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    66== Proposed agenda == 
    7 After the sucessful meeting of « Enlarged Developer’s Committee » in Barcelona in April, this message to propose an agenda and find a date for the next videoconference meeting of Developer’s Committee in June. 
     7After the sucessful meeting of « Enlarged Developer’s Committee » in Barcelona in April, The usual mid-year videoconference meeting of Developer's Committee will take place on June 27th.  
    99The expected participants to this meeting are the members of Developer’s Committee, including the leader of each NEMO Working Group, and the NEMO System Team members as permanent invitees. For this meeting, all members of Writing Group of NEMO Development Strategy update will also be invited (see below) Taking in account the discussions in Barcelona, please find below a preliminary agenda (for which all suggestions welcome): 
    11 '''Meeting will start at 10:00 am Paris time''' 
     11'''Meeting Minutes''' 
    13 === Introduction, agenda (C. Lévy) 
     13=== Introduction, agenda  
     14C. Lévy presents the objectives and agenda of the meeting, presentation available [attachement:Intro_CL.pptx here]  
     16The proposed agenda covers usual items som as the discussion on the draft of Development strategy document [attachment:NEMO_Development_Strategy_2017_draft_20.06.2017.docx Draft available here], and some discussions on possible improvement of NEMO organisation as discussed in Barcelona. 
     17AS introduction to these discussions, two descriptions of NEMO organisation, teams and groups are presented to illustrate the organisation today and the important contribution of NEMO System Team experts today: 
     18* The  NEMO community and consortium organisation 
     19[[Image(Intro_slide2.jpg, 400px)]] 
     20* The NEMO development groups and teams 
     21[[Image(Intro_slide4.jpg, 400px)]] 
    1424=== 1) NEMO System Team brief report on the status of 2017 workplan actions at this date === 
    1525[wiki:2017WP See 2017 workplan here]