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    1616=== Introduction (C. Lévy) 5 mn 
    1717''Changes in the Consortium, update the description of its organisation, request for advice of the Committee.'' 
     18==== Changes in NEMO Consortium: 
     19* INGV has announced in May intention to leave the NEMO Consortium. No news since then 
     20* Consortium agreement needs to be updated 
     21* Following the ideas which came out one year ago in Barcelona, Developer’s Committee  is becoming more and more the NEMO Scientific Advisory Board. Indeed, the unique NEMO Scientific Leader role is now replaced by a distributed expertise through the leaders of Working Groups 
     22* A document describing Consortium goals and organisation, the role of the different Committees, etc… requested by Steering Committee for Autumn 2018 (advices welcome to C. Lévy) 
     23* ECMWF now hopes to contribute more to NEMO Working groups 
     24* The idea of moving from a NEMO Users meeting organised by System Team every 2 years to a NEMO community EGU session increasing visibility of NEMO community and its scientific projects is in the air (proposal to be submitted to EGU before September 2018) 
    1927=== Status of the on going work: 2018 Work plan (System Team) 10 mn