeam?
Ethé Christian yes yes no Devcom - SysTeam?
Madec Gurvan yes yes yes Devcom - Systeam
Flavoni Simona yes yes yes SysTeam
Coward Andrew yes yes yes Devcom - SysTeam?
Furner Rachel yes yes yes Devcom - SysTeam?
Wood Richard yes yes yes Steering Committe
Wood Nigel yes yes yes Invitee
Dupont Frederic no no no ext. regional exp.
Holt Jason yes yes yes Invitee
Clementi Emanuela yes yes yes SysTeam?
Guarnieri Antonio yes yes yes cons. exp.
Bricaud Clement yes yes yes Devcom - SysTeam?
Drillet Yann yes yes yes cons. exp.
Biastoch Arne yes yes yes Invitee
Iovino Dorotea yes yes yes cons. exp.
Mogensen Kristian yes yes yes Devcom
Reffray Guillaume yes yes yes SysTeam?
Brasseur Pierre yes yes yes Invitee
Nurser George yes yes yes SysTeam?
Vidard Arthur yes yes yes Devcom
Joussaume Sylvie yes yes no Steering Committee
Debreu Laurent yes yes yes Invitee
Benshila Rachid yes yes yes SysTeam?
Vancoppenolle Martin yes yes No SysTeam?
Pickles Stephen yes yes yes Invitee
Aumont Olivier yes yes yes DevCom? (L. Bopp)
New Adrian yes yes yes Steering Committee
Dobricic Srdjan yes yes yes Devcom - Systeam
Eldin Gérard yes yes yes Steering Committee (P. Bertrand)
Le Sommer Julien yes yes yes Invitee

Documents for, and results of the meeting (see attachments below):

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