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    11= Developer's Committee meeting Tuesday 3 July 2018 = 
    2 [[PageOutline(2)]] 
    44Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
    2828=== Status of the on going work: 2018 Work plan (System Team) 10 mn 
    2929''Give information on where we are at this point, especially regarding the beta release of 4.0, which should be announced''[[BR]] 
    30 Slides available [attachment:status_2018WP.pdf here] 
     30Slides available [attachment:status_2018WP.pdf here] [[BR]] 
     31Comments and discussion : 
     32 * more than 400 commits during last 6 months, but much less before : improvements needed in test & validation process, ongoing now through promoting test cases and trusting 
     33 * This beta release has been more tested than any previous release! 
     34 * Although INGV is in the process of leaving the NEMO Consortium, all the validation actions on wave coupling are taken over at CMCC 
     35* Congratulations from Developers Committee to System team for work done those past 6 months 
    3237=== Air-sea interactions WG (S. Masson) 10 mn 
    3338''Recent scientific results and possible questions to be addressed by WG'' 
    35 Slides available [attachment:airseaWG.pdf  here] 
     40Slides available [attachment:airseaWG.pdf  here][[BR]] 
     41Comments and discussion : 
     42 * Activity more or less on hold for this WG since actions are scheduled for 2019 (hopefully within IMMERSE WP5) 
     43 * New members from ECMWF are welcome in this WG to contribute, especially on wave coupling 
     44 * J. Staneva stresses the value of a direct link between NEMO System team and external developers, the actions on wave coupling can be seen as a successful example  
    3646=== Configuration Manager (C. Lévy in name of subgroup) 10 mn 
    3747''Summary of answers to questionnaire, proposition from subgroup'' [[BR]] 
    38 Slides available [attachment:NEMO_devcom_mid2018_report_ConfigManager_C.LEVY.pdf here] 
     48Slides available [attachment:NEMO_devcom_mid2018_report_ConfigManager_C.LEVY.pdf here][[BR]] 
     50Comments and discussion : 
     51 * The subgroup has proposed (see attached slides for details) to : record that NEMO has now a set of basic tools to build new configurations; recognize that NEMO System Team is probably not the right group of experts to deal with this question; close the Configuration Manager Working group, so as the CONFIGMAN Stream of the workplan; ask Mercator if they could express recommendations on some future tasks of interest for CMEMS (maybe in the more focused context of MOI) 
     52 * A few participants still think that users will ask for tools to build a regional configuration. Aside from existing tools (see slides), J. Harle offers to provide a set of recipes on a wiki page : just a list of the different steps to follow, leaving each one to use its preferred tool. This documentation on recipes is the useful part to share within the community for now. Action : J. Harle 
     53 * A tool for training courses and students is also a need (through test cases, or SIREN is the answer for now) 
     54 * It is decided to build the wiki page as offered by J. Harle as a first step given the list of things to do in order to build a configuration. In a second phase, possibly make a coherent tool build on this list and on available existing tools (if a volunteer for this work can be found) 
    4057=== HPC WG (tbd) 10 mn 
    41 ''Brief report on agenda and objectives of WG proposition for new members''  
     58''Brief report on agenda and objectives of WG proposition for new members'' [[BR]] 
     59Comments and discussion :[[BR]] 
     60 * List of new members from ECMWF in WG is approved 
    4362=== Kernel WG (M. Bell) 10 mn 
    4766=== Robustness and Test cases WG (J. Le Sommer, 10 mn) 
    4867''Results and discussion on transition period for this WG'' [[BR]] 
    49 Slides available [attachment:NEMO-TestCases_DevCom-July2018.pdf here ]  
     68Slides available [attachment:NEMO-TestCases_DevCom-July2018.pdf here ] [[BR]] 
     69Comments and discussion :[[BR]] 
     70 After successful simplification and implementation work, this WG enters a transition phase towards getting feedbacks and contributions from the whole NEMO Users community. Questions is raised to this Committee about possible volunteers for exploring and sending feedbacks and bringing in new test cases. Possible answers : one by D. Marshall (Julian Mak could contribute) and another from J. Hirschi saying that a contribution from NOC is feasible and would be beneficial. 
    51 === Sea-ice WG (leaders of WG, 10 mn) 
    52 ''Brief report on agenda for next year, use of fundings from IS ENES, CMEMS, ESIWACE, so as of the enlarged WG, and the perspectives of contribution to sustainable developments in 2019'' [[BR]] 
    53 Slides available [attachment:SIWG_nemost_2018.pdf here ]  
     72=== Sea-ice WG (leaders of WG, 10 mn)[[BR]] 
     73''Brief report on agenda for next year, use of fundings, so as of the set up of the enlarged WG, and the perspectives of contribution to sustainable developments in 2019'' [[BR]] 
     74Slides available [attachment:SIWG_nemost_2018.pdf here ] [[BR]] 
     75Comments and discussion :[[BR]] 
     76 * Y. Aksenov’s action in 2018 workplan (ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves) is on introduction a coupling between waves, sea ice and ocean. It is indeed an action linked to SIWG and to the air-sea interaction’s one. It is noticed that it has not been scheduled in the work of any of those WGs. For now it should be kept since the work would be lost otherwise, but this kind of isolated initiative should be avoided in the future: discussion within the WGs should take place beforehand.  
     77 * The links between WGs (the actions which are linked to more than one WG) should be taken care of by the WGs leaders 
     78 * R. Benshila suggests the work of the WG could be linked or funded through the French ARCTIC or ANTARTIC initiatives 
     79 * Can SI3 be available in standalone mode? Answer is open for now 
    5582=== Summary for WGs: decisions, new members... (Chair , 5 mn) 
     84The Committee welcomes all the proposed new members in the different working groups (list to add). 
     86'''Summary of recommendations: 
     87 * All developments linked to a WG should discuss with the WG and get their agreement before adding action into the workplan 
     88 * Configuration Manager Working group is now closed, so as the CONFIGMAN Stream of the workplan;  
     89 * Ask Mercator if they could express recommendations on Configuration Manager tools on some future tasks of interest for CMEMS (maybe in the more focused context of MOI) 
     90 * Tests cases WG is now in a transition phase towards feedbacks and new test cases from community (answers expected from J. Mak and NOC) 
     91 * Question is raised on the eventuality of ECMWF, after the first stage of joining WGs, would eventually join the NEMO Consortium? 
     93Next meeting will be in person in Paris or Grenoble, and contiguous to and in the same place as the IMMERSE quick off meeting (if IMMERSE is funded of course). To be organised by C. Lévy and J. Le Sommer.  
     94The WG who did not give a presentation this time will do it next time, and the meeting could last more than 2 hours if time is needed for more discussions. 
    5696=== Advices from this Committee on documents describing the Consortium organisation 10 mn) 
     98In the context of the renewal of Consortium agreement, C. Lévy has been asked by SC to write a document describing actual organisation and Committees role for NEMO development. After discussion, preliminary Table of content will include: 
     99 * Role of Steering Committee 
     100 * Role of Developer's Committee and its move towards more of a Scientific Advisory board (this means more criticism, to be organised) 
     101 * Role of System Team 
     102 * Role of Working Groups 
     103 * More clear description of process the include in NEMO reference some developments coming from the community.[[BR]] 
     105C. Lévy will draft a detailed table of content, discuss it within the Subgroup and will submit the document for review by this Committee after Summer. 
    57107=== Conclusions (Chair 10mn) 
     108Proposed messages for Steering Committee (letter to be drafted by Subgroup): 
     109 * Congratulations to System Team for the work done and 4.0 beta release available in good shape and in time 
     110 * Approval of new members of WGs 
     111 * Conclusions on Configuration Manager WG and stream, so as request to Mercator 
     112 * Need to renew Consortium Agreement before starting of IMMERSE (i.e. before 2019) since for now out dated