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    1414== Proposed agenda: 
     16=== Introduction (C. Lévy) 5 mn 
     17''Changes in the Consortium, update the description of its organisation, request for advice of the Committee.'' 
     19=== Status of the on going work: 2018 Work plan (System Team) 10 mn 
     20''Give information on where we are at this point, especially regarding the beta release of 4.0, which should be announced'' 
     21=== Air-sea interactions WG (S. Masson) 10 mn 
     22''Recent scientific results and possible questions to be addressed by WG'' 
     23=== Configuration Manager (C. Lévy in name of subgroup) 10 mn 
     24''Summary of answers to questionnaire, proposition from subgroup''  
     25=== HPC WG (tbd) 10 mn 
     26''Brief report on agenda and objectives of WG proposition for new members''  
     27=== Kernel WG (M. Bell) 10 mn 
     28''Brief report on actions'' 
     29=== Robustness and Test cases WG (J. Le Sommer, 10 mn) 
     30''Results and discussion on transition period for this WG''  
     31=== Sea-ice WG (leaders of WG, 10 mn) 
     32''Brief report on agenda for next year, use of fundings from IS ENES, CMEMS, ESIWACE, so as of the enlarged WG, and the perspectives of contribution to sustainable developments in 2019'' 
     33=== Summary for WGs: decisions, new members... (Chair , 5 mn) 
     34=== Advices from this Committee on documents describing the Consortium organisation 10 mn) 
     35=== Conclusions (Chair 10mn) 
     37END of meeting (Expected duration: less than 2 hours!) 
    1638== Connection information: